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About that:

100 feet of climbing per linear mile of trail is about a 2% grade. But here in these mountains the trails are steep from the get go, lots of climbing in a short distance. I struggled with the climb today up Mill Creek from Teton Canyon, 1574′ in 5.34 miles for 295′ / mile which really equals a 5.6% grade. Doesn’t seem steep on the whole as a percent, but, pedaling topping out at 8,000′ was crushing. I started up Mill Creek which is an old hiking trail that has been rerouted in places to eliminate the fall line. Then I pedaled on Andy’s which is a green trail inside the Targhee resort.

About that:

Machine built trails given time to weather  become more interesting as the riders ride in a line and dirt erodes away “raising” rocks.

downhill Colters far side.

Out of the trees in the shadow of the Tetons:

Grand in the center

Downhill on Colters swooped then I rejoined Mill Creek that I rode up. Hang on, let the bike have its way. I turned on the bell as warning but encountered no one to hear it. John Colter, trail namesake was a member of Lewis and Clarks expedition, he explored on his own afterwards and is legendary for his escape from Indians.

Sunday I let Matt work on my shifting. Today it was golden going up but after bouncing around on the downhill some of its bad performance returned.

Monday I drove way west of Driggs to the Horseshoe trail system. I previously rode some of the trails at that time w/o gps data and poor signs. This year the intersections are all signed and any navigation errors that I made were because I did not pay attention. All but a short section of primitive FS road is single track. Cows. Worth doing again tomorrow if rain does not fall. Not as much hard climbing. Tight trees in places others let ‘er rip.

Horseshoe trails

I drove back to Driggs for a shower and socializing at Peaked. Plan for today’s ride was Mill Creek out of Teton Canyon. Guy gave his knowledge of what I wanted to ride. I asked about camping to which he said drive up the canyon and pick a side road for a spot. I did. I stayed somewhere on this road on my first visit. Go view of the Tetons up closer.

Did the ride today as written above. Sat in the warm sun recuperating then drove into town for a shower and groceries. I drove down to Victor because that’s where 2 brew pubs are. One was better reviewed than the other. Except it was closed. Bummer. Drove back to Driggs and camped on the Teton River again.

Heavy rain is forecast for the east side of the Tetons with some spilling over here. Plan revision.

Nice being out of heavy smoke although a slight haze is in the air. Being in rain will be novel. Bend is still smokey and dry.



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