Exeter, NH rest day

Slept unmolested. Early in the AM cars would pull thru the parking lot. I figured it was a traffic bypass. i learned later that it was a drive thru Starbucks. Up @ 6:00 in dark to be able to leave.

Left knee is very painful, burning in joint. Decided to take rest day & do computer work. Took Aleve & iced it w/ frozen gel pack I brought along. A bit better.

Heavy drizzle in AM.

Parked in grocery store parking lot X the street for internet. Grocery stores for most part in East do not have bulk water filters. Sell bottled h2o with a 5 cent deposit on gallon jugs. Wonder what drives resource intense retailing of bottled h2o vs a bulk filter.

Half heartedly attempted to drive in to a bike shop to check my bike fitting. Caught 1 @ Dover but they lacked the fine tuning skills I sought. They recommended Exeter Cycles in Exeter. Received directions that I misinterpretted & started N on road. Stopped @ Rite Aid & looked up phone number from phone book. I called and learned that they are schooled & skilled in bike fitting. Good for me.

Made it there before closing. John coached me on setup. I was way too high on seat, cleats far back, seat far forward. Saddle way shorter that now makes for a real powerful stroke. Knee pain way lessened. Going to ride local trails tomorrow to check out fit.

Historical town. See next post for continuation

Bradbury again, patagonia, LL Bean

Sprinkled a bit over night. Forecast was for clearing & sunny in the afternoon.

Drove into Freeport to spend my Patagonia return $. Not open until 10:00. Drove to visitor center & chatted with information providers.

Visited S Freeport public wharf and chatted w 2 lobstermen. Learned that 1 1/4# lobster takes 6 to 7 years growth, each license is good for 400 pots, they check them every 3 – 4 days, use uneatable fish caught gill netting. Saw 2 sail boats from WA, 1 Seattle, 1 Gig Harbor. Lots of boats in storage. Boats everywhere.

Back to Pataguchie, scored big from outlet store. Spent all return $.

Did internet work parked in town waiting out weather change that didn’t happen but it didn’t rain so I drove back to Bradbury that is less than 6 miles from Freeport.

Bradbury on E side of rt 9 where most single track is located was deserted. W side has mtn and where 100% of the hikers go. yesterday with all the people I did not see 1 hiker on ST trails. Like why hike something that takes forever to get some where a hiker would want. Seems like w/ mtn biking it is all about the ride and distance is not an issue. Total miles of ST is the objective. Great when you can make new bike trails. Saw 4 people during my 1 hr 36 min 10.15 mile ride. elevation is like 250′, the EDGE recorded 984′ vert.

Left knee is hurting differently now causing concern. Fiddling w/ saddle & cleat adjustment. Not sure if I am getting closer to what it should be and the hurt came from previous settings. I hope it is the latter.

Back to KOA for shower and drove back to Freeport laundromat. Clean sheets, body, and clothes.

Freeport is a shopping town with LL Bean and several other big name outlet stores. Bean is open 24 hrs / day. Decided that I needed a lowcut LL Bean hunting boot for the upcoming wet days. Bought a pair.

Wet bike clothes are hung on a clothes line stretched across inside the back of the van. Heat does not really get back to dry quickly. As the weather cools off and I am near ocean high humidity & low temps make for a cluttered damp home.

Drove down HWY 1after dark looking for a dirtbag spot. Found 1 in dark corner of parking lot of a drive thru bank.

Tampa Bay Smoked the Reds.

Meeting Cal in Philly the 29th.

Acadia days to Bradbury SP

Computer ate previous work

Slept unmolested but scooted early before attention was brought to bear.

Drove to Seawall XG but closed.

Sprinter at seawall shore
Sprinter at seawall shore

Drove back up island to Blackwoods XG & paid $20 for park entrance fee & $20 for campsite but no showers as XG has no h2o system. Learned of showers just at head of road, $1.50 for 4 minutes.

Rode road bike around island roads, Beautiful day. Road bike saddle rubbed my crotch wrong way. Harsh ride, pavement rough.

Hiked a bit of Cadillac mtn trail, got above trees for vistas. Rocky w/ just little soil.

from shoulder of Cadillac mtn looking seaward
from shoulder of Cadillac mtn looking seaward

Drove back into town to Thirsty Whale for beer & ball game.

Slept well. Up @ at it.

Body has been giving me some concern, something like diabetis symptoms I thought. Have been putting off getting myself checked. Finally I decided to learn what’s up & checked into emergency room as it was only medical open on weekends. Wonderful staff: the admitting nurse, Chuck who drew the blood who is a naturalist & teaches chemistry, lot to learn from him if I had a chance, to Dave the PA-C who read the test results. All systems are fine except a little dehdrated. Age & bike riding are creating almost incontinence. When I got to go, I gotta go.

later I rode 23 miles of carriage roads just to be outside enjoying the weather and colors. Just beautiful: sun is lower in sky creating that soft light. Brilliant reds from maples.

Drove down to lighthouse to watch sunset and joined a few other people perched on rocks at sea’s edge. Beautiful sunset.

Shower at the $1.50 place.

Back into town for dirtbag camp. parked beside a bike rental shop just 75′ off Cottage street for dinner. Back to Whale for another ball game.

Back to van, decided to return to back parking lot of previous bike shop. Slept ok again but left early again.

Drove off island down to Bradbury SP for next to be great ST ride. Found park, just plugged by leaf peepers. parked at Pownal church. Rider shows up, we started a conversation: A Turner Spot rider. Told me of ride route on E side of road where very few hikers go,

Rode up road to follow his instructions. Saw 3 beautiful women riders & asked if I could join them. Said their ride would be slow but offered me a map. Darn.

Dropped in on ride. Ran into a group of riders who I learned have worked on the trails. I globbed onto their ride and put the route finding challenge on idle & just rode. Again, roots & rocks, w/ a bit of mud bogs thrown in. Rode some skinnies. Getting more confident.

Another rider joined us who knew several of the group. He rides an old Turner Burner. We talked a bit, he said he met Dave Turner & rode with him.

Fun elevated trail
Fun elevated trail

Finished ride back at TH. Group disappeared before I got back with my van.

The XG has showers just inside the entrance. I packed my stuff up & walked to shower. A camper said they were for campers only. I asked who he was, he said he was a volunteer and he said ranger was in XG and he couldn’t let me skate on shower. I found ranger and she said no deal: pay a camping fee for a shower. I left.

I drove back N to KOA I passed earlier on way down. $3.00 for unlimited shower. KOA are well appointed XGs.

I passed a gravel pit just outside entrance of KOA & drove in for a dirtbag spot. Gambling that I can leave tomorrow before the heavy equipment starts working. A gravel pit with sand. Imagine.

Beautiful day again.

Tomorrow is Patagonia Outlet if they are open. Might reride Bradbury trails and shower before shopping.