Missing potato is no longer

Several days ago i bought a sweet potato for dinner. I carried the grocery bags to the van and put stuff away. The potato must have been put away because it wasn’t on the counter. That night that potato was destined for my belly but it make its escape. I could not find it. My theory was it wasn’t bagged at the store. I needed to talk to the checker back tracking the purchase. He wasn’t on duty during any of my shopping visits. Today driving down from Sedona I heard a percussive like sound, I looked back over my shoulder and nothing was out of place. I parked then opened the slider door. The potato was on the foot step. The potato made the van but I didn’t store it correctly, no idea where. The carved turns on the round abouts worked it free which was what the sound was. Go back to your seats.

Thursday 8:30 start was another volunteer trail work day, this time at Soldiers Pass. We hiked in to Teacup reroute up a ways for our projects which was to reroute 3 turns. FS was responding to public feedback to shorten the distance which is what our projects did. People didn’t want to expend the energy for time in the desert. I put to use the rehabing skills I learned. I planted vertical visual blockage. Weather forecast called for rain around noon. It arrived earlier which hastened our return to vehicles then all drove away, no visiting. rained pretty good, needed reg speed windshield wipers. A shower then slogging traffic back up at the Y. The further I drove from Sedona the less evidence of rain. At VOC nary a drop had fallen. I drove way out back at mp4 as the trailer is still posted up.

Friday was another beautiful day with mostly hero dirt. I pedaled from red rock plaza parking lot shared by the Sheriffs office. Bell Rock, Llama, up to Chicken Point taking Broken Arrow to junction with Hogs. A slippery walk a bike descent of the thing bigger than I even have a desire to ride. Twin Buttes down to Hog Wash leaving on Peccary down to Mystic for a piece of climbing on chunder. Thur the neighborhood dropping down to Bell rock off on HT down to Breezy. This time I worked the step up out of the wash and I made it  on my 3rd try. Back down Slim Shady to the Bean. 14.7 miles climbing 1427′ pedaling 2 hours 8 mins. Hard ride, lots of tech.

No visitors at the shop. Coasted down sidewalk into strong headwind. Coasting was almost a pedal down hill. Back out off Beaverhead.

Furnace guy called me on Fri. I took the call while on my ride. He told me how to clean the orifice which I suspect the cause of poor burning performance. I called back to the repair place that serviced the fridge, made a Mon appointment.

Weather forecast for Sun is nasty wet and cold. Today needed to be the ride day. I left early to avoid expected heavy traffic volume. Weekend and all. parked out at Cultural Park. Route was my usual: dropping down Drano then climbing and traversing above Dry creek on Last Frontier. Great feeling of exposure. Today my breathing was not keeping up with my legs. Last Frontier offers up a short trail over to a view point.

Last Frontier is hung on the mountain side across the way

Humped along connecting to Western Civ intersecting with Cokscomb, second place to shorten the ride. I pedaled on connecting with Aeire. Shortly I stopped at the top of a grade to allow the up hill rider to pedal up. It was Elaine from earlier in the week. We chatted finally pedaling off on our ride. We would share a piece of Cockscomb. We met again at Cockscomb and Dawa.  miles pedaling 2 hrs

Another view of Cockscomb13 mins climbing 1627′. Big hump up Girnder to TH.

Weather forecast for Sun calls for snow. It is moisture.

Zags won on Thurs, tonight they play OSU whom they smoked in preseason. Bar side at PJs competing with crazy people wearing green.

Wed night i attended the VVCC bike board meeting. Board members present were beyond their 40s, prolly late 50s, nobody younger. Us older folks are doing a lot of heavy lifting for younger members. Got me to wondering about who will be pulling for us movers and shakers as we age out of strenuous phtsical activity?  Perhaps our activisim will continue as we shift to assisted living? Where are the younger people? Will younger riders be pissed when we maybe champion paved bike trails? Just have a concern.

Courteous Craig says smile while sharing our public land with other users.

St pats party pjs during zag game6



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