Blown off

The forecast for yesterday called for becoming sunny and wind gusts into the 30mph. I started my ride just before the wind was to pick up. My ride was out Verde Valley School road to explore Turkey Creek trails. The road turns to dirt b4 the TH, increasing winds were creating red dust devils, the trail spawned more. I am a mouth breather which straight lines that dust into my poorly functioning lungs. I abandoned the ride opting for shelter from the wind. I skirted the edge of Baldwin down to Oak Creek and the climb up Templeton. Lots of hikers. A hike a bike up out of the creek bottom brought me back into the wind. I was being buffeted affecting my line choice. I rode to where Easy Breezy drops off the slick rock. I continued Breezy climbing back up the wash. I was out of the full force of the wind but red dust was still in the air. I talked w/ a rider heavier than me who told me he got blown off line while in the air on Highline. I know of the location as I get air there also. Very windy.

Just very windy.

Today’s forecast calls for winds again although not as high. I am keeping my lungs inside.

My repaired shoulder hurts when i am awake. I sleep thru the night. I am able to do the exercises which tells me the rotator repair is sound. Perhaps this is what I will feel forever. A pain pill after the ride deadens the pain that my medication won’t knock down.

The insurance company I use changed their coverage to offer coverage to my bicycle specifically and not as an add on. $15 per $500 of value equals $180 to cover whatever might befall my bike. I buy renters insurance.

Moonshine cocktails

Friday was a Bike and Bean shop ride. Several tourons joined the usual characters. I claimed my spot as the slowest rider as my breathing was really labored, I am not able to keep even the slowest other riders in sight. Really depresses me. My tech skills are lacking or maybe I am afraid to commit for fear of the failure and its consequences. I am more skilled than I will let myself be. The other riders rode Hogs which is a black diamond trail, I chose to challenge myself on the Blue square Hog Wash trail.


Several nights ago I googled moonshine recipes that i could make at the after ride party. I found a Bee Sting cocktail using honey, lemon juice, moonshine, and sweet tea. I bought the supplies for the go. I made the first one and sampled it, very tasty. I made many more for the crowd. Just a finger remains in the quart mason jar. Success.

While in the shower I created a new party game: Hairy Belly Take Home. The premise here is that the guy’s significant arrives @ the Bean after a shop ride after moonshine has been consumed, she can also. Then 3 men, one is her squeeze, bare their abdomen in a poster cutout. The woman is blind folded then lead over to the line of bare bellied men. She will by touching each abdomen to identify which one belongs to her. Haven’t thought thru what happens if the woman picks the wrong guy. I was laughing loudly thinking this thru while in the shower. I was pretty loud as guys in the shop heard me.

I have been sleeping off Beaverhead flat road hunkered in the desert. The green color of the van blends in w/ the greens:

hiding in plain site out off beaverheadOne evening threatening rain clouds appeared:

All hat and no cowboy, rain never fell
All hat and no cowboy, rain never fell

One morning as I drove away I noticed a gaggle of black trash bags at a camp spot just to the left in the pic. Somebody littered the bags almost under my nose, neither party aware of each other. Today 2 USFS employees loaded the bags into a truck and drove to a proper dump to dispose of what appeared to be yard trimmings.

Bike and Bean has been really busy renting bikes. Jimmy says it is the spring break crowd; amazing how long spring break season lasts. Let the visitors enjoy the trails w/o me.

I plan on on staying here in Sedona till the end of April then heading east thru the south. I will make Steamboat, CO in August for the IMBA world summit.


That’s how I pedal. And the wheels on the van go that way. My life is also moving along w// a pivot foot here in 86351 zip code.

Winter never happened here, now spring is showing her colors. Very dry. Leaves are growing towards photosynthesis for the cottonwoods and sycamores in the creek bottoms. Rain fell hard and sufficient amount to make Dry Creek run, there are still remaining pools. The trails again are dry sand. Yesterday I rode in strong winds that moved the sand around creating waves and obliterating previous tracks.

On Monday I rode w/ the Oakridge group and became persona nongrata as a result of 1 too many guides. I met the group @ their chosen trailhead Chuckwagon. I asked if they had a route planned. No, they said. I laid out the trail map and suggested a ride. Someone said Go. The chargers chose the road and not the single track. Once regrouped the route was to ride Chuckwagon. At the first intersection a replan occurred driven by the guide who showed up late. Beautiful warm day. Good riders. Conflict came when the guide decided to extend the ride along Dry Creek. My plan was to ride back up Girdner in the shade along Dry Creek. He nixed that idea. The group arrived @ the Cultural park spent and cooked. He lead them back to the TH on the paved road. I expressed my evaluation of his ride that he created an unfavorable ride experience for these visitors. I told them that I was riding Girdner back should any want to join; none did. I have not been invited back. So much for being able to share my adopted backyard to riders that I have ridden w/ in their backyard.

I travel by myself. I make acquaintances w/ people I meet. I am open to others. I notice when people travel in groups they remain inclusive to their group. I am introverted but I am gregarious.

Today is laundry day in West Sedona. My hair and beard were trimmed by Floyd as he trims my beard well. Three month interlude.

Recently while parked @ BnB I saw a van w/ words: Ride Fast…. Live Slow. I know those folks. It was Russ and his family visiting from Grand Junction. I met Russ @ Lunch Loop @ GJ several years ago. He hosted me for a lunch and shower @ his house. I have his stickie on my van and his calling card in my file. I enjoy visiting w/ people that I have met elsewhere in the country.

The Zags got creamed by AZ. Baseball starts Monday.

Wash is finished.