A quarter over the line

I ate a half, only time and writing will tell if it is over the line.

This morning I was awakened by not feeling well. What’s happening? Something coming on, I have not connected the symptoms with what makes its home in my body. Ate pancakes. Cleaned up. Planning on showing for the 11AM ride to say goodbye. I parked in the parking lot. Walked into shop, nothing happening. No ride or riders. I was shooed out of the shop. I just left. Goodbye Bike and Bean.

Bought propane from Chevron Tony on the way out to Beaverhead.

Yesterday I planned on being in west Sedona for a trail work day if there was one; VVCC web site showed previous days only. Checked at the Bean: no FS flyer equals no work day. I had the day off.

Sat blood test displayed a way high number which means slower clotting at a wound. I could have ridden  and been safe. I decided to forego a ride.

I drove out Jacks Canyon to hike the front side of Horse Mesa climbing to the top. I hiked the trail I have ridden  till I caught the climbers way trail which lead to another traversing trail, taking that one a ways then turned on the serious climbers trail. Steep and loose some places with a skiff of unconsolidated earth on a rock: count on a slide. I exposed myself to more bleeding conditions than if I had ridden. Up top: strand of downed barb wire fence, occasional flowering thistles. I walked across the mesa to the southern edge. Cattle grazed on the mesa, I have not found their up path. Down below runs Dry Beaver that i have ridden down a trail, Route called Hot Loop. Earlier this spring on my only time riding this route the creek was flowing class 3 white water. Carves down from Mogollon Rim Flagstaff level.

dry beaver

Then there is what’s behind the camera:

Big Park, Bell Rock, heading to Sedona

One hour to get up, slightly more going down.

I chose hiking over riding hoping that walking would use muscles differently which might aid in breaking up the leg clots. Leg hurt entire time, no relief. I wore the sock which lessened ankle swelling. Today there is less pain.

Last turkey dinner at Mileys. Stopped for a beer at PJs for social, Lingered over a beer passing time. Decided to leave before dark.

Drove out to Beaverhead for the better internet site, favored spot was occupied by car campers, the trailer was gone. Perhaps tonight I might get it. And I did. I drove in to the flatter spot, I put the bubble level on the galley which I take to be level, I put 1 block under right wheels, drove up on them, checked the bubble: dead level. Dropped anchor. I set up my chair outside in teh sun and sat to read. I was becoming overcome by a non desert odor. I looked around and saw where the trailer people had drained their gray water. Eck. I returned to other site slightly out of down wind.

So, tomorrow morning I am casting off from Red Rock ranger District in the Coconino NF driving up I17 to Flag hanging there until after wash on Thurs then driving to the Zunis.

One thing about living on the road full time is my visits are transitory, the connection I make lack permanence. Us road people understand this. Our interaction is already based on living on the road, we get it. We share together time then we go our separate ways, maybe meet in the future. Although my experience has been of just a few meetups. The road offers me finding others to share time with. Another thing is road livers prolly have 24/7 their time to do whatever and trying to connect with people that are working isn’t always good. I really have few life sharing buddies. I continue this lifestyle until either my body gives out or my brain won’t send those signals to the body.

Spell check caught my misspellings. Good Bye Ruby Tuesday just finished on XM radio classic vinyl station. Three and one half hours in, I believe i can safely use sharp instruments and contain fire.

This morning I stopped to buy coffee beans at a local roaster. My nose picked up the smell of honeysuckle blossoms. Sure enough a sizeable bush clump covered something. What a wonderful smell in small doses. One spring I was riding the Syllamo trails in Arkansas, where I parked honeysuckle abounded scenting the air on overdose. Too much of a good thing.

Left over half pint haagen dazs rocky road

Yesterday slept in uhaul parking lot: level, quiet, and legal and right in thick of west sedona which I tried last night. Drank a beer at spot at Adante then stopped at safeway for said ice cream. Last night it was frozen so hard I scraped skims of ice cream. Tonight my freezer kept it frozen but not as hard. Sometimes the fridge cycles to 40 then works its way back to about 20. Anyway, discipline that it took 2 nights to finish the pint off. I have 3 different jugs of corn, 2 are being emptied, the 3rd is backup.

Yesterday I was given permission to wear an over the counter sport compression sock. I drove to Cottonwood in the morning and bought a pair. Ankle too swollen to put on but an hour ride made the swelling disappear allowing me to tug the compression sock up. I learned that if I leave a reservoir of sock tip there is enough slack to allow the sandal harness pass comfortably.

Very windy moving the van around. Decided too windy to ride. However, as I neared Sedona less wind. I rode a circle of Soldier Wash system. Javalina is challenging and rewarding. Great bike, getting much better riding step ups.

Thunder mtn on Adobe Jack

Shower, drive back to the Bean for Friday social. Nobody showed for the ride, nothing going to happen. I turned around stopping at Weber’s IGA Hometown pride for dinner fixings then scored the higher spot. Chilly night, might use the furnace.

PT Eric coaches the HS mtn bike race team. Today i asked him if he had kids with my small shoe size. He said yes and I said spring cleaning. 2 pairs of clipless shoes and 2 pairs of pedals. I still have one set of clipless if needed. I got to thinking about giving away the clipless stuff when I have fully embraced flats. I encourage riders to ride flats. I gave away poison. I gave his team a helmet and last year a sleeping bag.

No on line notification if tomorrow is a trail work day.

204,000 miles on the van. 22.6 mpg from Chevron Tony’s. I told him I was leaving so he could adjust his ordering of corn.

I got the time

Check. 4bar 4g. check. keys on keyboard are stationary. check. Brain thoughts unobstructed flowing? working on it.

Parked at the Cultural Park out by the high school. Drove up from Beaverhead, did my last Sedona wash and said goodbye to Christy. Clean dry clothes folded and put away, wet riding clothes hung on the drying string across the back of the van, low humidity will absorb water increasing humidity inside but will be dry prolly by bed time. Only rode 4 days since last Thursday. That is per the count of liners hung.

Drove short distance down Sunset road to name sake park for ride start. yesterday I sort of washed my bike. Changed into riding gear, so nice to change out of public view while standing up. By now my left foot is max swollen such that bike socks are made too small for the extra volume. Same with my shoes but looser lace tension. Today is the Old Post, Skywalker, Scorpion, a jog of other trail pieces to connect to Sketch connecting to Ridge and more system trails back to the van. I encountered maybe 10 people, hikers or bikers in my 10.47 mile ride pedaling 1 hr 30 mins climbing 1247′.Skywalker undulates with short ups and downs but has a long up in the middle. Scorpion trends downhill over lots of basalt heads, sweeps across Pyramid

Scorpion trail burn in, push broom built it

Ramshead connected to start of Ridge which works its way to Sketch junction. Sketch is a tricky hand built bench cut exposure trail but it does not climb up then drop back down like Ridge.

Water binding sand grains caught a ride up to the clouds.

I am riding these Sedona trails for the last time during this visit. Swan song. Just me, the bike, all of nature and forces, and what  I can make my body do. Desert Views. No stick season here.

Leaving here Monday for Flag for a few days then on to Zunis on Thurs.

I reflect upon my life on the road. One item stands out as I am more risk adverse in my life. Years ago I was more aggressive city camping, now I prefer to stay where I am permitted. I use digital mapping to be found yet I am a capable map and compass navigator. I ride what’s known vs exploring. I walk me and my bike when I perceive the feature requires more skill and or courage than I am willing to part with. I like familiar things.