Gave it a go

On Friday I pedaled off on my bike after a 11 day hiatus. I performed pre ride get up with precision and completeness. Preride check of operating controls did what they were engineered to do. Pedaling legs remembered. Easy pedal uphill on sidewalk. I know my chest is still gooped up. Headed out bell rock to big park back to bell rock to baby bell circle to go down steep roll then connecting to LLama. I kept my effort below in check level. Once on Llama fresh horse shit, then caught up w/ 5 women 4 legging recreational riding said sources of fresh tracks. I hung back, then pedaled  and repeated the cycle several times. Not many patches of open slick rock to pass. They were considerate of me as they pulled of the trail. Before passing them I removed loose loaf of bread sized rocks kicked onto the trail from their steeds. Tread had been rolled in which prevents wind erosion. Shod hooves break up the hardened surface creating sand which wind moves around. Add in occasional manure. I turned left on Little Horse to ride down reworked trail I helped work on. Rock work rode easier. The rehab is still standing as a new line has been ridden in. Again the step up problems that I rode with sandy previously grew back to their I can’t ride this height. I will take a mulligan because of my health. Practiced trail love most places even when I had the uphill yield to line I stopped and kept my tread in the tread.

I have realized my reason for banning e-assist bikes from heart powered trails is about courteous, mannerly, and being nice to others when sharing a common resource. Ebikes are touted as putting more people on bikes which lowers the entry bar to uneducated trail love riders that will increase the incidence of user conflict of hikers and even bikers. In essence putting more self centered bikers where they have not earned their badge of trail love. I don’t want to loose what I have in terms of sharing and friendly interactions I have with most hikers.

In ready my new book I now believe I had not read it as it is full of make believe lands. But then I might have not recalled the same. I am following the story line.

Friday drove out to sleep spot off beaverhead. Jeep road passes by water trough  for cows. This is how they left our land

it’s our land that is being abused by the few

This AM I caught a color flash in my left side outdoor mirror:

this morning, showers fell starting at 12:30pm

Later I drove up to Huckaby TH for another volunteer trail work day. Normal FS staff plus the boss and maybe 10 volunteers. We worked on the trail heading towards terminus at Midgley bridge. This was my first time on the trail. There would be several hike a bike sections that would out weigh the joy. It can be used to ride  loop around Sedona. I don’t ride those long miles anymore to want to ride the trail.

parked way over there
wonderful armoring: lots of pitches, rocks anchored, ? know how many years prior they were laid.

2.1 miles each way. Sprinkles started falling while we socialized eating sponsor provided pizza. A volunteer provided beer which the on the job FS guys could only drool over.

Drove out to west sedona with intermittent speed wind shield wipers on. So much traffic and this is a tourist town with no big box stores or chain restaurants. You gotta want to be here, it’s not a thru city like Moab.

Still sprinkling down here in VOC. Pavement sleep spot tonight. Precip continuing on into Sunday. Monday will be good dirt day.

I will start putting effort into a travel plan as time to move north approaches.

Sunday the NCAA reveals dance partners for the big dance. Will learn where the Zags are seeded.

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  1. It seems as though you consider eBikers the bad guys and hikers the good guys. Isn’t that being a little too generous to hikers? There are zillions of miles in national parks and wilderness areas where they can pursue their sport, but mountain bikers CAN’T.

    So why don’t hikers show some “trail love” by deemphasizing the trails where bikes are allowed?

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