From dust to hard pack

1.76″ of rain fell Tuesday night as recorded at the Sedona airport. Finally the weatherman delivered copious rainfall. I slept at the paved overlook. While I was still up the storm rolled in with lightning and thunder with pelting rain blown by gusts strong enough to rock the van. Snug as a bug. However, after the rain quit a drip fell from the ceiling right on my pillow, just a bit away from where I needed to lay my head. I put my washcloth under the landing and went back to sleep. Nothing I could do about it, tomorrow in the sunshine will be a different matter. Amazing, sunshine and no leak.

My PT session was rescheduled for Wed AM early up in west Sedona. Commute up and back is now a breeze with haedly any traffic. Overcast but no rain falling. I drove back to VOC.I stopped at Yavapai TH to check out firmness of dirt on trail. Hard and dry and a bit of snow.  From my small sample size I decided that the dirt would withstand my tires. I geared up down by the sheriff’s office. Much of my ride I was making first tracks. Dropping down Breezy wash is sand stone with places of black coloration. I was told the black is from algae and when water is added the algae becomes slippery. Years ago I was sure I learned that if it’s black and wet it’s slippery. Hence I was very cautious on the off camber slabs. I did stop to perform a slippery test with my shoes: no slide. The ride up Breezy is mostly in a wash, places trail thread between AZ cypress

Breezy and AZ cypress canyons

Absolutely all by myself.

Places on Breezy the rain had washed gulleys in the below grade climbs free of sand creating a wheel trap climb rut. Dunno if some of the gulleys were there just covered by sand, just know there are quite a few unsustainable pieces.

Spent night out at mp 4. Two large mud bogs appeared after the rain. i walked the road to our sleep spot determining that I could slither around the puddles to the spot.

Today was get up and drive back up to W Sedona for me to do my wash. Dave and Mikelle joined for a 11:00 ride out from Sunset park. We rode Old Post, Skywalker, Scorpion, Ramshead then finishing up on Ridge back home. At the top of a climb 2 riders were waiting, guy and girl. Didn’t see the woman’s face. She spoke and I pegged her right away, Tenisha. Visited for awhile.

Scorpion trail

Beautiful clear skies. High humidity hindering the drying of my clothes hung on the clothes line inside my van. Sheets are dry.

Shower, clean clothes and clean sheets for tonight.

Zag game didn’t make XM and PJs doesn’t get espnu3.

Another day of riding. Sat is a trail help day.

The rain wetted the dirt to make it hard pack. Changed the ride. Affects a carving turn to almost a rail.