Don’t make fun of the less fortunate

Blue skies, short sleeves and shorts, calm wind, no dust on trails red rock. This is what I put up with. No, you can’t take my place fromĀ  your wintry climes.

Moving right along.

Yesterday I rode off by myself without a strong drive to ride hard, sometimes mostly. I ran into Wally who is 25 short of a century. Very few of older riders. We chatted for awhile before he went his way and I mossied off. I sessioned several problems, a few I solved. It’s all about balance, picking the correct gear and keeping power on the pedals.

somewhere on Llama

Bike and Bean is not what it used to be. Not a place to hang out, no Friday rides. Time goes on different owner, different model.

Drove out to Beaverhead. I parked with the side door facing the setting sun streaming thru the open side door. Dave and Mikelle arrived later with firewood for a camp fire around which Dave and I sat telling stories till bed time. Wind was just right to blow the smoke elsewhere.

Today was a Friends of the Forest trail work day to build a trail in the wilderness in memory of a local who has been an advocate of trail care for lots of years. Trail is one we bikes are not allowed to ride as it goes into wilderness. Maybe 50 volunteers showed up to build. Several mtn bikers participated. Blue paint marks are trail center.

Phil educating

Sunny afternoon parked behind sheriffs’ office listening to Wait Wait….. Zags games are on off the end of the tuning dial stations, no TV coverage at PJs.