It depends upon how tall I stand

I bought and Sunnyside installed a Raceface Turbine dropper post. I pedaled around the shop working the dropper which dropped w/ ease. However, the return was rocket launch fast. Mike dropped the air pressure from 30 to the recommended low end of 20psi. Air pressure raises the post. At 20 the return was still sporty. Maybe the return would slow down. I headed out on my ride from where I camp right on Catch and Release. Today ride is to ride C&R, COD working my way to Marvin’s gardens over to the Phils TH then catch Bens up to PineDrop climbing to top of Storm King down to C&R to van. Still enjoying flats. As my ride pedaled along I noticed that the return speed was slackening. Back at the van I worked the dropper w/o me on it. Return speed was almost glacial. WTF? From screamer to sleeper in 1 ride. Air pressure valve is under the saddle. I inserted the correct Allen and turned in the correct direction(lefty loosey) but the bolt won’t budge. Dismayed I returned to Sunnyside w/ my problem. Mike worked the install over finding it in accord. He called tech support that sent him to a web site. He pulled the post apart and discovered that the assembly step to apply grease to a seal was not performed. He greased the seal then put it back together. Speed returned. The return speed is a rocket launcher aimed right at my damaged nuts. It depends upon how high I stand as to whether I experience pleasure of a returned seat or pain from my nuts blocking the return. Today I rode the speedy fix learning how high to be before I push in the release lever.

So today’s ride was with Woody and Joe. Woody drove up to Skyliner TH where Joe met us having been dropped off by his wife. Our ride was Tumalo Creek to the Falls then climb up the North Fork of Tumalo creek to Happy Valley turning on a short section of the Metolius Windigo scenic trail to Mrazek ridge down to Farewell down to the creek than the gravel road back to the truck. Free flowing clean clear water.

N Fork of Tumalo creek
N Fork of Tumalo creek

Joe rides a Turner 5 Spot like I used to ride. One time we all stopped and parked our bikes. As I returned to them I almost grabbed the Spot. No red and green grips threw me off. I pedaled the entire climb staying right behind. This trail was in tree cover and was not dusty. Dust returned after we left Happy Valley. Just 2 riders in front of me still put up enough vision blocking dust. Farewell dumped us onto the creek road that we coasted for the most part back to the TH. Joe and I stayed almost neck and neck. At one point there was a short drop that we arrived together at the top. Gravity pulled me away form him. Woody rides a 29ner which seemed to put him in the back seat.

Yesterday I rode from where I sleep right off Catch and Release trail right near a gravel pit. I have had the same spot all but 1 night,Other campers choose spots further down the road. All by myself. This morning at 4AM I heard log trucks heading down to the landing. Low humidity shuts the woods down by early after noon. Back to the ride which started on C & R to the Visitors center picking up COD thru the logged off forest finding marvins Garden to Phils TH then up Bens to PineDrop climbing to top of Storm King down to C & R back to van. The garmin edge 800 recorded 23.66 miles climbing 2070 in 2 hrs 38 mins. I have long suspected the GPS accuracy. Today I recorded ride data with a wheel computer that had been calibrated to my wheel size. The wheel recorded 25.7 miles in 2 hrs 46 mins. 2 Miles difference w/ almost the same time. I will continue to gather data. I encountered so few bikers or hikers that I don’t count or remember. Hot dust trails. I stretched, ate a bit, then headed into town to deal w/ dropper post as mentioned above.

Wed was another PT session. Peter corrected several exercises. I’m on my own. Muscles do fire when he blocks my shoulder then asks me to move my arm.

Wed eve I met up w/ COTA volunteers to do trail work Woody was the Man. We drove up then back into the forest on logging roads to the piece of trail we are to brush out. Snowbrush was attacked w/ out mercy, manzanita just got a trim. Sure has better sight lines. back to town and a shower at Anytime and a late dinner at 10 Barrel.

Thursday after my ride I stopped at Snap for a shower. I wanded my card at the reader which acknowledged the card but wouldn’t slide the lock. Huh? Woman from Sedona Snap had called me telling me that they were not part of Silver Sneakers hence my card was gaining access to their site that they weren’t being paid for. She must have canceled my card. The Bend Snap fixed me w/ a new card.

Tuesday was another ride w/ Woody and JoJo and their friend Addy. Woody drove us up to Wanoga. He linked trail pieces to drop us down to the Deschutes River trail back to their condo at 7th Mountain. Short whitewater rapids float:


JoJo and Woody Keen
JoJo and Woody Keen

Last night after being laid down for about 90 mins I awoke w/ horrific cramp in my left thigh. I struggle to slide out of bed trying to keep the right leg calm. It went off also. Excruciating pain so much that I broke out in copious pain sweat the first since when i lacerated my left kidney, the cramp pain was on same kidney pain level. My legs still hurt today.

More later about my seat base stripped allen bolt head. JoJo and Woody invited me to their place for dinner. Need to be moving in that direction.


Dusty trails

I map all my rides using backcountry navigator storing them in the same track database. I seek out trails I have not ridden this time to add them to a growing picture of the US.

Friday I added the Deschutes river trail riding from here going upstream on Catch and Release till I could get onto rd 41 then ride gravel roads down to the trail. Lots of water recreationists, here at this time were raft floaters.

Deschutes River floaters
Deschutes River floaters

Trail is popular. I yield to hikers. One such time I skootched my bike into the back slope causing a branch to really enter my left ear canal, I can still hear out of it.

Osprey nest
Osprey nest
Lava flows east of the river
Lava flows east of the river

The route climbed out of the river bottom, crossed the highway and took Marvins Gardens and several pieces of trails to pick up Bens to climb to Pine Drop climbing to top of Storm King for the 1000′ drop back to Catch and Release. Ride was 26.28 miles climbing 1906′, seems like an easy climbing day, seemed liked. Earn your downhill.

Drove into town for a shower, a beer, dinner then back out to sleep spot off road.

Nights are still cool and are now warm enough in the morning to not need the heater. July 24.

Saturday I wanted to add all of Tyler’s Traverse to my map. Big effort day as I rode from where I touch Catch and Release up to Storm King to junction w/ Funner climbing up to the Wanoga snow park taking Tiddlywinks over to Kiwa Butte which ends at Tylers. Tylers is mostly down hill w/ lots of kickers, drops, and bermed turns all in deep talc like dust. Glad to be riding by myself so I didn’t have to follow another rider and breathe their dust.Tylers finally ended at Catch and Release for a pedal back to my van. 22.96 miles climbing 2303′.

I am able to stay on the pedals. Tylers was a good test for all of the drops and high speed.

Yesterday after the ride and relaxing in the sun at my van I drove back into town for the town tasks. Tonight the Bend cycling classic was a criterium using the core city streets. I caught some of the pro women’s race. Those women can really put the hurt on a set of pedals. Carbon frames and wheels make a clunking sound sometimes when the wheels went over like a crack in the pavement. I wandered around till the pro men took off and that they did. So fast. I believe the race duration was 90 mins. The power and duration of their efforts were astounding.

Yesterday was a 4 beer day which is 2 more than my regular day. I drank one as a recovery drink after my ride, one at 10 Barrels, one at John’s place in downtown, then a short one back at 10 Barrels. Big dehydration from rides. I felt no effects upon sliding over the edge of my bed this AM.

Today I drove up to Swampy snow park to ride down the South Fork, a more rowdy trail in the deep forest cover. Drop the saddle, point the toes down. weight over the pedals and look ahead. Let the bike take care of the rough stuff. I am becoming more comfortable on my ride. Every downhill ends with an uphill, this one out of the creek bottom back up to Swampy.

Mrazek ridge up top
Mrazek ridge up top

Again, almost all by myself. 15.43 miles climbing1850. Another good ride.

Drive back down to town for city comfort then back to camp spot.

This week I will be riding a Raceface Turbine dropper post. Stealth routing which routes the actuator cable from the bottom of the post then out a portal on the downtube. This dropper uses a brake mechanism to lock the seat height instead of air pressure like the LEV and Reverb.

IMBA no longer has an umbrella liability insurance coverage chapters can access. IMBA also lost the Subaru sponsorship for all their cars.

My life is pretty staid here in Bend. easy living. Get up about 7, do my exercises, fix, eat, and clean up breakfast. Usually riding by 10. Drive to town for town stuff, drive back out here before dark. Maybe an appointment during the day. I am waiting here now for my shipment of new calling cards. Next stop is Hood River maybe next week.

Upgraded to Windows 10. Change. In several weeks I will have forgotten how well the previous version worked


Not ready for replacement

Wed was my PT appointment to evaluate my damaged shoulder. Peter put me thru the paces: still stuff attached.He gave me 2 additional exercises and one stretch. The crepitus is from prolly arthritis. I cancelled the orthro DR appointment. I figured that his exam would say replace and perhaps PT. I am still able to move my shoulder. Peter sited a study that studied people who had rotator cuff damage, one group had surgery, the other just PT. Seems high probability of retearing after surgery where if just PT the body compensates for lack of functionality but no future tears.What’s left of my tendons won’t permit further reattachment. Just deal with lack of strength and pain. I made a PT appointment next week.

I ordered a new batch of calling cards that hopefully will be here by next Friday. If so I will leave here and head to Hood River.

Last night I happened upon a group of COTA volunteers who had just completed a weekly trail work project. Woody Keen was in the group and flagged me down. He invited me on a ride for today. I learned how to join up w/ the work for next Wed.

Staying out at same spot off road 41. I prefer this spot over the closer in one off Skyliner.

Today I drove down to meet Woody and Jojo for a ride that was taking shape in Woody’s mind. Their friend Frankie joined us. She recounted a conversation we had at the Brewer’s Union in Oakridge.Frankie has better recall than I did. We loaded up 4 bikes in their truck then drove up to Dutchman Flat for our ride. Got up high. We rode thru more volcano ejecta meadows mixed in w/ old growth subalpine conifer forests.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAViewsheds gave us a view of Broken Top

Broken Top
Broken Top

Today’s ride was social w/ talking and rest stops. Woody’s route took me on some new stuff for me. Leisurely day. Rides up here are cooler at 6000′, great for hot Bend temps in the 80s today.

Drove back to Sun Mtn where I loaded up then drove into town for a shower then to the laundromat for weekly cleaning. Ten Barrel for a beer and fish and chips then back out to rd 41.

I’m tired tonight.

Freehub wrote an article about Woody. He started in Brevard, NC Pisgah land. Advocacy and trail building. Wonderful contribution he has made to mtn biking, I have ridden some of his trails.