Gander one last time

Woke up Monday to an empty TH, one time there was an organized trail run with runners in costume and somebody carried a cake. Other times it was riders enjoying new stuff.

I drove the 14 miles out to the base of Gooseberry parking right near where I camped the weekend before. Today visions of riding sent excitement to ride up  then back down. I headed up. As I climbed my desire to ride the trail back faded as the knowledge of the well maintained BLM road back to the van. The trail is a toss for which way it rides better. The elevation gain is a wash. I beleive I rolled more features going out then returning, this is so perhaps because the going hurts gettin. I did encounter several riders but I didn’t stop to ask if they were sporting new stuff.

Drove back to town and showered at empty anytime. This time water temp was hot instead of tepid caused either by the smaller shower room feed or nobody had camped under the hot water. I did enjoy putting heat into my body.

I think I ate too much of my sister’s goodies because my stomach was not happy. I went to bed not happy. Today my plan was to ride with Kevin down to Vegas and ride Bears Best. Wake up was 6:30. I woke up to the alarm. I felt fine which is normally how I feel first thing in the morning, today I didn’t know if it was going to last for the long day. I didn’t want to harsh Kevin’s buzz by going then finding out I really wasn’t up to the fun. I bailed then spent the day resting.

At OTE a 20yo man was working on his mtn bike, he had a small pile of bike packing gear. Being me I struck up a conversation with a captive conversant. He is working on a 10 year plan to ride around the world. Articulate. He has really stripped his life down bike packing on a mountain bike, he carried next to nothing.

I don’t remember how the kick starter found me. I contributed for action figures of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders that arrived via USPS today. I am behind EW

I have her back and I am watching you
EW get’s front wheel honor

Bernie is mounted on the dashboard.

Time here is running short as I am leaving for Sedona on Friday. I will have spent 33 days here. Just dry, not a drop of rain fell the entire time. One year was really wet making the Virgin a maelstrom.

Yes and No

Today while I was riding the Hurricane Cliffs 20.6 miles climbing 2057′ pedaling almost non stop for 2 hrs 40 mins starting from the towers above town. Sunny with pedaling warmth and no wind. Big hump up Goulds double track right at the start. Just did it.

Out above Goulds wash the trail in places was covered with tumbleweed sometimes completely and completely blocking the trail. The first patch I came to I observed that previous riders had ridden off the track to avoid the tumble instead of clearing it.Their off trail tracks can start a widening of the trail, this happens when anyone rides off the trail and others follow. The trail just gets wider and less challenging. Troy from Altitude in Vernal and concerned rider wrote in his guide book: there are plenty of excuses to ride off the trail but there are none for you to fix your divot. OK, Not verbatim but is expression is so true. Keep your tread in the tread.

Tumbleweed blockage on Goulds

My stopping and clearing several patches of tumble weed caused me to think of yes and no.

No, there are no trail fairies who build and maintain the trails you are riding on. Your care you can do on a ride like clearing the tumble as an example you can do out of the kindness of your respect for the land and follow on riders.

No, there are no dog poop baggie fairy that magically carries it to a receptacle.

Yes, I can be coaxed out of my comfort zone. Kevin spoke of Angels Landing in Zion. I casually heard about it. He invited me to hike it with him yesterday. We meet early at River Rock where I buy my coffee beans and lattes. He drove us into the park. Our early arrival in the park put us ahead of the masses soon to be climbing. I watched a utube video of someone’s “hike” which gave me the jitters. I have body parts that are suspect that the climb would either reveal or be a non issue. The brain commanded the body to get ‘er done. Been up and down it, no need to hurry back. Kevin took lots of pics on his cell phone. I took a few but only where I could stand.

Virgin river flowing out of park
climb continues up rock behind
Up Virgin river to narrows


yes, for your stomach tightening viewing google Angles Landing and watch a utube. The route is almost a class 3 mountaineering climb some places on the knife’s edge arete. It was well protected by chain hand lines and some places foot buckets carved into the rock. Slippery sand stone. I kept one hand always on the chain. I wanted to quit but Kevin called me to continue with almost there. I climbed like pics I have seen of older people all insecure. I climbed like that. I am aging. Strong desire for mishap avoidance and possible injury. Just not as agile.

Yes, many other people were hiking up as we were heading down. well played being early.

No, Tractor Supply sold out of propane just before I got there. I needed to resupply before closed days. I had enough for the night.

No, there is no white bearded jolly old man riding in a sleigh stuffed with your goodies who will enter your house down the chimney.

Yes, you can let this jolly old man into your house thru the open front door.

Yes, wind events blow thru here this year frequently. 2 nights ago parked at the jem I was less than head onto the blow. As a result the van was buffeted and rocked all night. Noise. Yesterday morn no winds, just calm. How quiet. Been burning the furnace all night and just using the doubled over down blanket, I am acclimating to 55 degrees inside. Batteries are keeping up to the blower demand.

Yes, this present administration is tearing apart America for their own benefit and not for the people or at least the millions more people who chose the other candidate.

No, STC’s effort is harmful in the long run. I liken them to a flat rock dropped in a mud puddle. Big splash sure to attract attention but not sustainable. Again, like the present administration. IMBA’s effort is correct for continuing to be a participant with other heart propelled advocates. STC fragments mtn bikers from the family of hearts.

Yes to sustainably built trails.

Yes to my sisters box of home baked goodies keeping our mother’s goodies alive.

No to moving my belt out. Yes to pedaling to be able to eat more.

Yes to writing this.

Who is filling your stockings hung with care tonight?

2 nights in a row

Several days prior to yesterday the weatherman forecast precip and wind. Forecast location is ST George which is about 1,500′ lower and in geography that escapes the wind speeds of Hurricane (hence its name) and up above town at 4290′. As yesterday approached the forecast lessened the amount of either snow or rain but event to start at 11PM last night.Crazy: wind form the north switching to the south in a matter of hours. About 10 last night winds picked up to start rocking my van and I heard the hiss of snow hitting the the north facing side of the van. I raised the windward side venting passenger window and lowered the downwind SW side. Amazing wind shift like it f=didn’t miss a beat. Make window change. Todat the wind is from the north. Clear skies strong standing the big American flag stand straight out. The furnace couldn’t keep up with the dropping temp, at leave not cozy bed it was 45 inside.  Today the winds continued to where I am at the upper JEM TH. 30 degrees outside but I am chilled inside with the catalytic heater full on and aimed in my direction and wearing a wool sweater. Tonight I will add the down sleeping bag.

Yesterday wind was forecasted to be in the teens with 20s gusts for ST George. My desirable shoes have been relaced on the way to Barrelroll trails. I wanted the shoes and I was willing to just drive down and pick them up if too much wind. ST George was calm at worst a slight breeze. I drove to the Barrellroll social trail start parking. Still I wore knickers and knee socks. Bitch of climb right off the pedal stroke. Grunt producing warmth. Nice day. I only rode Barrelroll which is still a hump of climbing and negotiating the rock features. Short ride.

Barrelroll trails, Pine Valley Mountains

Tuesday was a short ride from here going down the JEM turning on the Hurricane Cliffs trail to a BLM outhouse made by CXT from Spokane then climbing back on Kyrpto and Dead Ringer. Encountered several riders, more than usual.

The Raceface Turbine seat dropper has lost its ability to hold its breath. The necessary air pressure to return the seat leaks out rendering the raising as very slow and incomplete. I pumped up the post before 2 rides which lost pressure during the ride. OTE had several posts of theirs with issues and they added mine to theirs, all are in route to  a Raceface connection.The KS LEV is back on with its noticeably slower raise speed.

The government of our country lied to the American public about the war in SE Asia. Propane can be sold after dark. This treatment will restore hair. The expression, “To be honest with you” is hard to hear as it would seem that unmodified speech was less than honest. It’s about Trust. A lie destroys trust.