Diaz’s Runt

Diaz Suspension design makes a device he named Runt which is a 2 chamber like air bladder that takes the place of the tokens in either the Pike or my Lyrik. I did the install in the parking lot behind Sunnyside, my go to shop. I pedaled what bumps I could roll over in the alley, I noticed that it is much more small bump compliant. Next ride will provide feedback. I also mounted a new Minnion DHF 2.5WT on the rear replacing the worn down 1171 mile 78 rides same model tire. Tall sharp edged knobs on new tire so confidence inspiring.

Upper 90s here and forecast for almost 100 later this week. Ride early and be done or late. Nice temp drop at night which slows the onset of the heat.

I am not sleeping without tossing and waking up before 8hours have slept by. I sleep with the side door and the driver’s windows opened covered by screen. I sleep under the worn flannel sheet. The sacking down blanket is bunched up so I can pull it over me near sunrise because of the chill finally. This AM I slid out of bed before 7 and did the steps to convert my bedroom into kitchenette and prepare b-fast. I heated the coffee water and made my cold brewed extract cup. I put on bread to toast and oatmeal to simmer 10 mins. Then I smelled the death spiral of the last propane thru the orifices of the stove and fridge. Fridge thru the code I ran out of juice and the burners were dry. OK. sort of put kitchen stuff away and making the van ready for travel. I made the west side gas station with propane just after 7. Took max 5.6 gallons. Fridge changed its code to I’m good. I ate breakfast out.

Today was to be a rest day. I rearranged things to do and got on with it.

At Sunnyside I asked for a body shop recommendation. One was given. I called the shop, sure bring it by and we’ll go from there. Out on east side. No appointment needed and a fix it guy was dispatched to my van. I gave him the trim piece. He figured out the attachment tapping it into the fasteners. I got to smack in the last stubborn one. Doesn’t fit as tight as the left side but all contacts appear to be engaged. Did it for thanks.

As I was installing the new tire the UPS man delivered the Runt part.

I drove up to Wanoga snowpark at 5500′, almost 2,000′ higher than town, for cooler temp. So far better in the 80s. I scored that for me is the best spot. Today I cleaned up the most litter ever, just little stuff but from the quantity and what it was their camp was prolly pretty messy.

Yesterday my plan was to do an early ride then drive to a body shop appointment, help at a COTA work party, shower then bed.

I drove out to green gate side trail to Storm King then up Funner to Wanoga, next was Tiddlywinks over to Kiwa Butte connecting with upper end of Tylers, turning onto Larsen’s, last part of Tiddlywinks, short piece of Storm King back. 2 hr 6 min for 16.75 miles climbing 1686′ (100′ climbing per mile). Temp in upper 80s. Tylers is so hammered most notably are the brake stutter bumps before a challenging feature because the rider is riding faster than he / she can made the turn. Deep powder dirt. Clear vision riding first. Tylers has lots of high speed whoops and turns. I will admit I do enjoy riding my bike down this trail.

I made the body shop appointment. Per our first telecon my understanding was someone would attempt to install the trim piece. Conversation with front desk lady was the appointment was only for the estimate and they were booked up for work till end of month. I walked out.

Tues at 5:30 was meet time for COTA work project up on Tumalo ridge cutting back ceanothus brush. 7 volunteers joined in. Long drive on resource extraction roads to get to where the single track leaves road. Tonight any ceanothus green branch / trunk within 4′ of the trail was severed from its connection with its roots. I cut and drug out cuttings and a swamper drug them away. Amazing amount of effort for little distance. The manzanita was left as it grows much slower and it broke up sight lines. Really sweated out. Back in town for 9:30 shower then drive out past Phils. Camera dropped pics of before and after which now reveals trail is on old logging haul road. No more scratches and won’t need to be cut out for a bunch of years.

I visited the FS ranger station seeking identification of these butterflies and the damage to the ceanothus. The guy was not in. I emailed him along with pics. He answered later that day that the butterflies are the California Tortoiseshell. The out break and defoliation of the ceanothus is a natural event. The brush will recover per his observation of a previous eaten patch. I must return next year to see for myself. The adults are flying off to uneaten patches to lay eggs for the next batch.

California tortoise shell butterfly

Monday was a rest day starting off with a PT session. This time Dave laid into my back with his infamous elbow. He kept up the pressure in spite of my slapping the table signifying I was pinned and he won. My back is sore still today.

So tomorrow early is South Fork ride then climb back up what we cut last night and on new rear tire and better performing fork.

Simon from Sedona is here. He said this next issue of Bike will have and article about him. To be out in public soon.

Oh, this pick up truck was parked at Phils. A sticker was added. The riders loaded their bikes into the bed and drove away with no recognition of an enhancement.

Hazy skies. Hungry Hearts by Springsteen. Pax ERA extract pod loaded with chem diesel packing 72%THC. Distractions. Mariners are away causing early my time starts and with the home team announcer. I am not so compelled to listen to the game.  XM is always on when I am awake. The sound of voices and thinking. I refuse to think of not having it. Earlier back when I lost it several times. Recovery made its way into my planning. Outside my home I hear real time voices and whatever music is playing. Interesting generational pressure manifests itself in shops where there are baby boomers the music is from my period. Younger people grew up listening to our music which gave them a taste before they went on to create their own which can be way outside my taste and other boomers. Public places play our music. Some day in the near future our music will be replaced by theirs as was our parents by ours. My dad was big band swing music before WWll and was a college musician. He didn’t play music at home except for Sundays when we would listen to classical music on OSU broadcast. I like that music more than the newer stuff.


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  1. How are you liking the Diaz Runt? I couldn’t find where you had mentioned it again in your blog, but I didn’t get a chance to read through them all. I am considering getting one for my fork as well.

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