I ain’t dead yet

My body throws blood clots, the newest ones are in my lower left leg and a PE in my left lung. I have a cracked right rib also. Male pattern baldness continues. Treatment for clots is increase med dosage and remain active.

It was a long day up in Flag. I drove down Oak Creek canyon on 89A which is showing broken pavement spots from lots of traffic. I slept at the Uhaul spot.

Thurs I drove the few blocks to the laundromat for clean clothes. i hung my riding clothes on the line in my van which were almost dry in less than 1 day. At 2PM my van was attended to at Andersons. I wanted a physical performed to identify issues to be fixed. They drove my van to report it is in good shape, not considering the 203,xxx miles on it. They said the rumble is from the torque converter and the whine is coming from the turbo charger. Nothing to fix. They did top off the air conditioning  stuff.

While I was vanless I rode the Ridge area. I rode Sketch and Skywalker in the opposite direction of my usual route. I avoided Scorpion climb instead pushed my bike up Herkanham. I pedal a bit till I get winded then stop to catch my breath then go again. I raised my seat a skoosh which made standing up from sitting easier to make change. I a,m now more able to stand on the pedals which is good. 12 miles climbing 1371′ Ocotilla is leafing and early blossoms on the top. Yucca is also flowering

yucca blossoms on Herkenham

And the rock is red

real red

and green

Downstream Oak Creek from secret slickrock

Clean body at snap then drove back down to beaverhead where the camper still occupies my saved spot. Temps are just sweater chilly to sit outside. Internet speed there sucks.

reading A People’s History of the United States. There really is something going on behind the curtain and we are all rubes.

Writing about that, my stickers are in my possession and available to display your lack of satisfaction.

Riding reduces the swelling of my left ankle, good news.

Today I rode what I call my Llama loop. red rock is tops.

There is a women’s ride clinic going on here this weekend.

Tomorrow is another Thunder mtn trail work day.

Ooopps: 4:20.

Off to participate in the Friday eve socializing at the Bean. Bitch having to park on the street and walk to the shop. Being separated from my van reduces the number of greetings and identification.

Next stop will be the Zunis above Gallup prolly at the end of the month. I am still waiting my tax info from SS to complete my taxes.