That is mine, not really the outside temp albeit warming today to in the 70s. This cold started coming on before the festival and kept gaining traction as my lungs filled up with gunk and my sinuses ran like a spring flood. Learned from pharmacist of over the counter meds which I have followed. I am now able to sleep at night while breathing thru my nose which allows me to wear my mouth guard.

The weather here has not been for me enjoyable for me to ride in, after all I can wait until conditions change. I have been waiting.

Wed was chilly as I drove up to west sedona for CT scan of my abdomen seeking cause of abdominal pain. Scan was performed next is DR review. Drove out to cultural park for internet coverage and consuming time until Banff film evening. About 3PM I started shaking / convulsing so badly I could hardly put the key in the ignition. My legs were shaking causing wild pedal pressure. Never had this happen before. I am thinking it is a reaction to the contrast I drank for the CT. Whatever, things ain’t right. I drove out to emergency room for treatment. Ushered into a room and issued a gown. Proceeded to draw blood and put in the plumbing hardware for IV. Swabs were stuck painfully high up each nostril for flu culture. A walk down the hallway with my bums exposed for a chest xray. Shakes were gone by then. Results were no flu, no evidence of bacterial infection, lungs clear as was my pee. Nothing to be treated for. The Tylenol broke my 102 degree fever. I spent the night at the Worm.

Thurs was laundry day. Clean clothes. This week there were no bike clothes hanging from the drying line. Drove back down to beaverhead for the night.  Temp is warmer at night requiring less furnace heat. Guy has posted up at favorite camp spot. Cow shit piles. Dry desert.

it’s said

Today I gave a ride a whirl, gently, to learn of body’s response to stimulation. Mentally I was flat. I did ride the entire route. I was curious how the trail work I helped on would ride. The rehab pieces are still in place. The rock work rode well. Users are following the directed line. Quite a few hikers out today, older people, too old for spring break from school.

Tomorrow is another trail work day. Sunday is the announcement of the dance partners for the march Madness.

Bought book, ” my grandmother asked me to tell you she’s sorry”. I am believing that I read this previously but memory recall comes up empty as to its point. Frustrating because I think I remember passages but can’t connect all the dots. It is a pleasant read while sitting in the sun out in the desert. The Strongback chair provides wonderful back support for extended sitting, however the seat material is unbreatheable which after a time feels like wet britches.