Ah, the significance of that number, happens but once a year.

Today I volunteered my effort again on another USFS trail work day. Third day on Thunder mtn. This will be a very challenging trail to ride when finished. there will be lots of rock work. I lopped again, our ending point today is a short distance to another group working our way. Lots of tread work required before riding.

future trail tread
absolute terror
massive rock work effort

I have been working with some of the same people for history to be made.

Finished 80ish degree morning of work. Post work either OTE or Absolute provide pizza. There is also coffee and some pastry pre work.

Shower at snap, stopped at OTE and picked up my warranty replacement helmet. I drove down thru VOC out to Beaverhead. Tonight I chose the spot on the other side of the road from the tank for 4G 3 bar connection, hence the pics.

Yesterday was another rest day, third in a row. I drove out to beaverhead early scoring my preferred spot. A truck pulling a tent trailer stopped behind me . It was Matt and Tracy out for a shake down spring trip. I walked over and visited. Warm enough for a little while to sit out under the stars. Lots more cows here now. Heard coyotes calling near us, sounded like one was at my van. when i walked back to my van lighting my way with a LED headlamp I did spot a pair of eyes that weren’t cows. Never have had an issue with any coyotes.

Sitting at my desk under an LED light with the slider door opened. Night insect life buzzes the computer screen, some bat against me. Warm enough at 9PM for the door to be open and me in shorts.

Clean body slides between clean no fuzz flannel sheets. Ahh. Supreme.

The sore on my leg appears to be dry. But it stimulates pain receptors. I have a wound care treatment tomorrow AM back up in west Sedona. Going to ride Dry creek later.