Cool and Calm

Is how the weather made its presence felt today. Winds died down last night as did the temperature. Up here on Beaverhead I saw 40 degrees at 7AM. Speaking w/ Jimmy who lives in town said the rain drops froze to his windshield before gravity could streak. I ran the furnace. Most mornings the inside temp when I crawl out from under my light weight down blanket is 59 degrees. Sun clears the horizon beaming full force about 7 and the dark green van color sucks in the warmth.

Today was my 6 month dental cleaning and check up. The same hygienist has cared for me for 3 years. Today we touched briefly w/ politics and what trump is standing for. My mouth appreciated that we share the same views. All healthy, no work. However, she noticed that I have several front teeth that wiggle. Another Xray and exam by dentist revealed I have about 40% bone loss. Nothing to do now, in the future he did not say how to replace the teeth that fall out. This was my last scheduled appointment freeing me to leave.

I drove out Dry Creek rd to ride Chuck Wagon etc loop. So many cars parked along the road such quantity I have never seen. I parked all but blocking Chuck Wagon for my spot. Lots of cars equals lots of hikers on the trail. And so it was. Most hikers I shared the trail with were well before the first intersection. I greeted every one announcing my presence, almost all returned my greeting. Chuck Wagon to Mescal. I chose Canyon of Fools as I had not ridden it this year and I wanted to gps it. Yes and no. I first rode it when it was a social trail relatively unknown.

canyon of fools
canyon of fools

I climbed Anaconda out of Dry Creek connecting w/ a short piece of Girdner then an even shorter piece of Chuck Wagon to the road crossing and my van. All the cars were gone. Till I rounded the bend but not in my way.


Jan, the artist, vacated her studio earlier this month. She let me use the shower there. I loose the shower tomorrow. SNAP up in W Sedona is not a Silver Sneakers participant meaning even though I have a snap mag strip it ain’t good here. For the last 3 years I was pretty well situated for a shower. My last week here will be of just like living on the road scrambling for a shower. Still way too cold for solar shower.

Scored my preferred spot again. Shop closes at 5 and it seems that the place goes dark at that time, no socializers hanging out. I don’t.

New drive train on the bike is sweet. Shifting was crisp moving the chain where and when I twisted the grip shift. I gained confidence that it will flawlessly shift, I can count on a correct shift. 30T wide narrow raceface on chain ring, a Shimano 9 to 42T on the back, controlled by an 11 speed grip shift. I put my half grip on against the gripshift. I tallied up the bike parts resulting in a $6,300 price. The geometry of the RFX is almost the same as the 5 Spot, the RFX uses the 27.5 wheels. Carbon rims make for such light wheels. BIG difference.

released from Physical Therapy

It’s as good as it’s going to be were Eric’s final words on his effort and my execution. I still need  the left arm helping the right arm to raise a full pint to my lips but can brush my hair and button my shirt. The popping from scar tissue is lessened. I have exercises to continue the strengthening. I am able to lift my bike off and put back on the rack but can’t lift it over a truck tailgate.

Yesterday the forecasted winds blew in. Fine dust in the air. I made it a rest day. I drove up to W Sedona for the PT early enough to beat the traffic. On the way back to VOC I was in the minority have moving traffic heading down versus the back up heading to Sedona. Too much spring break traffic. Tourist town.

Yesterday I removed the 1X10 stuff and replaced it w/ real 1X11 stuff. New stuff is tighter and smoother operating than the used stuff. Need to buy another magic link for 11 speed chain. Still 30T chain ring and 42T cassette gear. Grip shift still. SRAM derailleur and chain, Shimano cluster and Raceface chain ring. Cody dialed in the shifting.

Last night I scored my preferred beaverhead spot. I parked somewhat broadside to the wind which rocked me in bed. I didn’t fear falling out of the treetop but worried about being blown over.

Which brings me to ask the question why we do not fall out of bed while sleeping? What brain activity keeps us from rolling off the edge? Even sleeping on a Therm a rest pad on the ground I do not roll off its edge so height off the ground has no effect.

Last precip was the snow on Feb 1. Two  months w/ no moisture drops the humidity into the teens. Early this AM a 40mpg gust was recorded at the Sedona airport.

I’m planning on returning to the road this coming Thursday heading to the Zunis east of Gallup. I am thinking about spending the summer west of the Divide high in the cool mountains till perhaps Labor Day then heading out onto the prairie to visit WI and MI then down to IN to Ohio then the Appalachians of PA, VA, NC, GA, AL, to Arkansas in time for the IMBA world summit just before Thanksgiving.  Hermosa Tours offers a non guided move your camp daily for the last 74 miles of the Colorado trail that I have been considering. Elevations are in the 10,000′ range. I am thinking of altitude acclamation during August in preparation of the 4 days of riding and 3 nights of camping. Anyone interested in joining?

From the Zunis I’ll head north to Aztec, NM to ride Alien World then over to Durango, then to Maob. That will fill up April.

Life on the road is about solving problems that a homebody doesn’t face. Sedona is like a base for me as I have figured out how to meet my needs. Heading back on the road is leaving this security for the lesser known. I will visit some places I have been to relive solutions. New places will attract me with an open book to solutions. Sleep spots will be small airports, business parks, various parking lots, and perhaps buddy driveways. Shower spots will be thru Silver Sneakers participants.

Steve from Sun Valley will be here tomorrow.

My CO / propane detector quit last night. Will buy one on line and have it shipped here before I leave.

It’s Sunday night, do you know where your bike is?

What is “is”? Seems i have hit accidental keys.

Sunday night out at Beaverhead. This AM the party who had set up home pulled out behind me. Maybe tonight I get the spot. Someone else scored both the above and the below spots. I’m off the first right turn after the overlook at a turnout before the big open spot. I drove into that one not seeing a rig. I parked and got out when I noticed camping gear of sorts stashed against a tree. I drove away.

Today was the Old Mans ride where I am the oldest and least skilled of the small bunch. Again a white shirt and tie me setting the style bar that no  one chose even to step up. Only thing worse than being wrong is being right before its time. I need acolytes. Pedaling up Rabbit Ridge is a low grade gentle climb over all kinds of loose rocks. I stayed on Ian”s wheel following his actions until I blew up. I pushed too hard. I took a few more breathers before I joined the group above the waterfall. First time this visit to ride and hike a bike this trail. Old Sedona technical. I fell just above the start of a steep climb of   loose rubble chewed up by horses. I stalled and grabbed my brakes. The rear wheel stopped because of my squeeze which pitched me over backwards. Left side impact. I ride what I can and walk what I need to. I seem to ride the same way as I did on the Spot hence neglecting what this bike can do better. I keep working at it.

Ian, Jimmy, Chuck, Duane, Chica
Ian, Jimmy, Chuck, Duane, Chica

Sat I rode from the Bean concentrating on remain aerobic. Trails are loose and dusty where that would be what I was on, otherwise slick rock and chunder.

Friday was PT in the AM then drove down to the Bean for the Friday shop ride at 3. Gang gathered then the flag was dropped at I was way off the back. I left the group for my own ride as I am unwilling and able to ride at their levels.

Red and green
Red and green

Riders rejoined at the shop for beer and pizza. I managed my time for a shower and visiting to make PJs to watch Gonzaga vs Syracuse. Zags lost a heart breaker.

38mph gusts forecast for Mon day and night. I planned a rest day because of forecast. Tuesday night temp of 27 degrees. And catclaw is leafing which is to happen after the last frost like the plants trigger their action on what vibe?

This AM when I stood up once I slid over the edge of my bed my knees greeted their work w/ a groan and creaks. I did my knee bend exercises before breakfast per usual. I coerced compliance.

Saturday and today was an art  craft show in the parking lot which took up the center aisle of parking. I parked at the far edge in front of a closed business. I trailhead parked as I am permitted to. Upon my return I found a printed paper under the windshield wiper. Its gist was parking is for business and not bicyclists. Not the same form the big guy uses as this one had no threat of towing.