Some of this…. some of that

The Zags made it to the finals coming up just short of winning the NCAA big dance. Game was played on Monday eve. I scored a bar side seat at PJs. Just before tip off the power went out at PJs. Just figure it was a prank perhaps as the TVs and everything else electric went dark. No prank. I wanted to watch the game, the last of their season. I called another VOC establishment and learned they were powerless also. There was a wide spread outage. I called west Sedona  who said they had power. I jumped into my van and quick as a legal bunny I drove towards Sedona. No lights  from houses. Made Cliffside and lights. I made Oak Creek restaurant in Tlaqueapaque (sp). I walked up the stairs to a crowded bar with just 2 small TVs over the bar. No seat. I stood beside a guy squeezing between him and another guy who was wrapped up in conversation with others on his left, not even watching the game but holding down a desired seat. The group left allowing me a seat for the second half. Almost made the win. Great season, made Spokane proud. Unfortunately the Zags offense did not keep up with their defense.

The Sedona airport clocked a 36 mpg gust. The drive to Sedona was a buffeted hang on to the steering wheel adventure.

Sunday was an adventure up in Granite Basin outside Prescott. Bill Z organized a men’s overnight with me and Tony. We drove down Sunday AM to a FS XG. Bill picked a ride that required shuttling using my van for 3 guys and bikes. The route was mostly downhill. Dirt is decomposed granite with vegetation handlebar width cleared. Different riding on what is similar to marbles. I needed more time to become comfortable to the new dirt. We drove back into town for late lunch and a brief walking tour of old town. Back at XG we sat around a campfire telling stories and a corn drink I make.

At the XG signal for the weather radio came in: high wind warning. This generated my concern as I did not want to drive my high profile van in forecast 40mph winds. It won’t be that bad will it? I chose to ride and deal with what actually would blow.

We drove back into town for Bfast. Tony needed to leave afterwards. Bill’s wife Amy joined us later up on Thumb Butte road. Bill planned another route that took us on a newly built piece of trail.

57xx’ was the lowest and 64xx’ was the high point. Sedona is 45xx’. elevation affect shortened my breath.

Amy and Bill

Vegetation is different.


Back in 2010 I rode some of these trails before MTBP route mapping. Wind blew. We finished our ride. I wanted to be heading back north. I found a snap for a shower only no shower was in the building. I found an anytime in Prescott Valley that the gps hiccuped on the address. Perseverance paid off for a clean body. My card did not allow my entrance and no attendant answered. A guy let me in. Yesterday I called Silver and Fit to learn if I needed to satisfy any requirement. Problem was with the establishment I was told.

Heading North on I17 and buffeting winds. I kept between the white lines sometimes using the entire lane. Made it back to Sedona for the game which sends you back to the top.

Sat I cut brush on the new trail corridor for a new Thunder Mtn trail. Phil said it will be a double black. This is the first new trail and not a reroute.

Roger on Thunder

I showered at snap then drove down to PJs for the final 4 game the Zags against S. Carolina. The Zags won.

Afterwards I drove out to my spot on Beaverhead. My stuff was still there as was it empty. I fixed dinner. Liz arrived later. She rode the Sedona big loop taking 6 hrs and change. Big effort. She scarfed my extra dinner. Then she painted her finger nails green and overcoat of glitter. Styling.

Liz painting her nails

Friday was cold and windy. I didn’t join the 3 who went out. No social gathering afterwards. Out to Beaverhead for the night.

Thursday was another weather day. I did my wash up in west Sedona then beat the traffic back to Beaverhead. Wind advisory: 56 mph gust at 7:55PM at the Sedona airport. My van was battered. A few sprinkles fell which captured dust leaving the outside speckled as did any rig parked outside.

Monday night I slept at the uhaul lot. Frost on the uhauls in the AM. Tuesday I drove back to VOC and rode the SSS loop. Back on red rock rocks and dirt and comfort.  Lower elevation. Cleaned up at snap then drove back down to VOC.

I drove out to my spot at Beaverhead only to find it occupied by a cab over rv. I searched for my stuff finding the traffic cones in place and my collapsed chair in the prickly pear. No table. I was not kind to the woman in the rv. Don’t know how the table was taken. Seems that she found the spot and took it in spite of indication of someone else’s stuff.

Sat my left foot ballooned. WTF? Monday I called my PCD in Flag and scored an appointment today. Serious concern for blood clots. I’m in the clinic office waiting for 4PM ultra sound on the leg and a CT scan of my chest. Will know results and treatment later today. Don’t bid the devil good day until I see him.

This issue of Dirtrag printed 4 stories from mtn bikers living the van life. I read their stories. Rookies. Yesterday Dirtrag sent their weekly email info and asked for van life stories. I gened up a few lines and a pic or 2 and sent it to them. I might learn of other tales.

My dropper post is working correctly. After the messing by Dave the post returned at ball smashing speed. It was almost strong enough to barcolounger raise me up. I lowered the pressure to 30psi from stock 40. Also back on a replacement Minnion DHF 2.5WT tire on the rear. The Ardent makes a rounded profile on my wide rims, the WT stands for wide trail. The tire is designed for the wide rim which places serious side knobs where they grip providing traction. The tires remind me of the first time I skied shaped skis. Carve the bends.

I made an appointment tomorrow at the van repair place to check it out before I head out on the road later this month. Keep after the treatment to increase the likelihood of getting where I want.