Hartman to salida

Tuesday I introduced myself for a third time at the bike shop to service my dropper. Later that AM the shop called me telling me that they could not find the special threaded rod to disassemble the post. The guy squirted a more lubricating lube down the shaft which loosened it up.

Nice day going into afternoon. I headed out to Hartman Rocks to ride the MTBproject route. 77xx’ start, elevation is still effecting my effort. I started out with a headache that kept getting worse, cause was from stepping up onto my lowered cutting board smacking my head, lacerating my scalp and jamming my neck. I needed a chiro adjustment. In the AM I worked Google and my phone to seek treatment. The one place that answered my call wanted a $90 evaluation plus the adjustment. Oooo, too much, I said goodbye. The headache squashed my ride desire. I called that office back and scored a 4:45PM appointment. I figured a short route back to my van then drove to be adjusted which alleviated my out of sorts.

Spent night driveway surfing.

Wed AM feeling better I returned to Hartman Rocks for the full ride deal. Big area used by dirt bikes also. Trails are well signed and with mtbp help I stayed on route.

some of Hartman


This issue of Bike has an article about Hartman Rocks. Lots of ride choices to link all kinds of variations. Lots of tech challenges. I could ride here more days.

Dinner with Bill and Susan and boys.

Thursday I bid adieu heading to do laundry then drive over Monarch pass to Salida and Absolute Bikes to service my dropper. Big climb to pass at 11,312′  then the brakes kept my speed in check dropping down east. Made the shop, spoke with wrench whom I had spoken with on the phone. He agreed with me that he was only to clean and regrease as my problem as explained on a raceface utube video that the balking returning was caused by lack of grease. The work was completed early afternoon. Greased and with min pressure of 20psi it is still shooting pine cones into orbit. Satisfied with the service.

I walked around downtown a bit. Another old western town that has not been abused by popularity. I found the camp spot that Mark told me about from last visit. Full moon last night warm enough to leave the side door open till well after dark.

Today I drove thru town and crossed the rive to a popular TH to ride the local trails. I used mtbp again for a ride which was going to be really big climbing up to ride Cottonwood loop. Encountered an older man and woman learning that he, John, 78 yo was going to ride out to Chicken Dinner which was on my longer ride but I could get to it w/o climbing way to the top. John gets after it. Encountered a couple riding plus bikes. They celebrated their 40th anniversary by buying each other these bikes. He is 70 but I did not learn of his wife’s age. I rode with peers except I was the youngster.

Looking west to Continental divide


Forecast called for strong winds which materialized. The climb at the start was wind blasted while making touchy moves on narrow trail with exposure. Tread here is mostly sharp edge rock but bedded in for the most part. Trails are well cared for and signed. More difficult riding.

Forest cover is high desert of juniper and pinon pine with little aspen. Yellow cottonwoods line the water courses.

Socializing in town tonight. Tomorrow is either another ride here or at Buena Vista just up the road meeting with a couple I met in Arkansas.

Writing Arkansas I learned of the miles required from Denver then to Maob I deemed too much driving. I will hang in CO as long as weather holds then drive to Moab. I will drive west on I70 which access same places I rode on my way east.


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