Another riding partner

Cathy is a fellow wanderer. Years ago she found my web site and started asking questions about living on the road, she had a good handle already. She cast off last year. We finally met at Steamboat for a few days of riding. She drove down from Flag on Mon.

On Mon we rode what I call my Llama route, her reintroduction to red rock riding.

Cathy rolling Breezy wash start

Marty showed me how to ride the roll down that Cathy is riding above. Confidence, pic 2 dimension fails to capture the roll as it could be a face splat at bottom.


Shared some time with mountain bike patrollers and VVCC board members. Hot day. We commented on seeing the most number of riders after spring break.

Finished sufficiently abused. She joined me out off Beaverhead. I created shade with how I parked my van and she rolled out her awning. Pleasant evening with gentle breeze as temp cooled off to finally a sweater to block the wind. Star show, light pollution from the valley is apparent.

Today our plan was to start ride at bottom of COF like Steve figured out pedaling off at 9:00AM. We made the drive out arriving past planned start. temp again was in mid 80s, an earlier time would beat the heat, Our route traveled along Dry Creek to the climb out start on Snake. To Girdner for a short piece connecting with long trail Chuck Wagon. Very few other recreators. Traverse around Mescal, drop down Deadman to Aerie the dirt part to Cockscomb letting gravity reward us with big rollers. Left of Dawa with its burned in single track down what might have been an old road. Carve the turns and boost the little drops. Back to the vans.

Cathy on Mescal

This is my rear tire: Maxxis Minnion DHF 2.5WT. carving turns wears the side lugs. A new tire is in order, when? What am I missing with the wearing tire? New tire and maybe 3 weeks more of riding here starting out on the tire with Sedona riding wear?

55 rides 695 miles of red rock

This morning at sleep spot I observed cowboys standing around the boiler water tank. A truck was pulling a white propane shaped tank and were pumping h20 into the boiler. More days of desert destruction by cows.

One night I caught the high lighting sun rays

looking NNE

Off to desert with company but no internet.

Noticeably fewer cars parked along Dry Creek road. Able to almost cruise thru round about where 89A and 179 split. Traffic was backed up heading N at the apple cider place. Not bad. Almost like it was years ago even at spring break.