For besting a technical move. Many are mental which protect out body. Last week a local globbed onto me. We talked about a big roll down near baby bell, for him, he could never point his front wheel down. For me, years ago I was in the same state as he. I finally rolled down in control and the feeling of a load being lifted from my psyche. Steve faced the same challenge. This guy watched me roll down, he coasted to the lip then let off the brakes. He successfully rolled down. i insisted he do it a second time. Same success. He was jubilant..

On Monday I rode with Sandy from Calgary who visits here riding avoiding winter weather back home. This is maybe her 4th winter here. We came upon a gentle roll up on Templeton that had her goat. I rode up the move several times at ever slower speeds. I gave her a mental image. She worked up her confidence till she let her forward motion roll up and over the step. She was joyful after her heart slid back down her throat so to speak. Another tougher roll up awaited us on Breezy. We worked it a bit till she made the move. Satisfaction.


(computer hides the required key strokes to rotate the image)

For me on yesterday’s ride I made 3 successful first time moves.

Celebration of each of our successes. Mental limits. The bike is able to carry us up or down and we prolly have the ability. I believe the brain and the body are partners, their agreement is what allows us to make a move. When the body and brain are younger the brain makes wild decisions that the body follows along because it hasn’t been injured. As we age the body has absorbed the damages the brain has commanded the body to under take and becomes a louder voice when making a decision involving risk. It’s the opposite of the old folks boogie where the brain makes promises the body can’t do. Settling.

Today I rode SSS: Ridge, Sketch, Ridge, Scorpion, Skywalker, Old Post Sketch rides better going this way and the basalt babyheads cause walking. Climb up Scorpion is 1.89 miles gaining 450′ for an 8% grade. Comfortable weather with gentle breeze evaporating perspiration. Good hump of 1 1/2 hours of pedaling. Weekday riding crowd: nearly nobody.

The FS has been working on the trails correcting sustainability issues. For the most part the original line or feature was left intact. However, on Breezy we discovered a dumbed down move that had no sustainability issue. Several locals have complained about trail features being made easier to make. This change on Breezy adds to dissatisfaction with FS’ work.

Tomorrow is a rest day after 5 straight days of riding.


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