gentle wetness

Forecast for Tuesday was for a fast moving cold front bringing higher winds and snow showers. I17 reader boards spelled out winter storm warning. NOAA was tracking the eta of the storm. Earlier in the day I drove up canyon to Flag for a gastro appointment. The canyon is slower but prettier and shorter depending if leaving from Sedona. Out of clinic before noon. WInds picking up. Did not want to drive interstate. Back down canyon and out of wind blasts. Examined by NP, she just ordered lab work and a ct. No treatment until medicine learns what’s not working.

Moisture turns these desert tracks into gumbo. I played the forecast to predict slippery drive. I drove out to preferred spot at mp4. Guy in trailer left only to return today. Snow flurried overnight carrying on into early morn. After bfast I walked out to the paved road noticing that my shoes were picking up mud. Seemed to be about 1/4″ wet. Decided if I kept after it I would have mighty mo aiding traction for my exit. Tracked mud on the carpet. Speedy slither to the hard road and I was gone.

Tuesday and Wednesday wetness kept me pavement bound.

Thursday morning was a volunteer trail work day on Little Horse. Lars, Phil, and Simon Sedona legends put their knowledge and skills to work as the trail received corrections making for more sustainable lines. As a result several of the challenges were lessened. Lots of rock work. I started on decommisioning old lines. I piled rocks and brush flat out on the ground. Simon and Lars jumped in for a more aesthetic solution of vertical blocking.

my start at rehab
what it became

Internet speed is very slow, more pics another day.

Clean clothes and body for sleep.

My new lens arrived today, the tech installed them in my frame. More expensive lens have a wider focal vision in the variable correction which reduces eye strain. Much better. $600 for them.

Out at far spot at mp 4 as the same trailer guy is back.

Tomorrow is big time mountain bike festival out at Posse Grounds.

Today while working on the trail riders went through. Not a one was local. All tourons. This weekend will be lots of same. I don’t plan on riding.

pics added

working 1st feature, built armored line while keeping challenging steps
2nd feature creating line to bring users back to single line
armored stairs exit fix up