2 rides at Hartman Rocks, beer at local brewery, and dinner with friends. Sprinkle with dose of rain, chilly nights, vivid lightning flashes, hero dirt, and worked.

Friday Bill and Susan met me at the BLM campsite for a ride. Great hugging the wheel of a local to remove route finding and preferred way to ride trails and a loop. They of better skill and youth showed me around. The pace was brisk. They thanked me for getting them out to ride as they have other things to do in their time off. I thanked them for leading me. No pics were taken. Afterwards I sat in the sunshine sipping a beer that was kept covered. Sun strength has passed.

Hartman rocks camp spot

I drove back into town about 10 miles away for a shower at a gym participating in silver and fit program. Request of shower users is to wipe down the stall. Makes it look like you were the first to use the shower. Local brewery provide libation and a comfortable chair at the bar. Place became packed behind my back. Drove back out to Hartman Rocks for the night.

Again, big eyes and a map planned a ride for yesterday: Aberdeen loop from camp. Riding between 7716′ and 8750′  per Backcountry Navigator. I have been asking my body to make altitude adjustments. Ride was 18 miles long climbing 2670′ incorporating numerous gasp catch my breath. Aberdeen is the furthermost out trails. I encountered 3 other riders. Lots of fun gravity assisted return downhills. Sage desert. I rode similar specs at Bend which worked me way less than here.

looking north

Mix of granite and basalt. Area is a large ring dike formation.

back into town for a shower and connect with Bill. He invited me over for visit and a put together dinner. I sharpened 2 of their knives leaving a cutting legacy. I drove back out to camp spot at Hartmans after dark and in the rain. Highway stripe lines don’t pick up headlights. Nature lit up the sky several times with big long flashes. Weather is unsettled, I made today a rest day and drove into town for internet. We are planning to ride Doctor Park tomorrow. Weather forecast there has snow.

I drove down hwy 50 into town looking for a spot to park and do internet. I picked an empty gravel lot belonging to a dispensary which was not opened I figured for the day. They opened at 1 a few minutes ago and the vehicles are filling the lot. Time to disassociate my presence with a pot place.

Chilly nights turn on the furnace that burns propane. The frige feeds from same supply as the variable use of the stove, the frige is top of the feed list to protect stuff needing cold. I log on the day the resupply amount. There is a gauge on the tank. I mentally calculate next refill. This after i got down on all fours and craned my neck to look thru my corrective lenses to read how close to empty the tank is. Ooopps. Today is needed refill to make it thru tonight. I found only 1 store to refill and they closed per their Sunday closing of 2PM. Temp will be in upper 30s. Store opens at 7:30. Will i see my breath? If propane runs out the food will not warm up quickly.

Next i sat at the brew pub bar watching football on the screen that was towards the door. 2 guys walk in. I locked eyes with a very familiar face known from Sedona. Today recall was instanteous:  it was Jason from Sedona where we were buds. He no longer mtn bikes so that was not his reason for being here not like me. He was suprised to see me and his recall was just as quick. Enjoyable visit.

I vacated my outland sleep spot for a piece of Bill and Susan’s driveway on the outskirts of town. Our plan until weather changes is to drive up and ride Doctor Park right near to Crested Butte. Possible precip might include snow.

I made a dropper post appointment for here on Tues. Friends in Salida are adventuring away from home. Monarch pass ride on the CDT might be under snow.