Rain and nasty then good stuff

Rain started Sunday as Steve and I finished our ride. Sunday I slept out off Trail Creek road. Chilly night needing furnace. Monday morning rain commenced in earnest and continued thru the day. I made the day a rest day.  I drove back down to Hailey. The forecast called for rain not to fall but nature still emptied the skies gently.

Mon night I hung at Powerhouse visiting. Mark invited me for a birthday bash ride on Wed celebrating Don’s birthday. I decided to stay here another day to join in the crazy. Don was a member of the Hugh Ass race team. After work ride out at Croy.

Tuesday my INR test strips were to arrive at Hailey Post Office. And they were there. I performed the test that reported that my INR is within range of 3.0 to 4.0 value. Extra dosage is required as my body still produced clots at the 2.0 range. Only consequence is longer bleed time.

I hung at Chip’s watching the clouds clear and temp warm up. I wanted to ride Croy but had concern of riding wet trails. Chip said the trails would be fine. I heeded his word and drove out to Croy TH. There were several rigs in the lot. Deal was the rain would turn the dirt into hero dirt. I pedaled pedaled out solo not having Steve as my rabbit. Strong head wind climbing the Boullion Connector trail. Sum bitch needed a wheel to suck. Tread was dry but because the dirt is like decomposed granite with no organic the water did not create hero dirt. The rain did eliminate the dust which did not benefit me as a solo rider. Croy is on BLM land and the trails are all machine built and smooth. Rides uphill OK and the downhills are speedy. Lupine blooming.

Looking North

Drove back into town to report ride to Chip. I showered at a local health club. Chip suggested Sawtooth tap room for beer which I followed. Mariners game was on TV that sucked me in for several innings. I drove back out Croy passed the TH then turned up Boullion Gulch road a 1 1/2 lane dirt road. I parked where 2 Dog trail takes off hoping to visit with riders passing. Nary a rider.

Last night the furnace ran and I snuggled under the doubled up comforter. I watched the sun shine on the hillside above me then down to me. It was 31 degrees at 7:30. I checked views outside seeing a large brown object further up the hill. I put the binocs on it to learn it was a solitary elf with no antlers. It grazed then disappeared.

I drove back to town. I actually washed the van at the local car wash. The raccoon slide marks are gone.

Forecast calls for warmer temps.

Plan is to stay here today and birthday party today. Tomorrow is wash day in Hailey then I will head to Oakridge, OR.

Somewhere on my site is a link to BikeJames web site that with some clicking you can find his Flat Pedal Manifesto article which convinced me to switch to flats then step up and buy his pedals. I am hooked on his work and pedals. I am having lots more fun with flats as I have a more powerful pedal stroke and if I need to separate myself from my bike this happens just by lifting a foot off the pedal, no twisting first.


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