Friday the unna boot was cut off revealing an almost healed wound. Headed over for a shower then sat in urgent care parking lot waiting for opening at 4. I was second to be seen. Plan was for exam for eval then down to have another unna boot put on. DR examine went past boot office hours. He said amazing recovery: wound healed and swelling down, I complimented my 40 years of daily pot smoking. I told him I was riding tomorrow  to which he made no objection. Drove back out to camp spot 24 miles and like 1,700′ higher. Joined Steve. Bit windy but sort of warm allowing sitting outside till the sun lost its heating effect. Been listening to the world series, Steve for LA and me for Houston, turning the games off early only to learn the next day that a wild finish. Same with OSU and PSU football game.

Sat. Steve and I rode Rodeo which was completed this spring. I learned that the sand has been ridden in hard to firm. Not all but enough to enjoy first ride on the trail.

Steve leading

Steve left Sat night to attend to his dad. Quiet night with only myself to talk to. Steve has a Dodge Trademaster van that he is converting.

Sunday I rode from camp out to join Chisholm on my way to ride Bull canyon. wonderful purpose hand built trails. I shared my 21.8 mile ride with fewer than 10 riders. Demanding ride while less than 100′ climbing per mile the trail just nibbles at your strength as the ups are short punches much like Sedona: you can’t settle into the grind for the downhill.

typical of signage

Diaz’s RUNT smooths out the small bumps yet still has muscle to handle the biggies. I think it is right up there with the dropper posts for ride enjoyment. Riding here is a mixture of sand hard and / or loose and sandstone sharp edges, slabs of pock holed pieces, lots of step ups and roll downs. 27.5 wheels carbon rims, I9 hubs and spokes riding on Maxxis Minnion DHF R WT tires. Theresa said my bike rode like a tank compared to her lighter built bike. Be that as it may I can make it go up and down pretty well.

Spent the night alone. Weekend traffic had left.

Monday I needed to resupply in town.Driving on the dirt road to the highway I checked out a lone pickup truck with a big camper attached. Low and behold it had a clamshell trailer attached visible to me. It could be Charlie. I backed up then drove up to the rig. It was Charlie and Theresa. We have ridden and spent nights here over the years. So great to be with them. They rode Rodeo with plans to stay the night. Cool, I will be back to join.

I rode some of Bar M trails including Deadmans which is chunky with lots of step up and roll downs. Step ups demand effort to get up over a trail obstacle. I have to have something in the tank to pedal harder while mostly climbing hence step ups. Roll downs are step ups but going downhill which the bike sucks up: point where I want to go  drop the saddle, enjoy the 29.5″ width handle bar on next to nothing short stem. Catalyst pedals for feet contact. What a Turner RFX the company has made and to all the component makers completing my ride. One sweet enjoyable ride. I rode 20 rides in the 35 days I was in Colorado. I encountered lots of step up opportunities to develop and refine my technique which is serving me well. The bike allows its front end to lift with a pedal stroke shifting weight to the back tire. But I don’t fish for the sky.

Into town for shower, water and groceries then back out to join C and T. Charlie journals which captured our times together. What a load of spending time together. One Thanksgiving we shared Theresa’s home prepared T dinner with all the trimmings. My contribution was whipping cream for pie. They are really cool allowing for a warm friendship. I supplied apple pie and vanilla ice cream for desert. I visited them in their comfortable camper till late. A dim headlight searched for the dirt road back to me van.

Today we three rode down Chisholm to junction with Big  Lonely. I followed Charlie, with Theresa boxing me in. 50 year olds, kids.

This Chisholm trail has similar feel to the new Rodeo as this is what skilled routing can play with the topography. Juniper and pinion pine cover on desert dirt. Lots of rocks which are a sustainable tread. Then on to Big Lonely leaving them to out and back. Coney Island is sandy w bunches of double track which I prefer to ride downhill. Middle Earth lead me to the middle TH of the Navajo Rocks trail system. I headed back up hill to camp riding Big Mesa becoming Big Loney to Chisholm back home. I encountered a group of maybe my age riders that I hoped would ride with me. They dropped off way back. Great to see my age and older riders out getting it done. Reference point: I am 68 years old.

Over Seven mi

My left leg is sending strong  pain signals to my enjoyment center, venous stasis, it hurts. I pedal through the pain. Need to make the source go away.

World Series on, 6th game Astros 3-2. Need to fix dinner. Slow internet. see what happens.

i give Moab trails the highest rating for pedaling trails. Just a very satisfying collections of trails.

And this life style of being where I want to be when I want to be. This fall weather is drop dead pleasant.


I am following care giver instructions taking the antibiotic and staying off my feet. An Unna boot has been applied the last 2 days and the DR gives eval later this PM. Swelling is down and the wound is projected to be healed early next week. Arranged to have the bandage removed today for a  shower. Parked in the hospital parking lot.

Friend Steve and I have been camping together, he goes for a ride. He is complete vegan giving up cheese that he craves, he said eating it goes straight to a heroin reward center. My wanting to ride with him doesn’t hit that kind of reward center. He rides in front of me and I eat cheese in front of him. Life is fair.

Been staying out past Wildhorse XG that has a 360 view including oil extraction locations.

east to the snow free LaSalles.

I have been making my rounds of places I have established contacts with. Today at Love Muffin I ran into Scott who makes these mountain bike trails appear. Visited with coffee roaster whose cowboy style I borrow from. Lady at feed store for propane. Sense of community connection. Still asking about Thanksgiving feed to supply my labor.

Jeff and Glen from Fruita are here, look forward to riding with them soon.

This weekend is Hoedown for mountain bike enduro race and all around tomfoolery.

Weather is still is still so great visitors continue to populate dispersed camp spots. Steve and I both drove away from our spot today. I set up my table, chair, and traffic cones including a note stating that I will return. May this marking save our spot.

Still sunny and warm during mid day to don shorts and doff the shirt. Night does get just above freezing. Cottonwoods in the water wetted areas still hold the golden leaves. Otherwise it is red with greens of junipers and pinon pine.

I am wearing my new variable focus new glasses that require adjustment tom my head and my looking thru them. Clearer vision.

Off to DR.

Laid up in Moab

Today is Wednesday, I am parked at the hospital parking lot in Moab with my legs elevated. For therapy. My overall care of my body has allowed me to play in an active lifestyle. However, the body like every machine it wears. I have poor return circulation in my legs. Several days ago a weeping sore appeared on my left leg. Pretty gross. After yesterday’s ride I said enough and drove to urgent care that opens at 4PM. DR diagnosis said unna boot and elevate my legs and check back on Fri to check on open sore. Grounded until at least Sat morning if sufficient healing. Will add compression socks to my daily kit.

On Monday Mac Daddy replaced the thermostat and fan clutch which were worn. The machine can have parts replaced or fixed but not my legs. I drove out to North Klondike TH and scored the favorite spot. Countless flies joined me that won’t take the hint to wing off.

Tuesday I rode a piece of the Klondike trails which have some chunk. I rode Dino back as it is easier than EKG. Still had success making tech moves. I have learned that if I lower my seat just a scosh it positions me for a better powerful pedal position to climb. Better riding.

Tuesday night friend Steve from SV arrived and we spent the night back out at N. Klondike.

Sunny and very warm.

Fuckihn flies. I can cope with mosquitoes but flies are just annoying.

Cottonwoods are the golden color here against blue skies up against red rock cliffs.

Yesterday in the hospital parking lot I saw numerous rigs with mtn bikes on them. None were in Urgent care. I made that comment today to which the nurse attending me said they might be in the emergency room with injuries greater than urgent care.

Happenstance: yesterday I entered the mens locker room at Moab aquatic center for a shower. Previously I always chose the right bay as it was less used. This time when I walked  in a man was getting dressed and there were several packs on the bench telling me that the left side was the better choice. Turns out the man was the DR that examined me later as he recognized me.

Moab is very crowded even the dispersed spots. Weather is still too great to not be here.