Sunday Night

Steve fixed dinner last night. Later we got sucked into stupid TV till bedtime. Lexi is their Jack Russel terrier who has allowed me into her pack allowing herself to be a therapy dog for me. I have wire terrier white hairs on my floor as a reminder. This AM I made my scratch blueberry pancakes for us. Steve asked for the recipe which I gave. Us guys share.

Ride plan was to drive up north to Fox creek where we did trail work on Wed. Chilly days for long underwear top and knickers. I packed my rain coat as preparation for rain forecast. Carrying it did not keep rain away.

along river

Trail info on sign reported bridge out over Fox Creek which was way back along our ride. The water crossings we made were wheel rim deep. We rode along Big Wood River in the sage for the first part. Almost all riding here is tilted one way or the other. This piece was an exception. The trail turned uphill into the Doug Fir. In places the tread is a carpet of fallen needles which makes sweet carving.

We came upon an older man mountain biker who had laid his bike off the trail. He said that he had adopted this trail and he was cutting branches back. We pedaled onward. Shortly he was on my wheel putting out more effort than i wanted to so I pulled over. He went by saying something about being 80. Later we stopped at the above place and chatted. It was Nello who is a friend of Fat Tire Dave. We had met previously but I forgot. He beat us up but I passed him on the downhill. Again, Steve lead the climbs and I lead the downs. My bike is such a joy to ride.

We came upon the Fox Creek crossing to find the bridge relocated and not reaching the other side of the very fast flowing creek, so fast that a person could not stand up.

Fox Creek bridge wash out, far side

Someone had established a path to a log crossing upstream. It was balancing on a 10″ log carrying my bike.

We had another big climb to the top of the final downhill on the trail we worked on. Rain started falling. I elected to stop and put my rain jacket on. Steve continued down. Enough rain had fallen to damped the dusty tread making almost hero dirt. Narrow cupped downhill only for mtn bikes. We rode over the drains built on Wed. rain quit as we hit the flat for home.

Steve and I said good bye. We rode 4 out of 5 days. He drove down river. I sat in the parking lot. A rig pulled beside me causing me to look out. It was a kayaker. This will be cool as the river is raging. He carried his boat to a big eddy.

I drove back to Ketchum then out Trail Creek rd for the night. Full on view of the ski hill. Two thunderstorms passed overhead complete with lightning, high winds and large rain drops.

I like riding here. Riding in the forest is such a change from the desert riding I have been in since mid December.

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rocky decent wood river by Steve 

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