not much to do about anything

just another day of recuperation. artist has not made my sign causing me to loose $ as i am telling my stories for free.

this is where i am staying:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmoney creates sterile environment: places controlled by covenants. she rents me a room w/ no on site parking. she doesn’t want me parking at her house for very long as it calls attention.

here is the pulley system solution:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfelix pitches for the mariners tonight. another evening @ pjs.

van outside temp read 90 degrees and it prolly was.


break thru

les, your block and tackle is the solution for my bed travel. i sheet metal screwed an eyelet bracket to the ceiling in line w/ eyelet on head end of the bed. lars created the pulley system from his knowledge learned thru emt training. the mechanical advantage is like a 22X30 gear. i can tail w/ my right hand. i am now able to go back to living in my van.

living situation: i have paid for 4 weeks of living in a twin bed w/ no view. i really only sleep there. i have not made an effort to understand the house owner. i live in my van. i am not allowed on site parking, i walk 15 mins at least each way to get to where i park my van. i could seek out closer parking solution. the walk is good. i will stay there for the balance knowing that i able to take care of myself.

more recovery time is needed proportional to my walking.

yesterday i pushed the pain away in pursuit of no pain med. i made it until i crawled into bed last  night as the pain level increased. i worked seeking peace to no avail. i reached to floor beside the bed to shake out relief in percocet. i awoke over 4 hours later, pain waking me up. i took another relief. i didn’t sleep well after the second, perhaps because i was going to join john and his wife for bfast at 7 that meant i needed to be up and at it at 6:30 and the alarm clock is in the van. i also could have set my wrist computer but the alarm is not loud enough to wake me from sleep. i turned to at 6:23. bowel still bound up. my kicking of the opiate med was to wake up the muscles. i walked down to the restaurant arriving just b4 7. no john. i sat outside reading the AZ Republic paper. phone rings. it is the house owner telling me she did not take house key or garage opener w/ her when we both left the front door this AM. she asked for me to bring my key to her house. i said that i would walk back and she agreed to drive me back. worked as planned but no john. i ate by myself. another break thru for expelling intestinal waste. still exhibiting signs of opiate effect. severe constipation can be serious causing concern on my body’s part to itself. there’s a joke about the body parts deciding which was important. eyes stated their case followed by whatever. the asshole threw his name in the hat. it was  laughed at. the asshole just puckered up tight. pretty soon the eyes didn’t see so well, the legs got wobbly. body parts agreed that the asshole was the most impt. shows you don’t need to have a brain to be the boss, just an asshole. the conscious brain eats a stool softener and laxative weakening the assholes grip, the brain is the most critical body part and this proofs it. my cleared brain knows how it happened. from now on

today i completed the rereading of “breaking blue”.  times today are still the same as they were back in1935 when the murder of a cop by a cop and subsequently covered up by the spokane police. why do citizens fear authority?

next book is “missoula……  by eagan, its about rape @ the state university. hasn’t arrived.

last night i watched the 2 final episodes of “justified”. good i can put that to rest. i watched all 6 seasons.

getting along

friday i resumed driving. i parked overnight in ne section. i walked back to bedroom. took 25 mins to walk the roads. an unpleasant feeling is generated in my shoulder. i slow down and it goes away. sat am return was ok. sat was a wet nasty day. i hung at the bean. matt checked my shoulder wounds to report healing well, just keep it as dry as i can. this fri is 2 week follow up.

i studied the usgs map on my phone. previously i save a track of the road. her house was at one end.  if i could get across the wash i would be right at her front door. jimmy told me check the road corner for a trail. nailed it, user created trail leaves the road noticeably, well used. less than an easy to follow 100 yards it dumps into the wash, trail exits right between her house and next door. tonight lit w/ my headlamp carried in my immobile right hand lighting my way i dropped walking time to 15 mins, almost all slightly downhill. no objection to walking back up hill this am.

jan now has my info and idea to create my story telling sign.

last 2 nights i have eaten dinner at mileys, a mexican restaurant, its distance further than i wanted to walk right now, i chose to drive to because i could. i visited pjs for a beer both visits. last night i drank a beer at each end of dinner.

fri night it was w/ a less than 30 yo man still in his work clothes smelling of chainsaw premix. he is on an engine crew for the fs here out of this rs. he lives here and goes home every night except for fires. last year he was on a hot shot crew in alaska. his goal is to become a smoke jumper, he is acquiring  skills and experience to qualify. enjoyable conversation. i sipped 1 beer to his 3. he would say to the server that he was done and would leave, he didn’t leave and a beer would be in front of him. learned he was seeing the server who confessed that she was getting him drunk to take home. could be. sat night i chatted w/ separate people i know. i shared the last several innings of a mariner game w/ a vacationing couple from seattle. appeared  to be the same age. i am quite comfortable being by myself which to me opens me up to interaction w/ people i might not know. i write this from a single person point of view.

sat i retrieved my computer from her house and relocated to to mobile location. i have my computer when i am most likely to use it. like now, sunday at 1:15pm. rain clouds not having enough moisture to drop  decreasingly dot the sky. great time to ride.

im using the elapsed time feature on my watch for pain med. i’m at 5 hours 8 mins since last.  good pain management every 4 hours. the opiate in the pain med causes the involuntary muscles of the bowel to quit working. the stool softener isn’t clearing the pipes. cause for constipation concern. finally last night a start of emptying occurred, just small squirts like out of a cake icing nozzle. bound up continues to be a problem. last night i purposely went long between med was to allow those muscles so needing to perform to wake up and get back to passing no longer wanted material out the door so to speak. i slept thru the undeadened pain. i know now what’s baseline. so a thought is to wean myself off, maybe even kick. pain management is to stay ahead of the pain as getting back on top of it after the med has worn off takes time for the good stuff gets to the hurting place. 5 hrs 20 mins. i did eat a piece of candy which has me under its spell.

my infrequent showers are at the bean where shower design is  practical and low maintenance. hers is very elegant that requires effort to maintain: the glass shower doors.

sat night towards morning i removed the wedge pillow from under my head laying flat on my back. i didn’t notice pain. i fell back to sleep. last night i tried that posture from the beginning but found too many nerves complaining, i conceded their points by returning the pillow to behind my back and slept.

im rereading “breaking blue” by eagan. i lay propped up bed by the wedge lighting the page w/ my headlamp and listening to music thru these wonderful headphones. and my glasses hung by a loop around my neck. a wearing sequence is required, glasses are put on, next the headlight head band, and only last the headphones. each ear cuff of the headphone swivels and is spring loaded, easier put on w/ 2 hands. i slip on the left to anchor for fitting the right on then go back fit the left, then adjust for final enjoyment. many extra steps for a one handed person. just saying.

i have 1786 miles on my drivetrain. its lifespan is drawing nigh. i embrace the 1X11 drive train. i built a gear chart which allowed me to compare my 2X10 to the 1X.  i choose a 34 tooth crank ring which costs me the 2 lowest gears on the 2X10 which i stay out of as my legs spin out. total parts are over $1,000. i am holding off until after the surgeon follow up. should i be able to continue to play i will punch in my debit card security code. 1by is common here among the bean locals.

left handed pics are not satisfactory to share.

the furnace does not always light on the first cycle.