Hot in Bend

Upper 90s. Rides are dehydrating. On the 4th I pedaled 4 hrs for 31.84 miles climbing 3179′. A scale for the stepping on is in the locker room at snap. I lost 3 pounds from the day before. Low humidity and high heat pulls the sweat out. I made yesterday and the day before rest days to avoid the heat or riding.

Friend Steve from Sun Valley arrived last night, we met at 5 at 10 barrels. We rode a big loop to catch all of Tylers starting from rd 41 junction with catch and release. We started at 8:30 AM finishing at 12:45. The temp per the van was 95 and inside it was 100. Low humidity lessens the burn. Our 2 vans are parked out off 41 rd right on catch except our spot is not protected from the high in the sky sun. We left our chairs and tables at the spot signaling yes, this spot is taken. I wrote on my table; Stolen from Craig and my phone number in perm marker. Table is made in Spokane.

The 4th ride was the biggest in a long long time, prolly last Bend visit. The trail system down low is miles and miles, quite possible to put 56 plus mile loops. I rode up non stop the last double track on Mrazek for the first time. I walked part last year on this bike riding clipless, circular 30T chain ring, and 175mm cranks, this bike build is big Catalyst pedals and 510 shoes, 32T oval chain ring, and 170mm crank. Oh, I climbed a bunch of vert at Oakridge. The bike build helped. I let gravity pull me downhill which can be sufficiently faster than I could pedal or want to. This bike is so much fun to ride, even the uphill is well, tolerable.

I did 2 rides with the Spokane folks.

Steve and I are going to shuttle to a high point for Oleary king castle ride on Wed. Plan is to leave here Monday stopping to ride Peterson Ridge in Sisters then McKenzie river trail Tues, Oleary on Wed then drive to Oakridge.

I’m listless here in the heat and after our 3 hour pedal which gave us all of Tylers, 6.9 miles dropping 1500′. Parts of it are machine built flow trail but in the trees. Dusty. I did say how much fun my bike is.

Yesterday I bought a Daisy BB gun for just fun. Made in Rogers, AR, I attempted to sleep in their parking lot on a pass thru. Shot a few BBs this afternoon.

Time is up, moving on.

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  1. Craig, I miss shooting guns with you as well, but not when you kick my butt! Great to see you got a Daisy BB gun, we bought Dad a Red Rider one year for Christmas, awesome memories!! Take Care!!!

  2. Craig, good to see you are still traveling in excellent territory. In my effort to make money I’ve not been doing much traveling. I am hoping to learn from you some overnight parking options that aren’t on FS land down here in sedona. I milked it on bhead flats long enough and want to mix it up to avoid trouble. -ethan the wrench in sedona. Ethanmitchellrobinson at gmail hope to gain some insights from you!

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