Rainy rest day in Brevard

A car of bikers snatched my camp spot last night. What was worse was the other spot was in an XM blind spot. Quiet w/o tunes.

Rained during night, again, under trees delivering the irregular pater / pounding of rain drops.

Fred from the USFS stopped by for a short visit on his rounds. I asked for him to show me DuPont and his wheels started turning.

Too wet to ride. Drove N and filled propane. Drove back to Brevard & grocery shopped. Drove into town and window shopped. Went into a chocolate shop & bought some chocolate goodies.

Back out at gravel parking lot. I walked across a major intersection with no pedestrian Xing to Sycamore Cycles. The owner was one of the riders that went by Rich and I on Sat. I queried him about tires. I splurged and bought a pair of Maxis Advantage 2.1 tires. Joined the current state of tire design and relegating the old Velociraptor tires to spares. Expect these tires to up my riding performance. After PUSH Industries tuning the shock & fork, & John in Exeter, VT lowering my seat, and now these new tires I am still looking for the reason for my riding miscues.

Scott made it back to Indy after the concerts and is making riding plans for this weekend. I asked him to put a plug in Nature’s sprinklers as the forecast this week is for rain.

White squirrels in Brevard: they are real and have an explanation. Short story: squirrels were relocated from Hawaii into FL where a traveling circus man gave them to a relative of a family in Brevard who after 1 escaped let the other 1 go and the rest is like rabbits. They are protected in the city. No leg hold traps but what do you do when they are nesting in the insulation in your attic?

Stopped @ Looking Glass Outfitters, a climbing technical backpacking shop, met Phil, the owner. Petted his dog. He invited me to a shop party this evening. Young people sorting out their dreams. I’m happy that I am older and still sorting out my dreams.

Visited library to occupy time waiting out rain. Noticed lots of older people there also. Library excitement & stimulation.

Gotta go party.

DuPont Success

Leisurely up & at ’em.

Plan is to ride Dupont for an easier day. Weather looks questionable but no rain forecast.

On way out of woods talked to 2 younger guys w/ big hit bikes about their ride. Decided that they were too big for me. Wished them well and stopped @ The Hub to learn about other rides. Need to stop back on Tuesday to learn success.

Drove to Dupont Southern end where single tracks are to be. And that they were. Some wet and some ice.

slippery slick rock slab
slippery slick rock slab

Way better riding down at this end. Burnt mtn area.

Swooped down back side of Burnt Mtn & joined 4 other riders: Archie & son Zack, Mike & his wife. They sorted out some directions which I enjoyed. I bought a map case @ REI that attaches w/ Velcro straps on the handlebar which made map reading way easier as long as I kept oriented. EDGE 305 has compass in main screen. I use it all the time, when I think about the direction I started from.

We rode slick rock up Cedar mtn:

exposed granite tread
exposed granite tread

Hardly any soil. Whatever traffic stripped the vegetation from the rock and h2o runs down the scar preventing revegetation. Great traction. Fortunately the ice was melted out by the time we rode.

Rode around & back to the parking lot. More trail to be ridden on the other side of Bridal Falls but a cold fast flowing knee high ford was required. My choice was dry feet and a drive over to the other side. I rode Reasonover Creek Trail: nice job of trail built for mtn bikes. Catch the stream, Zysk says cigar sized trout:

Reasonover Creek
Reasonover Creek

Trail tread on this side was like red clay. Bike is really muddy. Late afternoon by myself. Fog settling in. Made van just @ 4:00 just about right, 1 hour to spare before dark.

Short drive back into intersection of rt 64 & rt 276 where the Hub shop is and road into forest to place I have been roadside camping on Avery Creek. Poached a shower @ XG. Drove into Brevard to Dugans to watch Zags. Smoking bar. Weird smelling smoke on my clothes. Dugans did not buy FSN channel. Back @ gravel parking lot to fix dinner & listen to game on XM. Arizona beat Zags. Bummer.

Scott never called, concertitis. He said he will contact me about this coming weekend rides.

Temp gets below freezing long enough to form ice and icicles, not as cold as Spokane is getting. But no snow.

Another day in the Pisgah

Slept at ” normal” place on Avery Creek just out of town. Full moon and a bit nippy.

Plan is to meet Scott same place as yesterday. He attended the Xmas jam last night. I drove into Brevard and saw he sent me a text message that the bands played beyond 4:00Am and said don’t wait beyond 11:00. I parked just off the highway on N Mills river rd and waited for him. Blue sky & temps got into low 40s. I replaced the bike chain & putzed around until 11:00 and left him to his own devices.

I drove to the Fish Hatchery for a ride. Last day of deer hunting, wore orange jersey but only encountered drives on the gravel roads. Didn’t make proper turn for Daniel ridge trail & rode road up to drop in for Long Branch trail. Oh well, an unridden trail is an unridden trail. Dropped in. Some ice crystals and mushy partially frozen mud. Big rhody thickets blocked out sun in places keeping ground frozen. Trail from Butter Gap that I rode last week joined. Made it back to TH for about a 70 min ride, hardly worth having geared up for. I sat on the curb at the Fish hatchery contemplating another ride and how I could make the correct turn up Daniel Ridge. A lone rider was riding around the parking lot like a lost kid. I asked what’s up and he said that he was late meeting buddies who were going to show him the goods. I offered to take him with me and find the elusive Daniel ridge. His name is Rich, what a coincidence that last week I rode with a Richard. We found the trail and rode uphill. He rode a 29″ is 42, and fresh and he made lots of moves. We passed the trail junction where the picture of me showed me bulldogging the Turner down a steep trail. Rich rode down a rock slab and stuck his front wheel against a rock downhill, just the right distance to stuff his forward progress. The only way for the energy to dissipate was to launch him over the handle bars face first. He managed to twist his body to land on dirt among the boulders after smacking his face on a rock. No blood, no foul.

Rich, before the fall:

Rich on Daniel ridge trail above river
Rich on Daniel ridge trail above river

Zysk, check out the stream that we rode down along:

A fork of Davidson River
A fork of Davidson River

We ended up re-riding the Long Branch trail again for me. He enjoyed the ride. Back at the parking lot he discovered he missed his buds by 5 mins and from their ride description Rich felt he had a better ride.

Text message from Scott saying that Sun ride is doubtful. I am on my own again. He is planing on being here next weekend with his buddy Paul from Toronto. I will be here also.

Back into town for $3.00 shower @ laundromat. Tired & hungry, didn’t want to cook so I ate at a Mexican restaurant. Shared space w/ a bunch of game wardens & USFS law enforecement officers. They were regaling each other w/ arrest stories. I planned tomorrow’s ride out.

Back up Avery Creek to sleep. No hunting tomorrow should be quiet on road.