sharp sticks and thinned skin

  • Sunday was Jimmy’s social ride, fewer and fewer riders are joining. These rides are on old ridden in trails, nothing system built about them. This ride was out Turkey Creek area. These were trails that were ridden in earlier days as the other trails did not exist. These are chosen because A) we never see anybody and B) they are technically challenging. There are route choices that require climb a bike which is steeper than hike a bike trail. Some crazy shit. One trail lead down a below grade steep loose piece of earth. I rode part of it until my left calf connected with the business end of a dried stick that tore into my warfarin thinned skin. I felt it and perceived that it was a serious cut. I looked down at my ankle to see the top of my sock turning red from the escaping blood. I continued down until i caught up w/ Jimmy and Duane. I carry a substantial first aid cut. I dropped my pack and pulled out my kit and rummaged thru it till I found the large bandaid the wound required. Bleeding was contained.  Did not need heavy duty wound clotting stuff. Vegetation of pin oak, prickly pear, yucca, etc arch into the tread. Trail is below grade from erosion and horse traffic. Walking beside my bike exposes myself to the business ends of the vegetation which would scratch my calves. Nasty stuff but nobody else is there and I do learn better riding skills. Stay upright.
Chica and Duane

Ocatilla is blooming at what is called the ocatilla forest


back in town for a man cave beer then a stop at Chevron Tonys to fill my solar shower with hot tap water then headed put to beaverhead. I put the shower bag on the engine hood. This time I monitored the water temp for a less than scalding rinse off.  Jimmy visited for an iced tea.

Sat I drove up to west Sedona to ride SSS. Scorpion has many anchored into the earth basalt boulders, at least they do not move when ridden over. Hot ride. I stop more frequently to catch my breath. I encountered 2 women riders younger than me and stronger. I watched them just sit and all but spin up a loose piece of ridge. I used to be able to do that.

New prickly pear growth

new paddles

Yesterday was my perio follow up. My mouth still provides funding for someone’s kids college education. DR said my teeth are worth keeping, just another gum graft on the other side and I am good.

My leg swelling has not responded to increase med dosage.

I am planning on leaving here at the end of the month heading to the Zunis to visit with Bill and company then head north to Moab for a bunch of days. I have been in AZ for 105 days and ridden 53 times there about.

I used a discount from REI to buy a Troy Lee A2 helmet hoping that it is more durable than the Giro Montero. Certainly this helmet overs more coverage and allows more air flow.

Years ago an Alaskan bush pilot told me that when he was in the air he pays attention to possible landing spots. I do the same when I travel keeping an open eye for sleep spots, water spigots, etc. A buddy who travels in a big truck camper looks for spigot hook up for shower water.


I have approved the comment from the reader who has chosen to dis my life style for reason(s) that he won’t share. What is missing in his life such that he attacks my freedom of life choices?


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