They are not ours



Trails they are. Sedona is a world class attraction for mountain biking, riders come from all over to ride these trails. They experience riding as a touron: One week vacation and I’m going to ride everything. They bring their behavior from home or they let it go kind of like taking a 30 minute shower in the motel room because you are not paying for the indulgence. Someone will pick up after me. This observation hit me on yesterdays ride when I watched a rider roll out after a step down dragging his rear brake creating a furrow in the red dirt. As he went by me I said more front brake. It took a moment for him to accept what he did was wrong at least scuffing out the gouge. I think it is the burden local trail angels bear to repair their famous trails. I don’t imagine local riders relish in the increased use. Money is being made by bike rental shops, lodging, dining, drinking, etc. I don’t know how the businesses support the trails. Us locals rode during the shitty weather, riders are here now basking in what is close to their summer back home only months earlier clime. For the most part riders are spread out that I encounter few on my rides. I see the condition of the trails. It is what it is, I also am a touron riding someone else’s home turf.

Today I loped brush for day 2 on Thunder Mtn trail. The scrub oak was replaced by crucifix thorn cactus and prickly pear.  Usual FS personnel, small number of steady local people. Maybe 25 people. I engaged in banter when someone was within earshot. We were all working on the same project making for an almost captured audience. It’s street theater involving their participation. The trail is hand built trail that favors mountain bike riding in that it takes lots of extra feet of travel for hikers to get to somewhere. Mountain bike trails are about lots of miles, it’s about riding. Hikers generally are goal directed perhaps seeking the most sustainable trail to experience something. Bikers will get to that same thing only by perhaps going around the neighbors’ backyard first. Trail runners run for miles like bikers making them a favorable user group. Trail will be challenging when finished.

Friday I rode my Llama loop. I cleared one little climb on Llama. I raised my seat just a little which made it easier to stand up from the seat. Standing can be good. It’s about forward motion using gravity or resisting pealing uphill. Power gives balance and drives the suspension.

Dryness: I hang my wet washcloth on the line above the sink. I can almost watch the water evaporate.

Back at my second most favorite spot, I arrived late afternoon today. Last night it was after dark when I drove out here. I assumed the spot was still held down by the RV so I picked spot B at the cattle tank. Daylight revealed no RV but a car camper. They were a one and done. I checked my favorite spot which is occupied by a trailer. I suspect that it is now an escape to desert weekend living. The guy in the tent further out this road left today. I walked out to that spot. The grass did not exist under where his tent was pitched.

Sunday AM:

Back behind the sheriff’s office getting ready for 11AM social ride.