Greening up

Today I met up with Spokane friends Les and Gloria for a ride meeting out where Canyon of Fools ends. Steve figured this loop. Chilly enough for knickers and long underwear top. awe pedaled up Snake out of Dry Creek. We stopped where Chuck wagon leaves Girdner. I saw a cat claw bush to introduce newbies to evil. The thorns are shaped like cats claws. When the point makes contact if you pull against the thorn it digs in like said claw. I observed that emerging green leaves were starting to show. First I have seen. elevation is around 4500′, Beaverhead is almost 3900′ Pleased to see new life. No cows grazing, just man used desert.

Agave flower stock emerging

new agave bud

Les picked up his bike. I noticed that his chain was beyond slack: derailleur was not taking up the untensioned chain. His ride was over. He pushed out to the road then pedaled back to his truck. I kept going.

Mescal trail

I encountered almost equal mtn bikers as hikers. I ran into trail doc.  Day continued to be chilly.

I dropped air pressure by 1 pound each: 17 and 18. Made a noticeable change in that I got bounced around less. I ride light anyway still making nice with the sharp edged rocks. Like the pressure. How low will I go? Aggressor performed still am unable to discern a difference. But then I just ride as is, I lack curiosity to tune my suspension, I just ride.

Les got his bike fixed and went for a ride. He is out looking for food.

Gotta go.

Stated but not verified

Yesterday morning I picked up my bike from the Bean after fork service, just because I had exceeded the recommended service intervals, Mine was 91 rides and 1208 miles. New seals and oil. Also, I replaced the ridden down Minnion with the Aggressor. New meat for my ride out above Oak Creek on Old Post, Skywalker, Scorpion, Ramshead,Ridge, Sketch, finishing on Ridge. A familiar route. I enjoy the challenges of riding and seek exercise. Rewarding the latter accepts riding same trails in same way. The former is challenged by familiar trails. Riding is a dynamic exercise riding on 2 small contact patches. I might ride something better from practice and some I still walk. Scorpion is a basalt blob, just still a challenge but it is part of my loop.

down towards VOC

Finally the drop exits the basalt for slick rock and rolled firm dirt. Ramshead rolls gently rolling down in and out of small washes.

Climb up Ridge to Sketch which mostly traverses hill side which eliminates the climb up then loose said elevation on Ridge. Sketch is a handful with bench cut steep hillside, narrow, with several short ups and downs as the trail solves the geology. Then it leaves the exposure for in and and out washes. A killer climb to last hard right armored climbing turn. Well, there is more.

Anyway I rode the Aggressor for the first time. I am still paying attention to what a sharp edged knob tire.



new meat Aggressor

I must have made this structure to appear, Dunno.

Saw a Jeep with a bike rack at Scorpion TH. Checked the plate: memory recall is it is Jan’s the artist who created art for me. Left my card on her windshield. A text appeared later and my memory was true. Made a ride date for Cottonwood trails.

Today I had 2 DR appointments in Flag, ist at 9. Last night I stayed in Sedona so I could drive up canyon instead of the interstate.Short version, May 11 for a colonoscopy to seek the source of my discomfort. Afterwards I treated myself to a Flag ride.

Flag sits at 7,000′. I live at maybe 4,000. Major oxygen shortage issue as because of lower air pressure which occurs as elevation is gained, less pressure is placed on air in lungs to affect gas transmission. Just a hump. I parked out at start of Schultz creek. I lowered tire pressure 1 lb to 17 and 18. Flag riding is volcanic debris from ancient volcano. Open ponderosa pine forest. Dry bu trees much higher than me. Open sight lines. I pedaled a MTBProject route for navigation solution. Climbed up Moto then traversing over to Schultz Pass. I mounted the phone carrier to my handlebar to hold my phone to follow the route. Phone rang: it was Jan. I stepped downhill off the trail. A dirt bike approached. he stopped and motioned me to proceed. I communicated that the trail was his. Very mannerly trail sharing. He told me another one was with him. She rolled up a bit. She stopped again mannerly. During conversation I observed that she had patches of perhaps leopard skin pattern on her bike. I told her about women who have told me they pick their clothes based on a piece of jewelry. I asked her if her underwear matched the leopard print on her bike. She laughed and said that she did. She said but I did not verify her statement. Anyway my climb was enjoyable(?) as the grade was manageable. Trail negotiated several washes (gulleys?).

Flag riding. Viewsheds


Return down Schultz Creek. Maybe 10 people entire ride. Conversed with a visiting couple from Mass about places we have ridden. Started out chilly and windy. As I climbed the wind lessened. A no snow year.

MD DR Mark for PT referral. Drove back down canyon to in town sleep spot.

Tomorrow is another wind event: gusts to 40 mph in afternoon.

Listening to Mariners on XM, home announcer Ric Rizz, a voice from my Puget Sound past.

At Whole Foods there is  a chocolate confection which I enjoy. I do like good chocolate. One time my favorite checker commented about the chocolate saying that she can only have it when she has company. Tonight I picked a piece and asked a store person who previously turned me onto a great beer to split off a piece and wrap it. I leaned he just moved her from Chicago. I picked the checker line. I presented her with the piece saying she could have it at home with no company. She thanked me. People want to be connected. Conversing with people at work puts smiles on their faces, at least those that are prone to smile. An office person at the DR office remembered me because she said I was funny. how can a  person go to work for 8 hours come home and have nothing to say. I shrunk my piece of the chocolate.

Game tied.

Last night was chilly 40s, enough for furnace heat. Perhaps again tonight.


Lull between blasts

High wind advisory again today. Yesterday I rode in calm high temps  and few to share my experience with. I left before 9 driving up to Sedona then out to Cultural Park. 17.6 miles via rt 179 vs 28 via Cornville to beat traffic. Leave before 10 for no back up.

My route was down Draino, up out of Dry Creek on Last Frontier connecting to Western Civ to Cockscomb onto rocky Aerie back to Cockscomb enjoying the big rollers but paying back climbing up to Rupp then the wander thru the brush down to Girdner which is loose sand and busting climb out of Dry Creek back to cold beer in the fridge. A shower at snap and a piece of salmon from Whole Foods for dinner then back down to VOC and out to open spot off Beaverhead. I parked my van facing into the forecasted wind direction. Gentle breeze. High winds put off till this afternoon.

Steamed salmon, sweet potato, and broccoli for yummy dinner. Steaming eliminates the clinging smell of other fixing choice of frying.

I drink straight corn liquor out of my water glass. Small almost like fruit flies have lost their effort against gravity adding their carcass to the liquid. dead. Last night a moth hit the liquid. I gently fished it out with a spoon and laid it on my counter. No movement. A short while later the legs started moving as they were upright, wings pinned underneath. I carefully righted the moth. Shortly afterwards the wings started working. I helped it get airborne but it never got it together to leave the van. I never drink enough to land legs pointing to the sky. I finished my nosh with a pot lid covering the glass. Glass is from 2010 IMBA world summit in Augusta, GA.

I ordered my new tire Maxxis Aggressor, I put it on today for tomorrow’s ride. I pretty much wore out the old tire. New tire with sharp edge lugs will restore traction.

To all the rear brake draggers: there is a front brake which is more powerful than the skidding rear wheel which carves a rut in the trail.

Left my bike at the Bean for fork service tomorrow.

Read Bridges of Madison County.