First day of Klondike

wind died down after sunset. Comfortable night needing the furnace just before crawling out of bed. I lay in bed awake for a short while listening to my body. Enough is enough as I heave myself upright and swing my legs over the edge of my bunk, bunk as my bed is only 30″ wide. I sit for a bit bolstering my courage to put weight on my body. Enough is enough. I stand then begin the task of changing the bedroom into the kitchenette. Forecast for today had more wind becoming stronger in the afternoon. Ride plan was out and back early to beat the winds. I made scratch blueberry pancakes as I had finally found a smaller container of buttermilk. I cooked them on my new stovetop griddle, so¬† much better than the big skillet.

Others were out earlier than me as I looked out the front window while still in pajama bottoms

approaching sleep spot

On the drive in I observed a new out house at the closer to the highway TH. I checked it out

new Moab outhouse, even has a roof

I rode the easier trails here for warm up before return on Dino tech trail.

S side of Little Valley trail

The return trip on Dina had the wind at my back mostly.

2 riders passed me on Dino, later I passed them. Back at the van they rode up to me. Turns out Steve is from Sedona who had seen me around down there but never caught me. He did today.

windy again sometimes sending up a dust storm. The inside of the van has been dusted by fine powder.

Tomorrow is to be cooler with winds. I will ride early then drive back to town.

Weekend traffic. Out here at N end of Klondike there are only 2 other rigs. Lots of empty space.

The paradox of becoming really famous attracting all kinds of people and locals building the trails. Don’t know the reason riders rode in the wet clay forever casting their tire ruts in the dried clay. New human species: Homo sapiens subspecies: mountain biker, sub sub species: horibulus, named such for their damage to the trail. Approaching riders did not understand keeping single track single as they rode sometimes off trail while I was stopped with my wheels still on the trail.