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muddy me

Life is too short to drink cheap beer.

Life is too short to put off mountain biking the lower 48 states before my body limits my riding.

This is my story of my adventures while living on the road and mostly mountain biking.

I retired at the end of June 2008, signed over my house July 9, distilled my life to what I could fit in my camper converted Dodge Sprinter, stored some items with friends in case I decide to like ski again or hang my “Restore Wolves to Yellowstone” poster, and cast off from Spokane on July 18.

My email address is craig@runutsadventures.com

My cell is 509 680 3724

on Gooseberry Mesa, UT
on Gooseberry Mesa, UT

Living in my van and camping for free presents challenges that you who live in a house take for granted. Getting a shower after a ride is a big deal and finding it is a story sometimes in of itself. Washing off the sweat and mud is such a high point kind of right up there w/ cleaning that technical move. Other persons road tripping may find shower info useful. Food procurement is no different. Preparing it is limited to a 2 burner propane stove top, I lack a micro for quick dinners or leftovers. My hot water is from heating it on the stove. Toilets are either the bushes or McDs and the like.

jpnuts decal rev

Decal 3x3-Living it since 2008

I created this stickie that captures my life. Top was ’09 on Gooseberry in lycra, lower 2014 in more appropriate riding attire and effort riding Camp Sekani is Spokane.

On June 23, 2009 I completed riding in each of  lower 48 states, my goal. At that point I was goalless and was just kind of drifting & riding along. I have since created another goal of Thousand Day mountain bike road trip odyssey which will finish around tax day 2011. I finished the 1,000 day ride goal

My life continues to be enriched by people I meet. I have made some great friends unfortunately I leave them when I move on.

I too have changed
I too have changed

While I was working and listening to my thoughts about quitting work and heading out for a life on the road I made lifestyle changes: I quit spending $, worked lots of OT,and put $ into savings. I am drawing Boeing pension that provided retiree medical until I turned 65. I sold my house myself then gave that $ to a financial investment house, I take an “allowance” from the interest. At 62 I started social security. At 65 medicare and a medigap policy cover my medical. I don’t have a mortgage or property taxes. I live frugally while still enjoying great beer.

this business idea hasn’t paid for a beer yet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPreviously made bad line choices have resulted in a destroyed right shoulder leaving the supra and infra tendons no longer attached to the humerus: the rotator cuff won’t lift a full pint to my lips. The ultimate repair is a reverse shoulder procedure that swaps the head and the socket locations, a fix I am putting off. A future fall might force my hand. Surgery was performed in September of 2013 and again in April of 2015. Neither fix stayed attached. Presently I am living w/ pain.

My dream is to buy a piece of land and design and build a small house, have my own dog and cat, and grow a square foot garden. I spent the summer in Bend, Oregon recuperating from last surgery,I used some of that time to find and buy an acre of land between Sunriver and La Pine, OR. I do pay property taxes now. I contracted w/ a house designer and structural engineering to translate my idea into a building permit. I will find a builder to go from paper to what I will live in. No build date imagined. I plan on living this lifestyle until either my body won’t keep the promises the brain makes or my brain quits making those promises.

To me the hardest thing is to say “hello” because it will be followed later w/ “goodbye”