Beautiful fall weather ride

Today’s weather was again drop dead beautiful. Another one. Pleased to report that I am not drop dead.

I drove down to Middle Earth TH which is sort of in the middle of the Navajo Rocks system. Today I planned to pick up the northern trails of the loop riding Ramblin to Rocky Top then cutting back on Middle Earth back to my van. I shadowed 2 guys but got ahead of them to watch them ride across this trust your side knobs and counter steer slick rock traverse. There were many pedal strike marks on the uphill side of the bike, I wonder if any of them bounced a rider off their bike then grating down the slick rock.

Rocky Top

Watched this rider clear a roll up, color matched from top to bike

accomplished rider

Today was a short less exerted ride.

Drove down to town for resupply. Drove out to Willow Springs road which is beyond packed. I hoped Nov would chase away the crowds, but not yet. No precip is forecasted, just beautiful time to be here.

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