And Sunday is a rest day

Yesterday on my Last Frontier ride the temp played in the middle 80s. First “big” heat. I was worked. My effort was interrupted frequently by pauses to catch my breath. Steve put his foot down too firmly making a move on Hogs on Friday   resulting in a swollen foot. He did the 15 mins of ice, 15 off for an hour, elevated it, vitamin  I’d, and rested it. Sat. AM he accepted that the foot was not up to playing. He headed out. As I did driving up to west Sedona ahead of the tourist crowd me included.

I missed my riding buddy on  this ride. His choice for last ride here was Skywalker, etc which might have been a better choice for me. I turned off Western Civ at Cockscomb to Rupp, then the wander down to Girdner which is now full on sand. My engine couldn’t pull the load. Dehydrating myself in spite of how much I drink, which per the color and frequency of my pee is not enough.

Friday we rode out Llama to Little Horse. There are 2 armored stairs on Llama, one going up that I just won’t do and one going down which I will do. This is the one I ride down. I used to walk this, finally I armored my courage enough to allow gravity to pull me down while on top of the wheels. Big moment of confidence. I drop my seat, lower my heels, and keep front wheel straight and sparingly use the rear brake. The suspension sucks up the bumps.

Here Steve sets his sights on the line ahead. His arms are slightly bent at the elbows and is balanced over his pedals. Head is up meaning looking ahead.

Steve rolling down armored stair on Llama

Spring colors on Broken Arrow.

Hedgehogs happening
Steve on Hogs

In self preservation steps I am riding more aggressively. Speed is a legitimate skill. On Broken Arrow I climbed an armored piece preceded by a G out finishing in left hand turn to start the climb. In the past I would control my decent speed but lacked the engine to pull the climb. By carrying speed into the climb I crested the rise. I also kept pedaling continued forward motion when gravity lost its going uphill force but just as being pulled down to earth’s center.

We finished on Single Track Bypass. Uphill traffic is to be given the right of way. I keep my eyes open for other users. I spotted a rider downhill of me causing me to stop to allow the rider to climb. He beckoned me to precede. It was Bret from the FS. We have had several conversations about rider etiquette, perhaps he was gathering data. I would have had 2 black eyes if I blew by him all the while my harping on lack of riders being nice to other users. I passed and he knows that my legs and wheels move in the same direction. The trail has 2 recently armored climbs which for me makes the entire trail rideable. Armoring was put down to prevent erosion directly into a wash, soil here is highly erosive.

Sleep spot is full on sun. My skin is between peeling burn and tanning. I will return to the spot then control my sun exposure. I park the van at somewhat of a blocking angle that creates a patch of shade. The interior cooks, I run the roof exhaust fan to pull less hot air thru the van. The fridge is also shaded. Three cold beers in the fridge. Ice cream is prolly softened.