Water resupply

3 days of stationary camp and hot temps required more than 3 gallons of drinking water per day. Last night the other maybe 4 spots out where I camped were occupied. I did not leave my locked chair to hold the spot as the anchor was too far removed from the spot. I drove down to town and replenished my water, caught up on email, and started this for short while as I want to get back out to get a spot.

Yesterday was Saturday of a 3 day weekend. I rode from camp ultimately riding down Bull Run and Great Escape which are popular downhill shuttle rides and I encountered so few riders. The ride was long and arduous, 28.55 miles climbing 2342′ in 3 hrs 56 mins burning 1610 cals. Beautiful day and riding conditions. My speed is what my body gives me. I watched a younger male rider just spin up a hill that I panted up. I rode from camp spot which is 1.5 miles of dirt road before single track to pick up Chisholm to Horsethief trails going down Getaway to Bull Run continuing down Great Escape then climbing back up on Arths to start of Getaway past Bull Run side trail to Mustang connecting to Chisholm back.

I finished reading 1984. I recommend the book to you. Frightening.

Temps are climbing into the upper 80s. Leaving on Tuesday for cooler Fruita.

No more juniper gnat bites while up at Horsethief. Current bites are healing with the itching not happening. The Benadryl had no noticeable effect.

Lots of rigs with mountain bikes attached.

I filled the solar shower and hung it on the van hood, the sun heated the water beyond comfortable. Wind was blowing too strongly to make a shower comfortable. I have found that wetting my washcloth and squirting a bit of Bronners peppermint soap on thne cloth then wiping my body down leaves me feeling clean and out of the wind. Today I drove down to town while remembering the shower still maybe attached to the hood. I pulled over almost into town to see if I would be buying a new shower. dang, bag was still attached, no purchase required.

Making today a rest day after 2 hard riding days. Last week I rode 5 out of 7 days which appears to be my norm.


Noseeems aka juniper gnats


I suspected as much as I started seeing raised welts on my body plus an itchy sensation.

, scratching until the skin breaks open and weeps. I have yet to see what does the feasting on my body, I only experience post feed pain. These buggers live in the juniper bark to emerge only once a season. The female must have blood to lay eggs. Otherwise male and female are vegetarians. She picks a spot of skin then chews a hole with her mouth parts. When capillary blood oozes out she s[its saliva in the hole which acts as an anticoagulant that keeps the blood from clotting. The itchiness comes from the body’s reaction to the saliva. Years ago after a bout of chiggars I asked a pharmacist for suggestion to eliminate the pain, he said Benadryl which is an antihistamine. I heeded his advice for that episode which cleared the bites up quickly. Last night was very hot with bouts of blowing dust. I didn’t sleep well. I woke up at times to scratch the bite sites. Today I bought Benadryl but it hasn’t provided the complete relief I had hoped for. I got chewed up prolly at the N Klondike campspot. It ain’t fun.

Wed was another worked day out at N Klondike trails. Just lots and lots of tech moves requiring lots of body gyrations, more than just pedaling muscles enlistment. I rode from home this time starting on Alaska which climbed up to the top of the ridge at 5331’ dropping down to just under 4800’, 500’ of elevation profile. Follow the paint lines to avoid wheel sucks. I crossed the road to ride the pedal trails on the way back to the van. I do like pedaling for its soothing effect contrasted to the hurky jerky slick rock tread. Hot day. 12% humidity, 92 degrees outside. 14.53 miles climbing 1317’ pedaling for 1 hr 56 mins almost straight. Encountered a group of gromms pedaling away. Great trail etiquette. I complemented the adult leaders.

The solar shower soaked up way too much heat necessitating adding sink water to temper. I drained the solar water into the Helio for a pressure wash shower. I set my shower up in the shade of the van which also blocked some of the stiff breeze. The joy of washing off the ride grime, I sleep better.

Forecast called for increasing winds in the afternoon and into the evening, riding early avoided getting blown around. The winds did pick up later, strong gusts picked up dirt creating wind dust devils that I could see moving towards me. The van was hot, the open door and windows lessened the heat but when the wind blew dust I buttoned up. There is fine dust on flat surfaces inside. The wind continued during the night such that I chose to sleep with the side door closed. 66 degrees this AM.

Today was a rest and resupply day. I drove back down to town. Laundry, poured 6 gallons of water, one at a time from Gearheads. I was out at N Klondike for 3 nights. I consumed 2 gallons of drinking water then 3 quarts from my emergency jug. I can last 3 days between water replenishment. Shower at the Aquatics center which is now in the summer open pool season.

I bought a replacement table at Gearheads, same as the one taken at Sedona.

Tuesday was another Klondike trails ride. Lots of effort required for not many miles of riding. I like the riding. On Monday Chili Pepper cut .5” off each bar end bringing the width to 750mm. This was my first ride, I seemed to handle OK. Great having a fully working front brake. Spent the night at N Klondike helping support the next generations of juniper gnats.

Last week I started reading signs in shop windows stating they would be closed . Closer exam revealed that the closure is for Memorial day weekend this weekend. Caught me by surprise. My next visit spot will be Fruita which will be crowded decreasing the likelihood of finding a camp spot. I decided to remain here in Moab as I can find sleep spots. Tonight I am back out past Horsethief XG at a new spot up on the flats exposed to the winds. I will ride from here for several days then drive down to town for resupply. Campspot is 5761’ town is in low 4,000’.

I am reading 1984 by Orwell. Trump claims he never reads books. Orwell’s book seems to be guiding his actions. Life needs to be based on facts and memory. It is really scary.

The front left speaker sounds cracked. Find a car stereo shop in Junction next week.




Primitive camping is away from town and sometimes out of internet signal.The past bunch of days I have been up around Horsethief XG which is out of range but very much in range of great pedaling. I’m parked in front of the FS station under a tree here in town for a short note then back out to Klondike for several days.

Last early evening a squall passed thru, what a spectacle

one is great, 2 are better
Rockytops slick rock traverse

Just miles of purpose hand built trails. Mix up ride locations for variety although most have miles of exposed bedrock.

chasm where 1 goes down but none crawl out
from Brand M trails

More to follow. Off to N end of Klondike trails.

Here at N end of Klondike. got preferred spot, just 3 distant campers compared to plugged Willow Springs. Have 4g 2 bars. I will post this edit to learn of performance. Passed, fast enough.

Thursday I rode the Bar M trails. Great system. easier trails close to the big graveled parking lot with a pit toilet and nasty stuff further away. Deadmans ridge is challenging, I still walk 1 sharp downhill right turn. I did make 2 others for the first time. My skills and learning continue. I listened to Bike James speak about his pedals and pedaling, he is an advocate of standing as it puts the body in a powerful position. I found that with my seat fully up that it was difficult to stand up. I lowered the seat just a skosh such that i could pedal with a bit more than knee friendly stroke which allows me to stand so much easier which translates to pedal up and over stuff because there is power on the pedal which gives balance. Enjoying the big pedals.

Drove into town for a shower and groceries. Then drove up to Horsethief XG which was full as expected. I continued out the road .6 miles to score a road side spot, took a bit of leveling van with leveling blocks.

Friday’s ride was from camp to pick up Chisholm at the XG, this piece was opened last year after I left. It connects to the Navajo Rocks system at Big Lonely. I turned right to Coney Island down to Middle earth and picking up Big Mesa back to the intersection. 23 miles. Coney Island has pieces of old double track turned to loose sand and gently descends.

I walked further out the all weather road about an 1/8 of a mile and turned left, South, on a recognized driving route. I walked a ways, .4 mile to find this great location camp spot to which I moved.

Sat I set out my chair that I cable locked to a juniper bush then stretched the string of traffic cones after I pulled out of the spot. I  hoped for honor from fellow campers to respect that the spot was occupied. I drove out to the highway then up to where Chisholm crosses the highway for the Horsethief trails. Rode Bull canyon again this time better than the last. Something about standing up and momentum. trails here seem to climb 100′ per mile.

Drove back to camp spot that still had the cones stretched across. relief.

Sunday I drove down to Middle Earth to ride the Navajo Rocks loop as a figure 8 so I could ride down Coney Island. I went down on Ramblin, crossed the highway to ride Rocky Tops. I reached Middle Earth trail to connect back to the TH to go down Coney. I changed my mind and rode the sand of Coney, crossed the highway then returned on Big Lonely to Big Mesa. I suppose any way you ride this system it rides well except ride down Ramblin.

One night out at campspot I walked the road out thinking that it tied into another trail returning just down the road from my turn in. Road took awhile before it hooked left to a possible junction. Then I saw a bike path crossing the road. I ended up hiking about 4 miles of newly completed Rodeo trail. tread is just sand as it hasn’t had wet and sun baking firm tread.

Today was a rest day after 4 straight days of riding. I drove back down to town.

My handlebar was 30.5″ wide. I researched new bars including Turner’s bike build site. I decided to have .5″ cut from each end at Chili Pepper which they did. I put on new grips. Tomorrow will be first ride.

While at Chili I saw a familiar face walking into the store, Cashion from Bike Farm in Brevard. Warm visit.

At another bike shop I bought brake pads. As I walked out I saw this guy tug on a T shirt that read OZ Trails. I know those, that’s Arkansas. He lives in the state. I told him about rides that he has never done. In your own state such good stuff then he learns about them here in Moab, UT.

So, have stuff to last for 2 days of riding out here. More EKG.

On Sunday’s Navajo Rocks ride I watched riders. Pay attention to how they relate to their brake levers. The biggest braking tip is to use only your index finger to hook the end of the lever, keep the other fingers on the grips. And always cover the brake levers with fingers at the ready. Such a beneficial method for control.