Nocturnal insects

Out at Beaverhead, it’s 8:49PM. Earlier the side door was wide open after dark. Light on inside. Attracts moths that like the computer screen a few were unknowingly squished when I closed the screen. The next opening showed my carelessness in a smudge. Other insects also, several are so tiny. Freshman biology required an insect collection keyed out to gnats ass. I wonder how to key out the tiny buggers. So far nothing bites.

Last night I put my book down at 10:00 and slid out of bed at 6. I slept way out off 525 rd to 525c. I found a spot up on the flat fully exposed to gusty winds before dark. The day before I made a rest day driving down to Cottonwood to a shared branch credit union, it is the only one around for way miles. I bought a jug of corn that the maker per the label, filters the flow thru charcoal. Almost everclear price. Tastes good and has a kick.

with a view

Plan today is Chuck Wagon Mescal loop starting early before the hiker hordes. I rode off from the Dry Creek rd crossing of Chuck Wagon at just after 9. No cars parked along the roadside.Trail almost all to my own sharing with a few hikers. Everyone was cordial. Dry Creek has been its namesake for some time, I remember the high flow earlier this year causing a wet feet crossing as the water covered the rocks, other times picking a line onto rocks above the flow. Today, bring it big Dry Creek

Dry creek downstream from chuck wagon

I made the climb out over the loose chunder controlling my breathing and pedaling. Another key to me being in control being where I want to be is pedaling force. Pedaling enables steering and better line choices.

Abe, I believe this is catclaw blooming, please correct.

catclaw flowering

View to the south from Mescal. The trails go to the right of Doe and the NE side of Cockscomb

cockscomb, doe mountains

16.12 miles pedaling almost straight of 2 hrs 11 mins climbing 1654′, average HR was 119, I did keep it lower. Aerie gets rougher as dirt erodes away making the rocks higher and maybe looser. Coast on the tech downhill while steering a line. Drop the seat. This Turbine dropper satisfies me performing as required. Smooth up and down, such a pleasure to almost instantaneously change my center of gravity. I wonder how comfortable I would be if I were riding the Flux. I’m carrying more speed.

Back at the van on the side of Dry Creek road it is bumper to bumper parking roadside, one in front and one behind, first time ever for that packed.Devils Bridge hike is the attraction. Closed to bikes, never been there.

Drove back to town for plumbed hot water shower. Bought a piece of salmon and big stalk asparagus for dinner at Whole Foods. Store is very popular, almost everybody is a visitor. Picked the high spot at Beaverhead for internet signal. I steam cooked the salmon, asparagus, and potatoes in my small Cruet( not the correct name, at the moment I forget it and effort that I don’t want to expend to dig it out of my cook ware drawer). No fish smell in my house. I have a small cooking area that on nights such as this I can occupy lots of space and many items that will be hand washed. Dinner is served on a blue enamel ferrous plate. When I raise my eyes from my plate the condition of my kitchen and clean up. Washing the dishes etc organizes them on the drain board on the raised cutting board. I rinse everything under tap water while a pot of tap water is heating for the final rinse. Rinsed twice they are left on the drain board to drain or dried. Tonight my weather gizmo reported 16.5% humidity. Dew point is 14 degrees. Doc suggested putting out a pan of water to raise the humidity. The first several morning nose blows catches flecks of blood in the kleenex. I grew up on Kleenex continuing to buy it today. Life in the fast lane by the eagles playing on XM.

Off to reading in bed which increases blood flow from my leg hence reducing the swelling.




Another Sunday night

Sunny warm and bright tomorrow. Trails are sandy loose. My issues. How to spend my day?

Today none of the other Sunday social ride regulars made it. I showed up a bit after 11:00, normal ride time, at the Bean. Quiet day even in the parking lot. I suspected that there would be no ride. OK. I rode my Llama loop. I encountered a man about my age, same age I learned as this summer is also his 50 year high school reunion, and 2 of his sons. Us old guys visited while his sons sort of chomped on the bit to keep riding. I ride more stuff than he did and I was stronger. I encounter so few men my age to compare my body’s performance.

At the big piece of slick rock on Llama I saw like 4 guys on hard tails wearing full coverage helmets making and taking jump lines off rocks. I rode on.

Few hikers today and just a few riders.

Turned on the hot tap at Tony’s Chevron filling my solar shower. I regulated the temp to warm not hot like yesterday’s 120 degree shower. Out at Beaverhead I chose the site across the road for strong internet signal. The van created a wind break for my shower. Any breeze evaporates water on my body chilling me. Just because the temp is warm enough to stand in while wet becomes chilly when the wind blows. I learned this shower method from a guy who showered after every ride, this one was above Hurricane in Dec: Wet and wash the head and rinse then dry. Next work the way down to the trunk, same steps, then the legs and I’m done, clean and warm. I hang the solar shower on the engine hood in the sun, sun rays heat the water. when desired temp is reached I drain it into my Helio pressure washer which has a hose maybe 6′ long and a nozzle. I pump the bag until pressure escapes from the fill port, I found if I put the thing however high that gravity assists the pressure. Liz has a similar unit that she filled from another hot water faucet.

Yesterday I rode my Hogs loop, again not much of a crowd. Talked to a guy who was raised in Morrow County Ohio which is adjacent to Richland my home county. I wear a heart rate monitor to learn how my heart performs. I do not do wind sprints kind of stuff. I have modified my riding effort to keep my heart rate down which means I do not stop for recovery breaths. The ankling pedal stroke works my quads to the point of impending cramps.

Sedona cemetery as seen from Hog Wash


I availed myself of Chevron hot water again then headed out to Beaverhead. Liz is down from Flag and she joined me for the evening and pancake bfast this morning. Scored the big favorite spot with poor reception. She is a big story as in racer, and adventure rides. She is also a van liver. Between us we shared stories and lessons till bedtime. This AM we combined our talents to make pancakes with red raspberries.

Friday I drove up to west Sedona to entire care for wound treatment of the pesky sore on my leg. Eric worked on me. He pulled the scab from the wound on my left shin that did not appear to be healing. He found junk that wasn’t allowing healing to move forward. I fellĀ  4 weeks prior. No action taken for the other sore. Foot still swells.

I am planning on leaving here a week from this Monday. I might hang in Flag for a few days then head east the Zunis.

Tonight while slicing a sweet potato for dinner I made a slice to the tip of my left little finger. Still attached. Ooops.

I looked at the downloaded heart rate data, today’s ride of 12.74 miles climbing 1332′ was 124X, 8 beats below my threshold. So much for working a slower heart rate.

Abe, answering your Flux question. I would like to have it also. The Flux is a pound and change lighter and a steeper head angle. .Prolly climbs easier. If faced with a decision to pick one or the other, I would still pick the RFX, My first Tuner was an aluminum Flux that I rode for a bunch of years. I decided that I needed the Spot and traded in the Flux using Turners frame for a frame. Right away I noticed the Spot was more capable and better suited for what I prefer to ride. That was then and this is new material and geometry. I have not ridden the Flux. I like my Turners.



Ah, the significance of that number, happens but once a year.

Today I volunteered my effort again on another USFS trail work day. Third day on Thunder mtn. This will be a very challenging trail to ride when finished. there will be lots of rock work. I lopped again, our ending point today is a short distance to another group working our way. Lots of tread work required before riding.

future trail tread
absolute terror
massive rock work effort

I have been working with some of the same people for history to be made.

Finished 80ish degree morning of work. Post work either OTE or Absolute provide pizza. There is also coffee and some pastry pre work.

Shower at snap, stopped at OTE and picked up my warranty replacement helmet. I drove down thru VOC out to Beaverhead. Tonight I chose the spot on the other side of the road from the tank for 4G 3 bar connection, hence the pics.

Yesterday was another rest day, third in a row. I drove out to beaverhead early scoring my preferred spot. A truck pulling a tent trailer stopped behind me . It was Matt and Tracy out for a shake down spring trip. I walked over and visited. Warm enough for a little while to sit out under the stars. Lots more cows here now. Heard coyotes calling near us, sounded like one was at my van. when i walked back to my van lighting my way with a LED headlamp I did spot a pair of eyes that weren’t cows. Never have had an issue with any coyotes.

Sitting at my desk under an LED light with the slider door opened. Night insect life buzzes the computer screen, some bat against me. Warm enough at 9PM for the door to be open and me in shorts.

Clean body slides between clean no fuzz flannel sheets. Ahh. Supreme.

The sore on my leg appears to be dry. But it stimulates pain receptors. I have a wound care treatment tomorrow AM back up in west Sedona. Going to ride Dry creek later.