Buena Vista and Penitente

Sat morning was a short drive to Buena Vista to visit with Dave and Mikelle whom I briefly met in Sedona then spent an evening around a camp fire drinking beer in Bentonville, AR. GPS nailed the address.

Beautiful fall day. We geared up for a ride on their local trails riding from their house which is almost on the Arkansas river bank. Their friend Scott joined. Decomposed granite and chunk. Bacon Bits trail. Met Paco, a friend of Dave and Mikelle’s who was seeking other riders to ride Penitente on Sunday. It got planned.

Dave, Scott, Mikelle

Sat evening was a big gathering at a neighbors for a family celebration of friends to celebrate a baby shower. Many of the people are river recreators. I slept parked on the side of the road in front of their house.

Sunday we rolled out heading south stopping to pick up Paulo. The ride was well south of Salida about 90 mins away. Just drop dead beautiful day: warm, no wind, and no clouds. Area is popular with bouldering and biking. Just big rock chunks of granite and decomposed same for tread. I was in for a treat as I would not have picked this place to ride.

Penitente trail head, CXT outhouse



Just a phenomenal day. We pedaled for 2 hours covering 14.6 hard miles gaining 1817′. Lots of tech moves and short climbs. With fun filled downhills rolling up and down pillows of granite. Pretty worked. day was so pleasant we extended our visit hanging at the TH.

Weather forecast for today was snow starting this AM. Last night the sky was filled with stars which made it difficult to believe the weatherman. I crawled into bed just b4 11 when the east wind kicked up from calm. I was rocked to sleep. About 5 this morning I heard the wisp of snow flakes hitting the roof. Snow kept at it covering the windshield. Forecast was correct. I am hanging here in front of their house letting weather enforce a rest day. However, snow is quitting and Dave floated a snow ride. Curses, I must avoid the temptation.

My plan was to drive up to Breckenridge area, however snow fell there also. Temps will be above freezing tomorrow but below freezing at night which might more than likely freeze thaw mud. Scratch high country riding. New plan is to drive east to Colorado Springs then N to Denver to visit a cousin then prolly head west on I 70 on way to Moab perhaps riding again same places. Next big stop is Moab. I prefer to remain under tree cover before desert.

Cloudy skies and enough snow on the solar panel to block out energy absorption. Furnace running for warmth. Flee early winter conditions. Leaf color is from the golden cottonwoods, few aspen which have lost most of their leaves which don’t hang on for long after turning.

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  1. I’ve ridden Penatente a couple times and camped there several. Fun place, bunch of MTB and separate hiking trails. To the west is La Garita Caldera, site of one of the Earth’s largest know volcanic eruptions 28 million years ago, wilderness.

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