Stayed below 100

Thursday I rode out to learn about this Runt thingy on South Fork descent which I really like. The Runt was Da Bomb: what a much smoother ride. Years ago I experienced the ride enhancement of custom shock tuning by PUSH. What an improvement. The Runt is right there with benefit of custom tuning. Have I said recently how much fun I have riding my bike?

I rode back thru what we cut out earlier in the week. Over cut, just opened up an old skidder road that was better hidden by encroaching snowbrush.

Tumalo cut out

back down to town for town stuff. Slept out beyond Phils. A rig had driven in after I left and left more than tire tracks: litter. I used the can for target shooting. Open door and netting. Story on netting is the night I was parked at the old Camas Ranger Station location on the Umpqua forest at night. I was sitting at my table after dark, light on, I looked towards the door in time to see a bat in full wing extension flying in.It took 3 laps around the inside to find its way out. Netting is for more than just mosquitoes. Won’t stand up to the advances of a raccoon.

Sat was a big day as I rode Metolious WIndigo and planned on walking on snow. I drove up Skyliner and parked at samesake TH. Pedal up Tumalo creek that other rides rode downhill. Hit the filling parking lot at Tumalo Falls. Climb up North Fork which is bike friendly only when pedaling uphill. Courteous interactions with hikers and them with me. I brain farted by not taking in all dimensions of the envelope I ride in and connected with a dead branch with my left forearm ripping 2 serious needing bandages right now wounds. I carry a stocked first aid kit. I dropped my pack and started pulling bandaging stuff out. A rider came upon me and asked if I was alright. I said yes and he started to pedal away. Wait, I said, If you will help me bandage the wound I would be quite grateful. He stayed and wrapped 2 wraps of magic tape over a gauze pad. He left and I followed. North Fork was free of snow. Metolious was free also but I saw some pretty big deep patches of snow that was indicative of how much snow there could have been had I ridden here 2 weeks ago when I originally planed this ride. The ride was 26.15 miles climbing 3,333′ taking 3 hrs 33 mins. The Middle Fork of Tumalo was flowing over the stepping stones to keep feet dry. I could not discern a dry foot crossing so I just stepped. Joy of flat pedal shoes with no cleat under the ball of my foot. One woman just powered thru, one stopped to take off her shoes and socks.

A tree had fallen across the trail and was cut out exposing this cross section:

rotten to the core

I started hearing an awful creak in my bike. I checked and retightened if loose all the bolts. Didn’t stop the noise. I called Sunnyside who told me the squeak guy is in tomorrow and they can make the noise go away. The bottom bracket needed some help and it is now installed such that the chain guard will work. Still a squeak. They charge by the hour and have a methodology for squeak fix. Turns out it was a loose chain ring bolt. No. squeak.

Yesterday Woody called and invited me on a social ride today meeting at Swampy at 8:30 for a shuttle ride back to 7th Mountain. 7 of us, dusty trails. 19.63 miles climbing 1040 but dropping 2835. JoJo rewards us with cold sliced watermelon. Woody says they always have melon because they are from the south. Shuttle back up to Swampy to retrieve our rigs.

Van temp reading is 89 degrees. Haze in the air. Rest day tomorrow topped off with another PT session.

Forest fires in the west, smoke blows downwind. Bend gets some but still clear enough to ride. Steve in Sun Valley says the smoke is too thick to exercise in.