Basketball and riding

Duke beat Gonzaga in the elite 8 game. Zags are almost at Duke program level. I spent the last 3 evenings or afternoon watching the NCAA dance games. 2 beers while sitting at the bar @ PJ’s.

I want a shapely female manikin w/ articulating hips, shoulders, elbows, and knees, I want to attach her to my bike while mounted to the JOBOX. Looking at the approaching driver while sporting a frozen wave.

Wednesday I started riding trails down here. Today I rode the most dirt since not riding, 7.26 miles. Just so much fun.

I took Discount Tire’s offer of life time balancing to check my tires for damage. None was found, 2 wheels required slight weight move. Still the same. I asked for them to check the bearings which are reported fine.

Something is going on in my abdomen which is dampening my smile. Friday an ultrasound of my abdomen was taken @ hospital in Cottonwood. Awaiting results.

I am ordering stickies of Jan’s art work w/ an added universal NO symbol

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s the front view of Bike and Bean


Adding some meat

My day timer entry read DR appointment @ 9:45. I arrived on time and was told my appointment was for 8:30. Good start. I scored a make up for tomorrow.

Plan was to drive out to Cockscomb TH after DR and ride a loop around Doe mtn. At the TH I pulled the bike off the rack and checked air pressure. Both tires low using this electronic digital gauge which is way accurate. Rear tire lost air. Strange. Pumped it again and checked the pressure: right where I wanted it at 22psi. I pedaled away down Cockscomb having fun w/ little step ups and roll downs. I stopped @ the new road construction. Back on my bike I sensed the rear tire was soft. I checked it: damn it lost air and was on the way to being flat. Fortunately I was on a paved road inside the housing development. I carefully pedaled a ways and quit before the tire was completely flat then walked about a mile of pavement back to the van. I hoped that a biker would pass and that I could pump up my tire or a pick up truck to hitch a ride. None. I drove to uptown to Fat Tire. Dave installed 2 pull thru plugs that sealed the hole which is almost on the bead. Don’t remember hitting whatever it was that punctured the tire.

I drove back down to VOC for a second ride. Down here I wanted to test myself on Shades which is more chunky. I rode some easy stuff till we dropped into Breezy. I followed Ken and Kristin till Templeton for my return. I rode Shades OK. My shoulder barks. I raised the stem and cut a 1/2 ” off each end which helps my posture. As long as I don’t get pitched forward onto my hands hence my shoulder I am OK. I passed, I just need to ride by myself to manage my exuberance. I did my PT exercises later which is exciting my pain receptors. The PT told me not to wear a pack as it will pull on my rotator cuff. I just ride w/ a water bottle in cage and ride close in trails in case I need mechanical help. I do not carry the needed plugs in my pack so I would have walked anyway. Hole was too big for Stans to seal. When we broke the bead there was no Stans to attempt to seal the hole.

Ken lives in his performance BMW sedan in the parking lot. It’s the only 211 mph camper around. He’s been here almost as long as me this year. Yesterday he replaced the lower door roller on my van.

Kristin is a professional enduro rider sponsored by Stans and Turner who just gives her a frame. She’s has been around a lot this winter.

Yesterday was a circuit from VOC to west sedona to pick up my new calling cards. I stopped @ Lulu’s chocolate bar and bought tasty treats. Right behind Lulus is the cabinet shop that built 3 drawers to line up effort to remove the wooden frame around the roof vent. I figured the unpleasant smell during rain comes from the wood getting wet. Going to treat the wood and work more sealant onto the fan / roof junction.

Drove to Cottonwood to pick up the door part. Nylon bushing wore free of the axle. Bushing came attached to a sub assembly costing $119. Ken installed it per above. My foot specific footbed was available to pick up also in Cottonwood just up the road. Next stop was Camp Verde to have the inboard spitter valve replaced which will make the spitter valve work by spewing propane indicating the tank has reached 85% full.

Yesterday was a good day.

The ortho surgery scheduler finally called me back today. Holding a spot on Fri the 10th @ 5, last surgery of the day. Fasting will be the bitch. No success in getting this MRI back to Kody in Spokane.

I made chocolate nut crunch w/ my butter here in my kitchen. Recipe called for semisweet chocolate, i bought and used unsweetened 100% cacao over a sugar and butter brittle. The pan is cooling in my fridge. No idea of dosage.

Zags are in sweet 16

Impressive win tonight against Iowa. Watched @ PJ’s. Next up is UCLA on Friday.

Ian told me of another sleep spot that I checked out yesterday. I drove to the road entrance and walked the road. Sunny warm day I worked on my upper body tan as I hiked w/o a shirt. I am still paying the price from the burn. I slept at a spot that was all out in the open: no shade. I parked my van to create shade while I sat outside. I just walked yesterday and stayed out here in the desert.

off 9402X

Friday I rode Verde Valley School road and bits of Baldwin out and back and some of Turkey Creek. I wear a wrist brace to quiet the tendons in my left arm. I am still able to hang on and operate the controls. Ride total is 12 miles and an hour and change. Sweet. I finished up as the shop ride was getting under way. I took a shower and left for the Gonzaga game watched again @ PJ’s. I slept @ the cattle tank.

Thursday I started w/ PT in West Sedona. I cancelled remaining appointments to save visits for after surgery. I was told that medicare will cover about 31 visits a year and I have used a chunk already. I am following their exercise plan to strengthen the supporting muscles in the rotator cuff.

Next was a yearly cleaning of the refrigerator orifice @ Camelot in Cottonwood. Jet had some crud in it that solvent cleaning cleared. The tech said that propane has oil in it which causes orifice clogging. I didn’t have the orifice cleaned in 2014. Can’t see how the furnace can be clogged to failure. Furnace works when started now just in the AM before leaving the warmth of my bed. Fri I reached out and turned the furnace on or so I thought. I just felt unheated blowing air. I looked @ the control panel and learned I turned just 1 click which is just a blower. Sun did its thing and warmed me right up. The tech discovered why my spitter valve is clogged by another valve at the tank. Monday I drive back down to Camp Verde to have a replacement valve installed.

Thurs in Cottonwood as I was driving out of town I spotted an upholstery shop and on a whim I pulled in. The seat bottom of the driver’s seat is sacked and I was seeking a rebuild. Short story: the guy switched seat bottoms, I am now sitting on the almost virgin passenger seat which feels so firm.

I have heard that 700 riders paid for the festival. I walked Special Ed down and Under the radar back up noticing no bike tracks.

Water flow in Oak Creek is almost below the stepping stones across it @ Red Rock Crossing. It appears that the flood has washed away the middle rock creating a gap that to me is too wide to jump leaving the crosser a mid thigh strong current crossing.

I consumed Gray’s Mountain by Grisham, his newest. The setting and story is about Big Coal which equals big money that allows lack of compliance to rules which in turn kills people and destroys the environment.Demand for electricity from coal burning plants begats Big Coal. I commend his work and position if in line with his book.

Today I hiked up onto and around Horse Mesa just East of lower end of VOC. There are 3 ways I have found to breach the cliff faces. Very old, well b4 the FS cracked down on trail building for hikers. Up on the mesa there were no agave cactus.

from Horse Mesa, Hot Loop trail
from Horse Mesa, Hot Loop trail
Dry Beaver downstream towards Beaverhead
Dry Beaver downstream towards Beaverhead

Tomorrow is make surgery date.