64 degrees but snow forecast

Snow forecast for Sunday and Groundhog day on Tuesday is forecast to be sunny which means the hog sees its shadow meaning 6 more weeks of winter. I wonder if Arizona even has a ground hog.

Today was warm with high overcast.

Bike and Bean is almost all moved out of their old location and almost ready for operations in their new location in another building in the complex, almost beside a pizza place. The approach to the store passes front window close of a nail salon. More floor space, cheaper rent, better inside set up. Flurry of activity transporting stuff across the parking lot.

Today I rode the Lama loop again riding w/ reduced effort to learn the effect on my body. It took 8 mins longer, burned 70 cals less and was aerobic 20 mins more as opposed to being anaerobic. I am becoming more aggressive in my pedaling which translates to stronger riding. What I mean is the harder I push down on the pedals the more likely I can muscle my way over an obstacle. Shove the front wheel into a rock and push hard making the fork compress. I still lack confidence in making step ups that require pedaling fast into them. Attack!

On Templeton I hung out w/ a raven


Hiline is up there
Hiline is up there

Thurs was laundry day. This is what a good rack looks like

5 days of riding drying
5 days of riding drying

Jimmy from Boulder City camped near me Tuesday night. I met him at The Hub in Brevard several years ago. He shows up here several times while I’m here. recently I met another Jim who works at Absolute across the highway from the Bean. He lived back in Brevard. The 3 of us hung out. The Pisgah connection.

I was invited to a biker pizza party. Reid orchestrated the individual pizza making. I shared moonshine. Few sippers. I made my Waldorf salad variation

Tomorrow is last good riding day before the wet returns.



Sat bright and early 8:30 I joined about 40 other trail gnomes to work on Scorpion otherwise known as Special Ed. Several reroutes were built to solve sustainability issues. There is a fork, to the right is Witch Doctor and a traverse around Pyramid, to the left a new trail will be built to drop down to lower red rock road. I chose to lop brush w/ a lopper. The one I picked had the shock bumper but was very stiff to open and close. Triflow was the solution. I sprayed the others’ loppers once I convinced them that I was a professional lopper and knew of what I offered. The trail is unofficially complete. Jennifer is retiring this week.

Back down to the Bean. Took a shower then made for Beaverhead.

Sunday was a ride in before football. I rode a bunch of trails for a loop same as a previous ride. OK, trails: Bell Rock, Big Park loop, bell rock, single track bypass,llama, little horse, ht, Templeton, easy breezy, templeton, yavapii, shades for 11 miles. Nice sunny calm day. I made it back in time for a shower before hitting PJs for the games.

I caught almost all of the AFC game and the first quarter of the NFC games before being footballed out. Calm of the desert had more attraction than alcohol fueled fan excitement.

The first hour of the Diane Rehm show is a rebroadcast of the first hour of the previous day’s program starting at 7:00AM. I crawl out of bed around 7:30 to early sunshine. At 8 the new material starts that I am awake for and attentively listen to. The second hour is usually individual interview w/ creative people.

This AM it was 31 degrees. Nice comfort in my home.

I drove to the Bean and hung out till noon then went for a ride. Today I chose riding Verde Valley School road out to Turkey Creek area. The road riding is good for teaching me constant pedaling. Then I get red dirt on the Turkey Creek trails.

What was up w/ that? Ancient people are returning?
What was up w/ that? Ancient people are returning?

Turner Bikes web site for the RFX states delivery date for my frame as late Dec, early Jan. The days have gone by the early part. Today I finally squeaked by calling Turner to ask about delivery date. Jarret told me it will now be late in Feb for my frame. Scott this is what I know for you to expect your Spot on your doorstep.

I bought a box of Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies tonight at their stand outside Weber’s IGA. I ate 1 entire tube before dinner. I put the other tube in the freezer.

Tonight another party beat me to my choice spot. I’m camped in full view of the road.

I made mashed potatoes and added peas, corn, and smoked salmon for dinner, good comfort food. Tomorrow’s breakfast will be mashed potato cakes.

Forecast continues to call for below freezing at night. 7:28 AM for sunrise, 5:54 for sundown. It’s 9:23PM and it’s 42 degrees.



Dry Creek was running

Today I rode a Dry Creek drainage loop starting from the Culture Park riding out Last Frontier which drops down to Dry Creek which was its namesake. The trail crossed the creek then climbed out and worked up several climbs to get about 200′ elevation above the creek as the trail worked north. Short hard climbs which really tax me requiring breathing stops. I’m still digging my 1X10.Last Frontier hangs on the canyon wall, skinny w/ exposure, riding over red rock cobble. Next was Western Civ that is less tech that Ts into Cockscomb then to Aerie which contours around Doe mtn then drops down to Cockscomb. There was still snow on the ground on the back side, Cockscomb had several nasty mud sections.

looking north on Cockscomb
looking north on Cockscomb

dawa was muddy in the dips. The section towards Dry Creek was rerouted for sustainability, this is what the trail used to go down only looking uphill in the pic.

old dawa naturally restored, was nasty loose
old dawa naturally restored, was nasty loose

Dawa crossed a running Dry Creek dead ending on AZ Cypress which crossed the creek a bunch more times. At some crossings rocks had been washed into the old crossings causing me to walk several and got wet feet at the others. I broke ice at one crossing. The depth was just below bottom bracket height. AZ Cypress connected to Girdner for the upstream climb back to the start. I got worked for 15.5 miles climbing 1659′ in 2 hrs 7 mins. There’s little pedal pedaling trails here for faster times. inertia enhanced by acceleration is a key strategy for making step ups. Key is constantly pedaling shifting to match gear to effort.

My physical therapy appointment hastened my ride. I showered at snap before treatment. Evaluation revealed that I have some functionality above what the reported complete tears would give. I have been scheduled for more PT. I wanted to learn what I can and should not do to not damage my shoulder. He said as long as I keep my arm below my shoulder and keep my arm tight to my side I am good.

I drove down to VOC Bike and Bean arriving just after 5 to a closed shop. Several riders were flowing thru the parking lot. Joe and Kim Murray joined. I talked to Kim who is an ortho PA about my shoulder. I’m on the right path: only fix it once pain prevents me from sleeping and the prognosis for acceptable use is good. She works w/ Lewicki who repaired me last year. I spoke of my idolizing fear with them and put it to rest. Joe wants to do what I’m doing.

I’m out at Beaverhead.

Hateful 8 Tarenteno movie. Sheeesh. Lots of gruesomeness.

Tomorrow is another volunteer trail work day.

Temps have been in upper 50s some low 60s during the day but just below freezing at night which freezes up the thawed mud etc etc cycle.