Independence means freedom

I am back to how I like to be: socialize when i want and private time to recharge. I am an introvert by nature but am able to interact w/ people when i want to. Too much being around people deprives me of my freedom. I prefer going out to eat by myself in hopes of meeting different people. The laundromats draw travelers w/ their experiences. Having a shower available allows me not to intrude on anyone. Sure, its a men’s room and pretty public if you know what i mean.

Today no balloons waking me up. Stopped @ FS ranger station for growler. Then I was fit to put my public face on to bother the paid & volunteer staff about javelina skulls. I was given the voice mail of the biologist who may call me back. She didn’t last year.

@ BnB 3 guys were keeping up w/ customers renting mtn bikes and making coffee drinks. Too much activity to have continuous conversation. Besides, I was putting off my own mtn bike ride on the pavement. Today’s ride is from BnB then out to end of verde valley school road. I hoped to find the road that leads over to a road bridge over Oak creek. I left the pavement onto gravel road then missed the turn off. I rode all way down to red rock crossing that I called Pink feet from crossing the creek back in Jan in cold h2o making my feet pink. Rode back to shop. Today I pushed myself for some sprints. And worked on my controlled breathing. Another 60 min ride.

At 12:11 PM it was 84 degrees. Last night temp remained warm until about 9:30.  Tonight I am out @ deer pass spot which sits up on a bluff b4 dropping down to Cottonwood. Location generates a slight breeze. I have the side door and driver’s window down and covered w/ mosquito netting. Next 2 days temps are in 80s, Sun temp drops back to reasonable lower 70s.

Dinner @ Wildflower bread co. Missed peak of sunset from viewpoint.

from the Y looking east

Sure glad there are other people out there doing the things that need to get done that allow me to enjoy all this free time.

Road riding

During bfast this AM I heard the tell tale whooshing sound of propane burners attached to hot air balloons. Several of them landed out towards the road from me. I watched 1 set down almost on a dollar bill. Spot on landing.

Today is chiro appointment. Stopped @ BnB on way up to west sedona. They were very busy flinging bikes to customers.

Chiro moved some bones around. I have several ribs that moved to where they don’t belong. My collar bone withstood some probing. I asked about carrying a pack and she said 4 weeks. I didn’t ask how big like am I able to carry my Osprey hydration pack. She said that my fall did a job on my collar bone. The fracture was caused by compression and the bone splintered. she has involved me in her battle w/ BCBS insurance in that they are not paying the same as last year. I have a dog in the fight in that my yearly deductible I paid to her is lost in accounting world.

Bright blue warm skies for my ride out Dry Creek road out to the end from where I turned around yesterday. Pedaling a 31 lb bike w/ soft 2.4 full knob tires is a work out. Constrained myself to just an hour again. My rides are short for several reasons most of which is I can not carry my pack w/ lots of h2o and supplies. I am limited to just a h2o bottle on the bike. Next is I am building up strength.

Jan, of Jimmy and Jan, is an artist. I have commissioned her to make a banner for the front roof of my van. Pictures maybe.

Shower @ spa, even parked in the resort controlled parking lot.  I am the poor church mouse to all the money.

Forecast for tomorrow is 84 degrees. Life is tough.

I am living as a local in a tourist town. They go their way and the locals get on w/ living. Hanging @ bike shops provides me w/ a perspective I never had as a resident of a town. I listen to tourons asking for ride info. I will hold my local shop interaction to a higher level.

Last year next week I headed east to GA. No east coast event to make. Sedona living for over a quarter of a year. I plan on leaving b4 it gets too hot. Looks like it is tracking to the end of April.

Tomorrow is more road riding. Today I passed several dirt trails from the road. I stayed the pavement, resisting temptation.

Carpet cleaner had a lemony smell that hung in the air last night. I woke up several times disliking the fragrance.


Today I had a flexible 10:00 appointment in west sedona to have my carpet cleaned by service master who would be @ this address for a house cleaning. Funny thing, we both had the address correct, the house was on a corner, I had the correct street, he picked the side street. He called me asking where i was and I asked the same. I got out of my van and he started walking from his rig. We saw each other and realized what was what. Carpet has wear issues, it ain’t brand new anymore.

Drove to MBH and geared up for a road ride on my Turner, all 150mm of travel complete w/ seat dropper and I am ready for the ramped sidewalk crossings. My goal was 1 hour of riding, just to test reflexes and my collar bone / shoulder. I was off. The hours spent spinning paid off as I have developed a powerful spin as i charged up the hilly streets until i crapped out. Broke off ride at just under 1 hr as planned. Tomorrow I will ride a bit further.

Taking the theoretical max aerobic calc of 220 – my age (61), times 85%, my calc’d upper limit is 135 bpm.

Resting pulse is in mid 60s. See how little room I have b4 anaerobic threshold.

Visited w/ Rama @ his shop.

I learned that a spa near uptown sells monthly memberships. Previously I was treated to visits to this posh spa. I heard $100 / month. I reasoned that having access to a paid for shower until 9:00PM w/ the freedom to let someone else clean up was worth it. I happened to meet the spa manager @ the desk.  We negotiated $90 starting today and ending 4/30. Fun successful negotiating. I price each shower out @ $3.00.

I am back @ Beaverhead flats again tonight. I cherish my independence and freedom to wrap myself up in egocentric activities: it is only I who waste my time.

Today was a pretty good day.

Another day of mid 70 degrees and no heat @ night. I wake up @ 7:00 to listen to Bob Edwards radio show. AZ does not do daylight savings. I miss 7 and I miss his informative and sometimes thought provoking show. Part of my day. I found his show way back during my winter in the Pisgah.