With every wish

There is a curse

Sunny shirt sleeve weather down here in 4,500′ Sedona high desert. There has not been measurable rain since August. DRY DRy dry. Nature is extremely stressed. The dust is so deep that when rain hits the dirt will turn to slop. Trails have a lot of loose rock as the clay that binds the sand grains together to rocks has lost its stick’em because water in the activating agent. Just saying that you readers that are being severely frozen now know that all is not idealic here. I have not researched another place to be. I learned today that Crested Butte is hospital to riding.

I am making the rounds of familiar trails. I run into riders I have met from here locals or somewhere else.

New issue of Bike mag, the Bike Bible, reviewed bikes ridden at Marquette, MI. I enjoyed my time there and will prolly return.

Chuck Wagon trail out to the devil’s Bridge junction is heavily hiked, the most hikers and other users I ever see on any trail. Rode with Mikelle,

Mikelle checking out up coming move

Shared the ride with mountain bike patrol riders.

Encountered a woman rider standing almost 2′ off the trail heading downhill. She was wearing non bike specific soft goods to me indicating a person who does not practice Trail Love or hadn’t learned. I stopped for an education moment explaining tread on tread and yielding to uphill rider. I am speaking up more often to inform of the love to be had. May she internalized the knowledge.

Wed drove up to Flag for one of my primary care DRs. Drove I17 up and back. Flag is at 7,000′, VOC is around 4,000. Interstate climb. Van mileage is down to 22mpg for the last 2 tanks. Past running average was 25. Van service day on Monday to run their savvy hands to learn of health.

Today I performed volunteer trail work with the USFS and volunteers. I chose lopping work. We hiked Broken Arrow to Chicken Point continuing to Hogs then down Twin Buttes. Just a nip around the edges. Dirt has no moisture so no dirt work. Did laundry.

D & K pick a camp spot past where I liked to stay. Still traffic noise but nobody on our bumpers.

Developed a click while pedaling. determined that the bottom bracket needs to be replaced. Soon to be.

Tomorrow I will receive the neatening up trim of my hair and beard by Floyd working with 8 months of growth since his last trim. He trims my beard the best of any previous cutters.

Living quarters from back to front

Living room

Zags are on XM.

Good Bye