Then the winds picked up

Earlier this week the forecast was calling for high wind warning starting last night. Last night was gentle breeze up at the worm. However as daylight grew stronger the winds stepped up its game. Airport reported gusts of 46 mph when i looked earlier. temp dropped to 79 degrees which with wind chill feels comfortable. Today is a rest day. Clean clothes started my day. Hanging in VOC sort of out of the dust.

Yesterday I lead Cathy on Old Post, Skywalker, Scorpion, Ramshead, Ridge, Sketch finishing on the last piece of Ridge. Cathy rode some new to her dirt. Scorpion has patches of basalt babyheads making it a challenge. Sketch is narrow with exposure.

Cathy on Scorpion

Bike tread firms up sand ground and where on rock the tires roll the loose rock away. All of which leaves a defined tread as per above and below on the side of Pyramid. Some places the optimal trail building tool is a push broom.


Terrain from Sketch towards Carrol Canyon, Trails play with the topography.

Thunder mtn; carrol canyon

Earlier this winter I investigated riding near Show Low up in the White mtns. Snow fell before I got around to riding there. Cathy mentioned it 2 times. Check out MTBProject, re familiarize myself, then checked the forecast. Not yet: 60mph gusts plus red flag warning. Road trip from “home”.

Tillie and Rui are returning for next year Zags team. The Zags front court has been touted as one of the best in the country next year. Go Zags.

I lube my chain with Squirt which is a water based wax lubricate. In the dry here I don’t get as many miles per lube as I do where conditions don’t dry out the wax. I lube now after every 2 rides. The sound of a dry chain is not what I like to pedal to.

I am back to my solitary life.


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