Actually a smile on my face

Friend Steve arrived Sunday night. We are sharing the camp spot way out from mile marker 4. His bike brakes are on the fritz needing knowledgeable hands to fix. early morning run to the Bean to be early in repair line. Scott does not work on Monday. No bike riding today.

Monday night I attended the VVCC mtnbike committee meeting. I accepted a role of member at large. Pretty active club, big project is the Western gateway trail project.

Tues was another early morning venture to the shop. Scott replaced the brake lever with the piston attached on both brakes and Steve was ready to go. We parked down by sheriff’s office then pedaled up to Bell Rock TH and the dirt. Steve made  2 of his I can make this climb. I still leave the armored stair up off the slick rock patch on Llama. We rode at an easy workout pace with rests mixed in and sessioning several spots. We both enjoyed the ride with tired smiling muscles.

Steve on Llama

He treated me to Thai dinner. Drove out after dark to MP4 spot. Warm enough at night to not need the furnace  but a short burst at wake up to chase the chill.

Today we drove out Dry Creek rd etc to park at the bottom of Canyon of Fools. Steve figured this loop out. By parking where we were we were at the downhill end of our loop.  Started work out on Snake to Girdner, to Chuck wagon turning into Mescal down to Long canyon to Aerie on the dirt tread to Cockscomb. A hiker told us we were going to be encountering a huge number of horse riders. And we did, maybe 30 women letting the animal provide the locomotion freeing their lungs for conversing.Zoom down the big rollers on Cockcomb turning left on Dawa for more down grade to Dry Creek crossing then a short pedal back to the vans. Still a challenging and demanding ride. When I ride this loop I put my head down and pedal it till back at the beer van.

Above is a 3 move section. Behind me is a short steep roller bottoming out almost an over the handlebar stop, about a bike length of flat before a short steep roll up. Pic captures me at the little step up to finish the piece.

Steve on Mescal

Tonight I will sit in on VVCC board meeting. Tomorrow Steve will be joining a volunteer trail work day, then a ride of what we worked on, laundry, then driving out to Beaverhead.

Life is filled with almosts, some I almost won the lottery but only 2 of my numbers matched, or I barely escaped harm from——- event. Today I almost had one of the latter almosts at the intersection of Beaverhead and rt 179. A Cady turned left in front of a tractor trailer right in front of me, the truck just missed the Cady’s rear quarter by less than the proverbial 10 foot pole. I was where I was supposed to be, the Cady was almost the injury of several people. Almost: I am wearing off the side lugs on my tires from carving turns. No almosts there just sticking every turn. If possible pump out of the turn. Just still a great bike.