catching up.

This morning I left preferred camp spot at the upper JEM trail to drive to Santa Clara to ride the Barrel Roll collective trails with Kevin. Skies were over cast but no precip in today’s and short term forecast. It is so dry. These trails are in lower elevation than Hurricane and are mostly some form of rock so it rides well unless a real drencher. I ride this system several times a visit and today it won the pick. Starts out with a grunt climb up single track to the actual TH, This piece lengthens the ride and acts as a warm up albeitĀ  a grunt in and of its self. Kevin is a more skilled rider and has a stronger engine for uphill and goes way faster downhill. And up and over then down and around stuff which I work the more pedestrian line or walk. The ride was punctuated several times for sitdowns. The bike is a capable rock scrambler. 11 miles pedaling for 1 3/4 hours while wearing summer riding kit. 1355′ of umphs. Purpose built trails. Hand made. No pics to share.

Drove into ST George to Harmon’s grocery store which is stuffed with killer choices, they taught me about 3 year old Gouda cheese. Showered at Hurkin Anytime which is down the street from OTE where I stopped for a water on load then drove up to JEM to see my spot occupied by the truck guy who was here last night but at the spot I took for the night. Second time this visit someone else has stayed here which is unusual that someone else shares with me.

Last night Over the Edge (OTE) hosted a celebration for their 10th anniversary. Maybe 30 or so celebrants enjoying food and companionship. I attended their first one with just Fixie Dave, Quentin and myself. refreshments were my Scotch and chocolate. Successful shop, they do a good job.

Earlier in the day I joined the shop ride up on Little Creek mesa. Many miles of dirt road decaying proportionally to TH proximity. Back in ’09 I drove my van all the way out. There might have been 17 riders in our group. The mesa consists of exposed sandstone with mixes of islands of pinyon where sufficient dirt had accumulated.There are actual trails around the mesa but the desire of this group is playing on all kinds of tech features. I play around in the wading pool depth.Back on the ’09 ride I fell right at the mesa edge with the frint wheel of my bike just inches from leading the plunge off the rim. The abrupt stop lacerated my left kidney which I discovered back at the TH when I got rid of the post ride beer. My piss was red. Shit… Short story ambulance ride from Hurkin to a 2 day stay in hospital in ST George and 6 weeks of recovery that I spent in Hurkin hanging at OTE. This ride no body damaging events.

Who’s next?

Q and DJ have a 4 year old daughter. Check out mom and the youngun’s ride:

giddyup mom

On Friday I rode from sleep spot down JEM then back up Cryptobiotic struggling with a noisy chain. I walked a short distance uphill so I didn’t have to listen to the sound. Back at the van I stripped the new chain grease with a Park chain cleaner then rinsed off a mixture of Dawn soap sprayed on by a house plant sprayer followed with clean water. The chain was still not happy. WTF. Turns out the chain needed a good dose of Squirt on the cleaned chain. Spent night up at JEM which is at 4290′.

On Wed I caught up with Kevin after his work to ride Prospector and Church rocks a close in ride that weathers the rain well. I met Kevin a bunch of years ago here. He is also a rider who inspires in MBA mag. He was co owner of Main Street Cafe in town.


Sunset dark is about 5:30 which makes for short rides.

Horse people! Their audacity to dump road apples from their trailers into the parking lot. Another black eye to their sport.

Thursday was laundry day. Same woman is still working there. Earlier it was a latte at River Rock coffee shop. The women know my drink but not by name.Today my latte was poured before I could order and pay for it. Kevin and I rode again at 2:45 after hs work. This time it was on the Boy Scout trails that are above Quail Creek lake. Lots of chunk and challenge. Few miles extracted major exertion. Beautiful late afternoon light.

I slept in OTE’s parking lot while hooked up to their shore power to power my defrosted fridge down to proper temp. Noisy night. About 6:30 the trash truck connected with the shop’s dumpster. can’t sleep thru that.

My skin has broken out in red bumps that itch. Friday I finally went to local Urgent Care for treatment. Same DR as previous visit. We remembered each other. He told me it is an itch that isĀ  not a rash, it is an itch that rashes. His treatment is slather affected areas with acceptable Bag Balm which is to hold in skin ,moisture as the itch is because my skin is too dry. After 2 days no relief.

Bit of rocking wind right now. The keyboard moves under my fingers. Rock me baby.

Tomorrow is a rest day.