Sorry Folks

P Phil is reported to having seen his shadow. 39% accuracy says 6 more weeks of winter. For you in it and want out: 61% says you will shortly prolly attributable to climate warming. Me here in high desert of Sedona: want winter to actually happen. Sorry to all of us folks.

Yesterday I drove down to rideĀ  Black Canyon Trail starting and ending where trail crosses Bumblebee road, just off the interstate. Ride north to Treasure Mine(?) then turn around for beer back at the barn. A wildfire burned over the trail near where I started. Saguaro cactus burned down. Green succulents burned up. Trail is sharp edged rock some with the faults rising above ground. Sturdy tires resisted puncture. Still riding tubeless Minion DHF 2.5WT at 18 and 19 psi. Low pressure wide tires mellow out the sharp edges. I rode over a piece of the trail I helped build back in maybe 2010 near Bumblebee.

BCT north towards Bumblebee, fire last fall
North looking

Out and back lasting almost 3 hours on a Saturday. I encountered 1 rider passing me and 5 headed the other way and 2 backpackers. OK, Van thermometer read 80 degrees with no shade. Sucked on hydration hose but left quite a bit in the tank. I drank a quart on the way back and 3 beers during the evening that generated little pee. Cooked. Need winter.

Watched 1st half of Zags game which started just after 8. I wanted to lay down but PJs would have nothing of it. Listened to teh second half on XM, Zags beat BYU in the Kennel.

Friday morning dawned cloudless. Not even a marmot down here to compete w/ PA version. I drove up to Cultural park to ride the Last Frontier stuff. Mostly all by myself. Hot day. Didn’t ride Aerie.

trail leading towards Cockscomb

Today Duff hosted a group ride bringing out a bunch of the VOC regulars. Still greeting local riders for the first time. I showed up. I hoped that a rider close to my ability would be along. Wrong. All better skilled and faster/stronger. I left them to ride alone. We did reconnect at Chicken Pint then at the scary tech section on Hogs. I watched several riders make it. Big pucker factor.

Gear 3 on the cluster is my favorite gear as I can push it giving me something to stand on while climbing. I have been learning how to make 2, the next easier gear, work to finesse the move. There is a fine line of difference in gear choice that effects success.

Bike now has 6,000 plus sofa change miles on it. 1 1/2 months shy of 2 year original ride day. Have only replaced the handlebar, pedals, cranks, grips, tires, chain, chain ring, front and rear brakes,cluster, bonded suspension inserts and bearings, and Stans. Sure is a sweet ride. Might be something better out there but I am unwilling to go looking. Ibis 741 carbon rims are scuffed and scratched and run true. Added Diaz’s Runt to the fork. And a tune to the shock.

SuperBowl Sunday. I have no dog in the fight. I will watch at PJs and observe patrons’ behavior. I mean yelling at the screen as if your yell can change the call. What if you yelled at the TV and the only people who heard you were those who also had no voice? Years ago with Howard Cossel that many people hated, I read about a bar somewhere that raffled off a rock that the winner could smash a TV when he/she had had enough of Howard. Didn’t read how it turned out.

Large number of beef cows grazing out off Beavehead rd. They must be eating dead grasses. Cow pies are fewer and firmer almost like horse pucks. Still no manure at camp spot.

Skin is starting to exhibit sun burn.