Freedom and choices

Friday I made a choice of a backpack trip into the MT Jefferson Wilderness north of Santiam Pass. I envisioned hiking into 8 Lakes Basin going north. New Oboz boots felt comfortable on my feet. Forecast for Bend had no rain. I parked in the PCT TH parking lot. I noticed broken window glass, a fresh one and several older breakins. I wanted to do this hike and this was the place to park. Gritted my teeth and smoked a bowl and checked the locks once more. The trail started on the PCT where several gallon water jugs were placed at the trail marker, Trail Angels prolly. Trail went thru the B & B fire from 2003

North on PCT
North on PCT

Trail tread was like beach sand in the burn and even in the unburned. Pleasant day. My route was an out and back which makes the out want to be shorter because I was just going to be hiking back on same trail. I hiked to Santiam Lake and called it good. I wanted to spend the time in the backcountry and this lake was a good spot only 4 mikes in.

Santiam Lake and 3 Finger Peak
Santiam Lake and 3 Finger Peak

There were 2 mtn goats on the scree just 2 white dots that moved.

MT Jefferson
MT Jefferson

Clouds seemed to want rain. Close to full moon. I almost elected to sleep under the stars for the moonlight. I sat in my thermo rest neo air chair reading until can’t see then moved inside the tent. The neo air is 6′ long, too long for the chair, the left over is folded under which raises my butt and pressed my head into the ceiling of the tent. I read till 10 bending my neck. I should check out the new chair to see how it controls the 6′ mattress.

Chilly night. I don’t sleep well. Crawling in and out of the tent is a bitch as I am no longer very nimble. I woke @ 7. I zipped open the fly and stuck my head out. Overcast.


I slipped into my knickers, 100% wool Lands End pleated, and socks into hard to get into boots and crawled out. I turned 2 making cowboy coffee and oatmeal. I made a 2nd cup. My enjoyment was cut short as mist started falling, then sprinkles, then rain. I was getting wet standing around. By the time I took down my tent it was covered in rain and I rolled it up wet. I packed my stuff up. I wore rain pants and my new parka, made a last look around

Amanita: poisonous or psychoactive

I hiked a ways in the rain which lessened as I headed back south. I stopped to take off the rain pants.

I passed several hikers heading in. Back at the more crowded parking lot my van had all its glass and the bike was still attached. Relief.

I drove over to a lodge that was a church camp where I stayed for 2 nights while I was hiking the PCT. Prolly a CCC building.

Sun was shining to the east. I stopped at a fire display.

Fall colors under the burn
Fall colors under the burn

In Sisters there is the Sisters Trail System aka Peterson Ridge. I stopped and rode the system. Fun. Way more basalt challenges than some of Phils trails. Seat down and carving the turns. Tight trees. I steered between them as I pulled my shoulders in and cringed in case. Gap must be about 40 inches as my 30 inch bars clear

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABack in Bend a shower then beers and dinner at 10 Barrel. then out to camp spot.

This AM it was 29 degrees and the furnace worked all night. Nice waking up and the inside temp is 59 but livable.

I have spread my backpacking stuff out in the sunshine to dry.

Will prolly get in a ride this afternoon.


Most nights before I ride I think about the ride while laying in bed before falling to sleep. My planned ride was Funner etc which is up towards Bachelor and is a step up in both conditioning and technical challenges. Up and at ’em after 7:30AM, oatmeal, toast, coffee, and V8 consumed and cleaned up I drove up to the TH. 4 rigs in the lot. Weekday mid day. No crowds or other riders. Pedaled up and away on connector trail to Storm King going over to the junction of Funner. Climbed Funner to snowpark then jumped on Tiddlywinks ti Kiawa Butte trail dropping down to join Tyler’s Traverse bike acrobatics to Larsens winding around back to Storm King back to van. What a splendid day it was. What makes a favorite ride was the weather today: sunshine what I could see thru the canopy, no wind, mid 60s and dry but too much so. I am smiling typing this. And more days will follow unfortunately no rian is forecast.

Tylers traverse is a most fav trail. Seat dropper down like a free ride park w/ little human intervention. Jumps, man made bermed turns and ridden in berms, flying. Mostly downhill, trail is classic Bend in the turnies thru the trees. I will study the trail map to see if it can be ridden w/o the uphill effort I put in. Worth doing more times.

Part of Funner uses a reclaimed logging road taking a straight line and making it funner:

Funner uphill
Funner uphill

I am gaining more confidence in carving turns as Bend trails offer that opportunity in spades. I have a conti trail King 2.4 on the front at 24psi and a 2.2 25psi same tire on back. 30 1/2″ bar and short stem. I cranked down the release setting on my Time pedals. My seat height is at correct leg extension. I drop the height, what, 6″ and sit down and surf or stand up and squat in the dicey stuff. Then raise the seat back to full height and I feel that I am way too tall. A bunch of pedal strokes re calibrates my senses. I do like the seat down when going downhill. Such a ride changer. You owe yourself a present of a dropper post to vastly improve your riding enjoyment.

Shower at Snap then headed out on tasks. My pants made into knickers are ready for pick up. I bought the last size 30 Speedo at Dicks. Wool knickers w/ black silk braces.

Social visit at 10 Barrels. Most nights sitting at the bar I engage in a conversation. Tonight 2 women sat next to me. Much time passed w/ them girl talking then one of them showed a mtn bike rider pic. It was of one of the women cleaning the nasty trail around Clear Lake above McKenzie river trail. Well, doors opened as we talked mtn biking. They just came from Oakridge and Derrick’s name came up as they met him at the Pub. Just fun. Jason tapped me on the shoulder and introduced me to his wife. I finally left for dinner of Halibut enchilada at Long Board Louies. Out at fav spot at Phils.

First day of fall. Suunto’s algorithm says 6:39 sunup, 6:43 sundown. I drive out to camp spot after dark now. Some oak tree leaves along Mt Washington have turned colors, some bright red. Bend on the west side is very pretty because of all the vegetation. Urban gardening.

Received Smartwool cardigan merino wool sweater to replace tattered Pisgah jersey. I found a hole in a cubby where I might bury the jersey.

Tomorrow is laundry and a rest day.

Going to try on my new Speedo and knickers w/ braces and sweater. Stylin’.

Short List

Yesterday was my PT appointment. I walked into Dave’s work area and he closed the door that he had not  done before. He said the closure means serious shit. He had read the ortho’s notes to learn more than I knew. The infra and super spinatus are missing their distal end attachments. I gots nothing. He showed me 3 exercises to stabilize the joint. He said that there is nothing more to tear. Mtn bike riding made the short list of approved activities  because my arms are held down low and the suspension smooths things out. He said the pain is not from the torn tendons. He approved a cortisone injection and its efficacy will indicate what’s causing the pain. A reverse shoulder will eliminate the pain and not be a big game changer in terms of riding. The neoprene brace I bought has no value. I made an appointment for 3 weeks hence. Today I called the ortho and made a cortisone shot appointment next week. He said people live w/o rotator cuffs and some don’t know the difference. I still have a future of mtn biking.

Today was my meeting w/ the drafter about my house. I managed my time. I drove to Goodwill seeking a pair of wool dress trousers to be made into knickers. I scored a 100% wool pair of dress britches. They have the suspender buttons attached. I found a pair of black silk braces to go with. Need them for cold weather hiking. Styling. I also bought a short sleeve shirt that will replace a soon to be donated shirt. I missed the opportunity to buy a synthetic material shirt for a bike top. Need to go back.

Draftsperson called to reschedule the meeting to afternoon. I drove to SNAP for the start and finish of my ride. I rode out to Phils. I rode up Bens to the bottom of lower Whoops then picked up this new renegade trail Pine Drop and rode up to top of Phils. Along the way I rode thru several groups of riders. I palled w/ 2 visitors helping them understand their ride. Nice illegal trail. From the top of Phils I rode down Storm King to Grand Slam intersection. This year I had ridden this route the other way, This ride I learned how much uphill the other way goes. I dropped the seat and carved the turns. WOW, what fun. So I’m riding a baby wheel.

Just as I finished my ride my phone rang from the draftsperson saying they were now available to meet. I needed to shower which I did then drove over to the meeting place: Pizza and beer. This was a 1 beer meeting. Husband is drafter and former builder and his wife is the structural engineer. She did the phone calling. I shared my house idea and we worked on details. They will create and send me a proposal letter of their deliverable.

Bend has its illegally built trails. I learned that the FS charged COTA to block Pine Drop off. Every time it was blocked it was shortly there after unblocked. Ride it until it’s really closed.

So, I will need to be in Bend in 3 weeks. And be here next week. My pants will be hemmed by this Friday. I have new comfortable hiking boots. The wilderness is a short drive. I will prolly make a visit to Hood River next week. After the PT I will prolly start heading south, perhaps Sun Valley to beat out the snow. Dunno. Freedom w/ no fences, no badges and no stinking commercials. ( Outlaw Country XM radio)