Company is gone

Friend Steve from Sun Valley headed back home. Steve and I share friendship. Our riding was cool as we spent time savoring the ride and occasionally sessioning features. Friendship is a wonderful thing. However, I chose to ignore writing because I was unwilling to part with computer time plus internet out off Beaverhead is way too slow for my patience. I just accumulated experiences some will remain in long term storage, others were like a joke: humor and shortly forgotten. So, following will be a loose connection of recall and thoughts.

Steve asked me if I had met everybody I know here in Sedona as on almost every ride I ran into someone knew or they remembered me. I did not have a listing that was checked off so I was unable to answer correctly. Seems like who else could it be. Today at the laundromat for my weekly clean clothes session a tall guy rose above the washing machines bank, looked at me and smiled. I don’t remember if he asked me if I remembered him but I remembered him and his name. Howdy Ted. Ted used to work at a bagel shop that I would visit and give the newspaper to Ted. He is a reader of this blog. Again, another opportunity to visit and not computer time.

Yesterday I rode what i name Llama loop: Bell Rock, Big Park loop, Bell Rock, Llama, Little Horse, Templeton, Breezy, Templeton, Yavapai, finishing down hill on Slim Shady. I worked the features Steve and I sessioned. The big rock paver climb on Llama still intimidates me. But I did solve another climb. Seems there is a skill of power and finesse relationship. We were attempting climbs in eve increasing gears believing speed was the answer, that’s power. However, I made the climbs in number 2 gear which is finesse. Great bike.

Our MP #4 camp spot has been taken over. 2 nights ago we parked close to the cow watering trough. We had a great view of the lunar eclipse just before Steve drove away. After daylight cows made their way to fill up.

lunar eclipse still happening

I made today a rest day as my damaged shoulder started barking late on yesterday’s ride. Folding my sheets was a struggle.

Sat Steve and I made it a rest day after riding 5 days in a row.

Sunday we made a shuttle ride starting from the cultural park finishing where Aerie crosses Boyton Pass rd. Aerie is shedding rocks that were buried at trail construction from wear. Bikes roll on round soft tires, boots have sharp edges which loosen sand between the rocks. Climbs on Last Frontier are still hike a bike as both power and finesse flee my body leaving me a panting former pedaler.

Steve, Last Frontier

Monday we drove out to where Canyon of Fools ends on the road. We rode down Dry Creek to Snake for the climb out of the creek bottom. Steve figured this route as it got the climbing out of the way to finish on a downhill.


On Tuesday we rode in reverse my usual Skywalker, Scorpion, Sketch route. What a pleasant discovery. The climbs on Ridge were a nit, Sketch trended downhill allowing roll down of walk up problems. What was amazing was the climb up Scorpion was better than climbing either Herkenham or Old Post although there are difficult sections of basalt big baby heads.

Steve finishing Sketch, Scorpion traverse climbs on mountain face behind him

Ride number 419 will make 6,000 miles on the Turner RFX, since march 19. 2015.

Physical therapy is exercising muscles I didn’t know about. Benefit is exercising my hip muscles which transfers to more powerful pedaling.

Zags games are televised on micro audience channels that PJs didn’t buy the coverage package: ESPN3 and espnu. Several past games did not even make XM.

Van life is growing in popularity. Visited with a young couple today at the parking lot in front of the Bean. They sold off their stuff and moved into their Dodge home conversion van traveling full time. Stories we have about our adventures. What caused you to split the full time employment and for younger people who still have years to go before medicare what are their run a ground plans. How are we solving living problems caused by this life style.

Enough for now.