The Turner is together

Yesterday my fork from PUSH arrived at the foundry. Today began the installation process. I called 2 shops in Mansfield and neither had the tools. I researched the phone book and found a shop nearby in Ashland. I called and spoke with the guy. He said he had the tool. today my dad and I drove the Sprinter to Ashland, duh, the bike guy did not understand a Chris king Headset. Strike out. He said he knew of a shop over in Orrville, home of Smuckers jelly etc. I called and spoke with a wrench. He assured me he had the tool. The Ashland guy gave me the Orrville address and I entered it into the GPS which is on the shortest route. Again, the gps nailed it but after we drove on roads we never would have. The shop is out in the country and when the gps said arriving at destination, shit, OK in the middle of nowhere. Darn, there was a sign on the door and it was the bike shop!

The shop had the proper headset race removal tool and it was a slam dunk remove and replace. I rode the bike in the parking lot and noticed how sweet it felt. No bumps to test but just a plush feeling. Thanks PUSH.

My dad and sister Lynn are my press agents.

Drove back home in snow storm on fastest route. Dad learned some new roads and how the gps sees the fastest route.

Changed into winter gear and rode around on the grass for 45 mins just getting some spinning in. No bumps to hit. Riding in about 1″ of wet snow on top of wet unfrozen grass. The things I do for exercise. I really felt the layoff. The wet snow packed up on the jockey pulley and derailed the chain.

The clot pain is almost gone but the knee pain is still there. Someday I will return to my repairing care giver, Kody, for his magical surgical touch for repair.

Jim from interviewed me last night.

Snowing but not overly sticking to the roads.

Couple more days here and then off to Kentucky.

Celebrating Tday with my Mom’s family from Washington Court House, Ohio. Dad’s foundry is in New Washington, Ohio. Any wonder I went a little further and moved to Washington State?

Annette, your Mohican trail has a wide spread reputation.

The Virginia Whiskey is gone. Sure was smooth for only 2 years old. Hey Cal, you want to meet me somewhere and I will give to you the moonshine?

Oh, my Eggbeaters also arrived but with a note saying I should keep them out of the water.

In Ohio

Enjoying spending time w/ my family members.

The bike gets put back together on Tuesday for my first ride in over 2 weeks.

Fixed Solyanka & Waldorf salad for my 2 sisters last night and received compliments. Vegetarian dishes.

Sunny & cold. Skiff of snow still on ground.

Plan is to leave on Friday for KY. Blood clot is shrinking & pain lessening. Giving myself the shot is easier than last time. A doctor advised me to add vitamin E to my lifestyle which has data to suggest it prevents clotting.

It was a blood clot

Cold night but left alone.

Catalytic heater byproducts are co2 & h2o. The h2o freezes to the windows. Started the engineĀ  to warm up & clear the windshield. School staff started showing up b4 I got underway.

Headed out on snow covered hwy 50, what a torturous road: windy, up a mountain, down the other side, tight turns with plowed over snow. Good traction but it kept me on my toes. Stayed on 50 to Parkersburg. Finally got out of mountains. Parked van and noticed big drops of h20 falling on the floor between the seats. It was the melted ice flowing out from the dome light.

Mileage was bad for this tank because of the mountains.

Crossed the Ohio near Marrietta. drove up state rt 83 thru Southern Ohio to view the effects of strip mining for coal. What I was able to see from the road appears to be reclaimed. Road stays on top of convoluted ridges making for a different kind of twisty.

Drove onto Muskingum College, my alma mater, for a tour during school session. Only the older staff etc were willing to exchange greetings, almost all the students avoided any interaction. The house I lived in on Main street is still standing as is the one S lived in next door. Even the local grocery store: Shegog’s IGA is still in business.

Drove rt 40, the National Road to heath, Ohio to meet Cal for another dinner date.

Tip: Bikes & beer. Cal didn’t have a date place scoped out. I called a local bike shop and ashked them where they go for good beer. They pulled thru with a place in Granville, next town over. We drank a few beers during dinner.

back at the hotel I cracked open the Moonshine. Stuff is made from corn but it smells and tastes like Tequila, Cal put a nipple on the bottle for a few snorts. I forced my swig down.

Slept in the parking lot with the nose of the van 8 feet from a room window. I drove to another parking lot to fix bfast.

Headed N to Mansfield.

My leg is still painful, the steroids and acupuncture hadn’t lessened the pain. I decided I needed another dr’s exam. I found rapid response in Mansfield. A cool 63 tear old ex hippie examined me. It was cool, we clicked. Treatment was an Xray of the leg to rule out bone problems and then an ultrasound for blood clot discovery. The Xray was clear. The staff scheduled a 2:00 appointment @ Mansfield General for the ultrasound. And then the waiting started. The ultrasound was on time, she discovered a blockage in a minor vein. I was then walked to the emergency room and admitted for treatment. I spent 3 hours in a room waiting for the emergency doctor to communicate with the vascular doc who needed more info from the ultrasound tech and needed to talk to the emergency doc. They wanted to admit me for the blood clot. I Told them give me the meds and I will walk out and treat myself like I did 2 years prior. More conversation, yes that was acceptable. Then the wait for the injectable blood thinner. Nurse gave me injection, he said to slowly inject the med. I started walking away from the needle before he was finished. So, now I am on this enoxaparin injections for 10 days. If the pain isn’t gone I need another ultrasound. No cumadin lifestyle required.

Bright side: no physical limitations, I can ride. tendinitis would have meant 2 plus weeks of rest. But I have to give myself the injections.

Cold & snowy here in North Central Ohio. Skiff of snow on ground.

Made Dad & Karen’s for dinner. Lise & her husband, Warne joined us. They all want to pull me from my van to sleep under a roof. I am for the most part comfortable sleeping in the van. Turn on the heater to prevent the h2o from freezing & double over the down blanket & I’m snug.

PUSH sent the fork out yesterday meaning I will receive it Monday and if no snow at Mohican ride on Tuesday.

Late night, Caught up