Weather man (woman) tease

Well, you have been saying showers with increasing probability, however nature is yet to let loose with your forecast. Last night into this AM was high chance of showers. I chose to stay at the paved overlook to avoid slithering in the mud. At bed time the skies were star filled clear. Today clouds are lowering as they move in, still nothing to make the windshield wipers work. Forecast is still calling for showers. Rain rain come today. CA is experiencing mud slides because rain there is falling on burnt ground which lacks vegetatin to slow gravity down. The ground here is covered with parched plants eager to drink what falls. The possible rain fall affects where I park for the night. I do have permission to city camp in west Sedona.

Yesterday my van was serviced up in west Sedona. I drove up to the garage then I went for a ride out on Skywalker scorpion etc. I rode Skywalker out then down Scorpion and climbed out of valley on Old Post finishing on Herkinham which is a hump with several walk spots. Riding Skywalker back has about the same elevation drop as riding towards the high school. No other riders, just several hikers to share the trail with. During the ride the KS LEV post lost its ability to remain extended. The Turbine won’t come up and the LEV won’t stay up. I have a Reverb as my last back up. I drove to Fat Tire seeking a fix or installing the 3rd post. Dave figured that the problem was caused by cable tension. He identified a tight radius that might be the binder. It cycled well in the parking lot. Next ride will be the test.

Today I had a PT appointment in the afternoon to start work on my twitching left thigh. Healer became the one needing rest causing a reschedule to tomorrow back up here.

Boeing stock price. A bunch of years ago Phil gave employees some stock. I garnered 31 shares with purchase price about the same. Yesterday share price was $310. Might pay for the well and utilities on my property. Forecast there is wet and below freezing at night and 40s high.

New oil and filters in the van and a nothing to service report. I seek knowledgeable shops to check it over to identify things either need attended to now or will be needing attention sometime soon. I just want to keep traveling the highway under the van’s own power versus riding a low boy to a service garage.

Traffic has abated making the drive between VOC and Sedona just a 35mph swerve around the rotaries and you are where you want to be. More enjoyable and the store lines are short.

Sat is another trail work day.

Watched the first half of the college football game. Alabama was behind but they won in OT. I bought propane in Tuscaloosa which is right near lake Lurlien which has a nice mtn bike trail network. Can swim in the lake.