Land Ho

Monday I visited the realtor asking about the piece of property I put on offer on that was to expire at 5:00 on Friday. No call all weekend leading me to believe that my offer fell flat w/0 even a counter. Realtor pulled her email up and saw the agreement was returned on Thurs. Closing is 8/14 for a acre of raw land forested by mostly ponderosa pine. I have established a base. I have no plans to have a house built.

on Old Mill, 4 doors from Deschutes NF
on Old Mill, 4 doors from Deschutes NF

Kurt went another go w/ my furnace. Now awaiting a cold night that isn’t forecast for days to learn of his fix.

Drove to Elk Lake TH for my backpack trip. New boots were vey painful. Fabric w/ some nubuck leatherĀ  hoping my feet will mold relief. I hiked into Sunset Lake. I found a camp spot in deep tree cover off the lake shore. All by myself. Insect wings were the background noise until just b4 sunset then eerie quiet. Slept in my new tent. This AM when I crawled out I couldn’t stand straight up. Bent over like an old man. I made cowboy coffee successfully. Very good. The boots had a different pinch points. The boots are over kill for hiking this part of PCT. I might have over bought.

I’m in Oakridge now till Sunday night. I’m helping at the Cream Puff race.

Forecast is for mid 90s, race will be a hot one.


The last 3 days I have ridden a route that is part pavement and part dirt. My shoulder stands the exposure to potential damage should I fall on it hard enough. Mantra: stay on top of the rubber. The first day I rode from Snap which is in closer than where I camp. Pavement to a paved bike path that cul de sacd leading to a tread of dirt. I remember riding this piece years prior. Wide sane trail dropped down, I rode one switchback but the second was sporty for my lack of timing. I walked across the bridge over Tumalo Creek then found a nicely graded and fine graveled path. I rode that as it climbed up creek. The return was on more advanced dirt single track. I walked several challenging features. I climbed out of the creek , back to the bike path, then pavement back to van. Oh, I rode out to Phils on lower Marvins Gardens. No risks taken other than being on 2 contact patches w/ earth of less than 4″. The next 2 days I rode from where I camp which boosted the total to 15 something taking just under 1 1/2 hours of pedaling. Shin pain continues. I am toe down pedaling and working the hip muscles. My shoulder is strong enough to reach the handlebar in the proper orientation. I avoid unnecessary pulling up on the bar.

Today I repopulated my Wingnut hydration pack w/ bike stuff and wore it. Old water in the bladder.

The woman PCT hiker told me about Halfmile’s PCT maps. Friday I bought color copies of the maps I need from the Bend public library. Great detail contour. Most importantly he notes water access and camp spots, the better spots have both. No detailed guide book required, although I might study the 2.

Why maps? I would like to finish the PCT from Stevens Pass to Canada. I am testing and conditioning my body to meet that desire. Tomorrow I drive back to La Pine for furnace service as it doesn’t always start on the first spark that Karl said it should. From there I drive back north on the Cascades Lake highway to Elk Lake TH for an over night to Horse Lakes basin. Maybe 14 miles loop.

I return to the van then drive to Oakridge to help at the Cream Puff and maybe some easy riding.

I need to be in Bend on the 3rd for my last scheduled PT session.

Last night I worked over the PCT maps learning how I would hike the 107 miles. I used 10 miles per day most went either way. 10 days. 10 days of food figures 2 pounds= 20 pounds plus fuel.

After PT I will drive back to Willamette Pass to hike in to climb Diamond Peak which is visible from Oakridge.

I spent time researching backpacking boots as I believe I need a more of a boot hiker than an low cut trail shoe. Today I tried on 2 pairs at local REI. I bought Vasque ST Elias. Long distance hiking boot.

Last night @ 10 Barrels a young woman walked inĀ  I looked and caught a side glance of her. No way. I looked full on. She was a spitting image of young Linda Rhonstadt when she was w/ Stone Ponies in the late 60s. Later I told her so.

I enjoy riding. My sense of timing is returning. More challenging stuff wait.

I am able to brush my teeth and hair ( different brush) w/ my right hand which reflects range of motion and increased muscle strength. I just barely can tip a pint.

Chilly night last night in low 40s as will the next bunch of nights. This AM I started the furnace while laying in bed to learn of its performance. It started after several tries. Good sleeping nights.

Phils TH is plugged all day long and the trails are bone dry dusty.


Is a strengthening shoulder. Dave, PT, told me progress is perhaps permitting me to ride easy dirt next week. He addressed my shin pain as coming from pulling up too much w/ my foot instead of my hip muscles. He showed me how to walk and pedal yesterday that I used on my short ride. Toes down. Muscles are irritated and will take some quiet time to settle down. Ride yesterday was on MT Bachelor highway. He said that my shoulder still can’t withstand a fall.

Yesterday I submitted an offer for the property on Old Mill outside LaPine. I asked for less and the seller asked for more. I called the county about the septic system requirement that is now an ATT system which is needed to protect the ground water. The stated existing permitted septic is not in accord per new rules. Cost is $12 to $18,000. I am awaiting the seller’s response.

Old Mill property
Old Mill property

Tuesday I drove back to LaPine and relooked at the pieces that met my requirements. The Old Mill piece is still the most attractive.

Tuesday night I spent out in the forest on the Deschutes River at Bull Bend. Wonderful senior life time pass gets me federal camping at 1/2 off list price.


Lost track of my thought process.

Clean clothes.

Furnace still has issues and will return to LaPine on my way to Oakridge next week t help at the Cream Puff.

Out where I camp there has been a pickup truck I have seen upon occasion. Today at the laundromat he stopped to introduce himself. A former mtn bike racer. He won the Cream Puff one year.

Yesterday I walked downtown to give Smoke Jumper book back to a bookstore. I saw a woman wearing a huge pack that spoke PCT. She was great to engage me in conversation about hers and my experiences. She and her significant started from the north once they learned of the 2,000 permits issued down south. She has a stress fracture in her leg and is off the trail. During the entire like 20 min conversation she stood there wearing her full pack. Might be heavy but it must have been comfortable. Internal frame Osprey pack. Mine in ’78 was a Kelty Tioga external frame pack that didn’t fit me very well and I dropped it every chance I could. She said that she heard that alcohol stoves can be covered by burn bans.

Off to do what I need to do.